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Let’s talk about Sniper’s age

….I think Sniper is actually much younger than the fandom believes he is

Miss Pauling said New Zealand sunk into the sea forty years ago. That means Sniper is AT MOST forty years old because we get to see Mundy in a flashback right before the accident happened and judging by his appearance, he was barely one year old at the time. 

But that’s not all.

Apparently, they’ve been able to keep the city going for YEARS before the accident happened. That means you can take some more years off Sniper’s age. 

And then, during a flashback you also have Sniper’s father telling the ministers that he said  they should lived down beneath the sea ten years ago. And they confirmed that they did listen to him.

If you take into account that they maybe didn’t listen to him right away and took some years to build the city, I’d say that Sniper is older than 30 but definitely younger than 40.

(Plus, this comic events happen 4 years after TF2, which means that he was EVEN YOUNGER during TF2)


finally beginning my first d&d campaign!!! here’s basically all the exploration i did for a gnome cleric character named selby.

she’s a chaotic good, sarcastic, haughty sort of gnome, who became a lady of the cloth in order to help and heal, cos that’s just a nice thing to do. though she enjoys assisting people, she never feels beholden to any specific town or cathedral, and instead likes to travel the world in search of new endeavors. the only known being she is 100% devoted to is her patron goddess, desna, who’s sphere is dreams, the stars, and travel. selby loves her goddess so much she fashions capes that look like butterflies, one of desnas icons.

she usually adorns herself with an abundance of accessories and layers of clothing, since her family made a living off of weaving textiles and making jewelry. though her gnome family managed to adapt to the stay-in-one-place lifestyle of other races, selby couldn’t stand being in the same town forever, and instead bid them goodbye in search of excitement.

she generally gets along well with her companions, but will snap back twice as hard if teased or insulted. she has a significant rivalry with a half-orc named volkish( @sandy-oval ’s character). she always travels prepared, and will usually have an overabundance of rations and supplies. her talents are stealth, jewelrymaking, and knowledge of religion and planes of existence.

What the fuck. Someone grabbed Dan’s crotch while he was high fiving people last night at the L.A. NSP show and Dan laughed it off but woo boy that isn’t alright.

We’ve always been a mostly sane fandom of people but I’ve been to a ton of concerts and watched band members get clothes ripped and their belts taken off and stolen, and their dicks rubbed. Fuck, I even remember that a very young girl forced a kiss on a lead singer when he went to take a pic with her.

Please, please don’t let that start happening with Dan. Don’t ruin the NSP shows for other fans because you’re beinga creepy fuck. Dan shouldn’t have to laugh off or joke off being inappropriately touched.