Pines of Rome

I know that this post is one very few (if not at all) of my followers would read, but I had an urge to listen to Respighi’s Pines of Rome. It’s a Symphonic Poem that was written about the Pine trees in different areas in Rome. Each movement is named after the area.

It’s was also used in Fantasia 2000 which is where most would find it familiar. You know the scene with the flying whales? I love it! :)

I’ve listened to this piece once before but I hadn't really listened  to it in it’s entirety. But listening to it again tonight was like being in another world! I also came across an opinion made by doctrineofaffect. I loved their opinion on the second movement, so I decided to write a mini-analysis? I’m definitely NOT the best writer, but I tried. So this is what I though as I listened to each movement:

  • Pines of Villa Borghese: The playful beginning makes you feel like a child standing and looking in awe of some grand object. Like walking in a museum with your parents, smiling and laughing at all the amazing things around you, not really knowing what all these things are. 

  • Pines near a Catacomb: Abruptly interrupted by such a eery feeling, it feels like you’re walking through a dark and misty forrest. I agree with the tumblr post about this movement. It’s almost the exact feeling you have when you walk through a graveyard. You walk respectfully but with sorrow for the dead. And then with the trumpet solo (like the post) It’s the good memories of the dead that are dancing in the thoughts of the living.

  • Pines of the Janiculum The beginning is as if you are climbing up the huge and majestic hill, and then, at the top look over the town in such tranquility. Almost like looking down from heaven. Janiculum is the second tallest hill in Rome, so you can imagine how crisp the air is and how quiet it must be. And at the end when the flute solo comes in followed by the violin, it’s like you’re climbing down, continuing your journey and looking back up at the hill. 

  • Pines of the Appian Way: So then you’re approaching this long stone road and then the music becomes so EPIC! It’s like you’re victoriously Marching through the Appian road with your soldiers behind you after a long and painful battle, RAISING YOUR FLAG AT THE END OF YOUR JOURNEY I’m writing this as I’m listening and dying.
It’s short and sweet but I really felt like writing about it. I REALLY Suggest that anyone who cares, Listen to this if you haven’t already!