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SM, wrud with EXOs hair?!

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We asked specifically for y’all not to front with Jongin again. You do - forgetting entirely your international fanbase who happens to have POCs + not caring this might shed a negative light on EXO as a group. We asked for Black/red Kyungsoo but you give us black/red Baekhyun with a mullet. Why are you like this?

Probably an Unpopular Opinion

Does everyone forget that Simon Cowell literally MADE One Direction… He formed them in his mind or on paper or whatever before they even got put together. There was no ‘i realised in 15 minutes i didnt want to lose these boys so i put them together as band’, he was always going to do it. So let’s be reminded that FROM THE BEGINNING this was rigged. 

Let’s also be reminded that while the live shows were going on, Simon would have done anything to get the boys to the finals. He so blatantly bent the rules with song choices etc to have more controversy on the judges table and pull at the heart strings of fans to vote for them. He would have recognised the fans and support of One Direction and he used it to their advantage.

So with all of this going on, and don’t get me wrong One Direction ARE talented, but Simon was always going to do whatever he could to make them 'the next big boy band’. In my opinion Simon rigging the show for One Direction to come in 3rd was a fantastic business decision for the boys and obviously for Simon/Syco. 

There are only a handful of talent show winners that have become successful World Wide. The fact that the boys lost The X-Factor but won the world is a much better marketing strategy, a better money making strategy and an extremely successful business move had they won The X-Factor and been tied to that name as 'winners’ for the rest of their careers. They were free to mould One Direction into whatever they wanted them to be, because they WEREN’T the winners.

I firmly believe that One Direction wouldn’t be as big as they are now if they were the winners of The UK X-Factor. 


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