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What's the "beagle line" I'm confused?

how to explain beagle line in one word……..


but that is why i love them

okay so the beagle line is made up of Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Chen. they are called the beagle line because they are just really hyper and noisy most of the time

since they are of the same age, they are quite close to each other. and because of their playful traits, they are the mood makers of the group.

the 3 of them have extroverted personalities, hence why they can’t sit still for more than 5 seconds. this was proven during EXO Showtime when they played the silent game. the beagle line was literally dying in silence and they got so restless because they weren’t allowed to talk (check out the blue arrows below, in clockwise order from the left: baekhyun, chanyeol and chen)

here are some of the comments about beagle line:

(Kai) When we were living as trainees, one moment the both of them (Chen and Baekhyun) entered and I thought my ears were going to burst. It was quiet and peaceful, but as the two of them came in, it was no joke.

(Chen) There was this time when the 3 of us were in a car with Lay hyung.  He asked us to be quiet because we were too noisy and he wanted to rest.

How to know when you are too far gone

You don’t even speak Korean, but you can recite Woozi’s “Adore U is a funky pop genre song which showcases Seventeen’s charms, etc” with him on shows without subtitles. 

DOES ANYONE PLAY MINECRAFT or quite possibly halo tmcc

fellow minecrafters, so i just got minecraft for xbox one and if anyone plays this pleasssssse let me know, no one ik plays this. add me so we can explore!
gamer tag: Kitty Senpaii

l saw on tumblr dot com a post about self-actualization which used as an epigraph the line “i am the sole author of the dictionary that defines me,” attributed to “zadie smith,” which, like, that is a sentence that appears in the novel NW by zadie smith, true, but within the novel it’s a lyric heard on the radio, and more to the point it is essentially a hypothesis the novel sets out to explore and ultimately, in my reading, disagree with, and this isn’t like, mark twain misquotes level of hilariously incorrect but given, i don’t know, literally all of smith’s novels, the line in white teeth about how to understand a 19 year old’s decision to marry a middle aged man we have to understand her jehovah’s witness family and, eventually, ex boyfriend, the way alex’s father’s death hangs over the autograph man as an unshakeable but almost never acknowledged origin story for who alex is, the conflicts of class and race and gender that bubble throughout on beauty, and, as i said before, the entire text of nw, it’s pretty funny. it’s pretty funny to cheerfully accuse zadie smith, of all people, of all novelists or writers of any kind, of believing that she is the sole author of the dictionary that defines her, and that this is a truth universal enough to state aphoristically. that’s good.