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Now or Never: the Doors to my soul~~

Cr: Doors+Now or Never MV Previews

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Are you ready for American Horror Story: Cult Season 7? After last year’s odd ball season (some love it and other’s prefer not to mention it) but this season looks like it’s shaping up quite richly.

Honestly the theme “Cult” fits into every perfected shape American Horror Story has thrown at television viewers since Murder House. Even a few familiar characters from seasons before are said to be making an appearance. Welcome to the next level of hell.


• Final Fantasy XV in Real Life : Bottle Flip Level Gladiolus ( PREVIEW )

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Uchiha Sasuke’s Sharingan Legend ch. 11 preview

I can’t put my finger on the fact that it’s chapter 9 because I feel like I missed something, anyway here’s the usual translated preview.

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anonymous asked:

do you think that the j-pop thing was foreshadowing of some kind??

Hi anon! :)

Um, honestly, I do believe that it is not only a foreshadowing but I also think that it is a revelation of sorts when it comes to Eren and Armin’s relationship. It was clearly indicative the possibility that in these trying titan times they will/or might be “clumsy” with one another regarding their feelings/emotions, words exchanged. In the future, this chafe may happen in the form of a fight or a misunderstanding. What Isayama wanted to make clear was that regardless of what occurs, Eren NEEDS Armin by his side and he is willing to throw away everything (including his revenge quest), to have his best friend - lover… or what ever Isayama was implying with his shojou bubbles… to achieve that.

This should also be considered contextually as well… This was released after the infamous interview that ominously states that Eren and Armin may not be friends at the end of the series. On some level, this preview is a slight at the anime director who he may have felt was trying to mold his story for him.

Also, it must be taken in conjunction with an interview question that asked, “Has Eren and Armin ever fought before?” And Isayama says, “I’ll write about that part of their relationship one day.” Source

I think that he is implying that Eren and Armin’s relationship is elastic and more resilient than the anime director (and many others) seem to think it is. This is shown in later chapters (particularly chapter 62, 72, and 73) where they are shown encouraging, supporting, caring, and blushing at one another.

So think of it in this light anon…

1. He says that Eren and Armin “will not be friends” by the end of the series.

2. He then proceeds to draw them in a romantic climate that suggest they’re lovers.

3. Then states that there’s a rumor going around that suggest they’re more than friends.

What conclusion does that bring you to?


(I hope I answered your question!) ;)