Fun Level 27 - "Let's be careful out there"

Careful is my middle name!

Here’s what we’re faced with today.  Even though the entrance and exit are close together, the exit is too far a drop and there aren’t enough floaters to go around.  So that’s what we must do: Go around.

Surrounding this level is a convenient set of stairs!  Not so convenient are the pits of acid that our lemmings seem all too eager to fall into.  So plug the gaps and make your way around.

Put some blockers at the corners to keep our rodent friends from meeting a deadly fate.

And loop around into the goal!  Speaking of loops…

For one reason or another sometimes this game just loops beautifully.  Sometimes it’s nice to just watch the machine in motion after putting it together, huh?

Another level down!  We’re nearing the end of the Fun difficulty, how exciting!

Music: Lemming 3.

Taxing Level 27 - “Call in the bomb squad”

I don’t think cutting the blue wire in a lemming is going to help it from exploding.

So there’s a lot of extra scenery in this level, but let’s focus on what’s in the middle there…

Much better.  So, the rub:  The goal’s up there, we’re down here, and there’s no such digging tool that can dig upward.  We do, however, have 10 bombers, and bombers explode in a circle–or more accurately, an egg shape–at least half a lemming taller.

We’re going to have to bomb our way up there.

After blocking off both ends of this structure, start building.  The direction is up to you, but there’s more landing area to the left.

At the end of each stair case, turn a lemming into a blocker, then blow it up, making a neat dent in the ceiling each time.

Repair the edge of the staircase, block, then bomb.  Then repeat.

Once you’ve broken through the top of the upper floor, just build so the lemmings can make it through…

And soon…

Not bad!  They give you a surprising amount of leeway on this level.

Music: Pachelbel’s Canon

Tricky Level 27 Sega Version - "Everyone turn left"

But make sure you signal first.

Now here’s a level that confused me at first.  100 percent rescue requirement, no ways to turn safely without a blocker due to there being no builders.  All we have is a long one way wall and some miners.  Well, let’s try one out.

Oh!  Since you can only destroy one way walls in the direction the arrows move, since we’re trying to destroy it from the top with a miner facing right, it stops us and turns us… around…

Yeah, I dunno either.  But hey, we know what to do now, right?  We have to turn every lemming around using the mining tools without messing up.

Like… that.  I got overzealous and tried to see if I could just jam on the button, but that made this happen.

And it turns out starting from this side is actually easier.  You can keep assigning lemmings in the same spot rather than assign one, move the cursor, etc.  That kind of precision would be hard to do with a d-pad and not a mouse anyway.

Finally, the last lemming turns around, and…

A miner problem dealt with.  Yes I am going to make that joke a million times throughout the course of this blog.  Be prepared.

Music: Can-Can