level with me here guys

“We don’t morph ants anymore because they scared all of us, but mostly Marco,” Cassie pointed out. “We don’t ever talk about morphing termites because of my problems with them. What’s the difference?”

“The difference is you all decided I was the leader,” I said. “That’s the difference. A leader may be just as weak or scared or doubtful as anyone else. But he isn’t allowed to show it. People say they want leaders to be just like them, but I don’t think so. People want leaders to act the way people wish they could act themselves. Marco and Rachel and Tobias and Ax don’t want me to give them permission to be scared. They want me to help them be brave.’

—  Animorphs #16 - The Warning

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gurl how are you liking canada

i love it here. i am never leaving. you will have to pry canada from my cold, dead hands.