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EXO-L i miss you… i’m really curious, are you all well? have you eaten?? today’s weather is hot so please wear something cooling when you go out. i miss you E X O L. eat watermelon and wear something cooling!


there’s a saying: if you do not have leisure / rest time, you will become depressed! although studying and working is important, please rest for awhile. since you are resting today, please play with me!! ><


i’m looking at instagram! ^^ kekekekeke. the comments are coming in too fast, i’m speed reading right now! everybody, you miss me too right!?


in a few more days, the summer holidays will be here isn’t it!! what do you all plan to do? hehe


hello, from today onwards, i am Byun Aeri (L-ee). kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke. am i a little chick!? kekekekekekekeke


i am hyun-ee, you are Aeri! kekekekekekekeke. our friendship will go on forever!!!


(baek)hyun-ee, (jun)myeon-ee, (xiu)min-ee, chen-ee, (jong)in-ee, (chan)yeo-ri, dyo-nee, lay-ni, (se)hun-ee + Aeri. we are the Eto Rangers!! >< kekekekekekekekekeke. let us protect the universe!! 


eventhough it’s nice to have concerts, it will also be good to have a time where we could talk to each other, have a fruits party together, play together


Aeri! i like this nickname the most among all of EXO-L nicknames!! >< EXO-L all belongs to EXO anyway ^^


anyway, i miss you! don’t upset your stomach and don’t turn on the aircond too cold when you sleep at night! hwaiting and be happy for the whole day


i really like the name Aeri! there are many ways to call you! do you all know the famous line in Lovers in Paris?? Aeri, let’s go~ i will buy you sweets


even if you’re working or studying… it’s better if you rest once in awhile so you must go out and play ok! even if it’s just somewhere nearby!

How to Level Up in Seventeen Fancafe

Seventeen has changed their Official Fancafe from cafe.daum.net/seventeen2015 to cafe.daum.net/seventeen.17 

If you joined the old one, they’re shutting down soon so be sure to sign up for the new one!!

Since it seems that there are no tutorials for the new cafe, I felt inclined to make one since I recently submitted a level up application myself.

So here’s my tutorial on how to level up in Seventeen’s fancafe

onward ! :)

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I give this a light nine.

anonymous asked:

People are reaching incredibly hard to exclude us, dear lord. guess what, I have definitely been called queer AFTER i came out as asexual. Straight people don't actually sit down and think about historical usage and which specific groups they're affecting when they say these things. They see us as different from them, and therefore wrong and something to mock. And they use queer against us, all the time. Regardless of romantic orientation. So there you go

So not only are we trying to reclaim queer to use as a good blanket term for “not cishet,” but its continuing use as a slur is to insult anyone who is… not cishet. 

It’s almost like queer applies to anyone who isn’t cishet.