level ii ultrasound

This iPhone photo will have to do. No makeup? Oh well.

As I’m nearing 20 weeks (in 2 days), I’m feeling remarkably good.

Physically, I’m getting a lot bigger (shocker - double trouble in there!) My back hurts quite often now if I don’t get horizontal at some point during the day and put my feet up. Sitting or standing, doesn’t make a difference, it aches! On the flight home from Cabo, my ankles swelled up over my Tom’s - it was a hot look. No sign of stretch marks yet, but there’s plenty of time left for those suckers to creep up on me. My belly button will be flat pretty soon and I’m dreading the outtie. Will it pop back in? I don’t mind outties on other people, but I like my own just fine, thank you very much. I don’t know exactly how much I weighed right when I got pregnant, but I’m estimating that I’ve gained in the neighborhood of 23-24 pounds so far. And you know what? I’m happy about that. I know with twins that it’s important to gain the weight early, so I’m pleased and hoping for good sized, healthy babies.

I’m so excited to clear the crap out of the guest room/office and get the nursery started. I’ve ordered the cribs, crib mattresses, the wall decal, & blankets (that i will drape over the crib for decoration). I need to post the desk to Craigslist and give away the queen mattress that’s currently in there. Plus, stash my beloved guest bed upholstered headboard somewhere till we move out of our townhouse and into a real house. I have to confess, we already have a ton of baby clothes, some purchased and some hand-me-downs. I’m ready to clear the closet and make way for the babies’ adorable wardrobe.

It seems like I’m at the doctor all the freakin’ time! We had our level II ultrasound last week. On the ultrasound, everything looked perfect. They kept saying how great all the vital organs were looking. And the tech told me that I was the best looking twin mama she’d ever seen, which was so sweet. They never mentioned my final risk number when combined with the first trimester scan and bloodwork. I had to ask and I was disappointed with the news. Instead of our risk going down as my doctor had predicted, it went up! From ½,600 in the first trimester to 1/830 now. They didn’t seem concerned and I know that the risk for Downs or other abnormalities is low, but it was still a little scary to hear. This doc said it was because a couple of my blood levels were on the high end of normal. She didn’t say anything comforting and didn’t give me specific details. I have an appointment this week with my OB, so I will be sure to talk to him about this. I also have a fetal echocardiogram tomorrow. Not sure what to expect…

All in all, life is good. I still love being pregnant and I’m cherishing every day. I already love these babies so much. I talk to them daily and I’m always rubbing my belly. The flutters are pretty inconsistent still, but I feel them sometimes. Can’t wait to start feeling them regularly!

20 weeks, here I come…

18 Weeks...A Potato?

So here are this week’s photos. Apparently the nugget is the size of a potato. To think there’s a human the size of potato in me is just fascinating :

And a side view:

I’ve FINALLY truly felt the nugget move, too! At 16 weeks I’d started to feel some “swooshing” (I don’t know why they describe it as fluttering because that’s so not what I felt). And then at 17 weeks I thought I felt a kick or two but couldn’t be sure. It wasn’t until this week that I actually felt the little nug kick/punch. And, man, my anxiety over today’s Level II ultrasound eased.

I’ve been anxious the past few weeks leading up to today’s appointment because it’s been SO long since we’ve seen him. 1:30 can’t come soon enough! I’ve been saying so many prayers lately that the nugget is growing big and strong and so healthy. Please let him be OK.

We could find out the sex today if we wanted to but we’re not. For me, I felt like IVF made this whole thing so NOT a surprise. My family and my inlaws and a lot of friends knew when we had our retrieval, how many eggs were retrieved, how many fertilized, how many were transferred, when they were transferred, how many frosties we have, and when I was testing. See, how anti-climatic is that? So I decided that the nugget’s gender (and name options because we’re not sharing those either) are to be kept as a surprise for me and the husband. There are few really wonderful, special surprises in life—and this is one I plan to keep just for the two of us.

I will update on my ultrasound tomorrow. Fingers crossed all is well.

Level II Ultrasound Rewind

Man, I’m a BAD bloggie! I realized this weekend that I’d said I’d update on Friday about our level II scan and yet here we are on Monday. Some of you may have thought something wrong happened. I apologize.

The Level II scan went so well! He/she looks so beautiful especially in that profile position. My heart melts looking at his/her little nose. We got to see SO much—the kidneys, the brain, the four chambers of the heart, the stomach, EVERYTHING, including, yes, the genitals. When it came time to see the genitals the ultrasound tech had us close our eyes—not that we’d know what we were looking at anyway. So we are still in the dark about what this baby is though my gut is telling me boy. I will be SHOCKED if a little girl comes out but will be over the moon excited for whatever this baby is—I just want him or her healthy.

**UPDATE** Just got the call from the maternal fetal specialists: baby looks great! There’s a 1 in 10,000 chance for Down Syndrome and Trisomy 18. Nurse said that’s as good as it can possibly get. Thank you, God!

My sister and my 11-month-old niece flew in for the weekend and we had such a great time. We actually registered on Saturday and, man, registering is no joke! We were at BuyBuyBaby for FOUR hours! FOUR! Thank god my sister was there to tell me what I need and don’t need but even still it took FOREVER! How someone goes in there without someone guiding them is beyond me—chalk that up to reason 1,564,572 why I love having sisters :).

The baby has been a moving fool the past several says—he/she went from nothing to full throttle. On Saturday night I was so exhausted and was in bed and yet the nugget kept moving and it kinda make me a little sick to my stomach. I don’t know why—maybe all the moving made me feel car sick. But he/she finally settled down and I was able to pass out.

My glucose test is tomorrow—EEK!—and I am NERVOUS. Fingers crossed I pass this thing. I do not want to have gestational diabetes!!

On Par Weight Gain

I had my one-hour glucose test this morning and unfortunately won’t know the results until tomorrow (they’ll only call if it’s abnormal so I’m praying my OB’s office doesn’t pop up on my cell tomorrow!).

But I did have my OB appointment and so far so good! Thank you thank you thank you! I am so thankful this pregnancy has been uneventful including the weight gain. I stopped weighing myself a few weeks back because I was stressing WAY too much about it. I’ve continued to eat healthy but like any normal person I indulge here and there. So I was still worried. Turns out, I’ve gained 14 lbs. at my 19-week mark, which both my OB and nurse said is just right and totally normal. Ahhh, good news!

My OB also measured my tummy for the first time and I’m measuring about 20 weeks (though I’m 19 weeks today), which my OB said was right on target, too, and not to worry. (Of course, in the back of my head I’m thinking I’m just a big fat ass and I measure a week ahead because my pouch was too big to begin with. I digress …)

She also went over the results from my level II scan on Thursday. The nugget is in the 57% percentile for growth, which she said is absolutely as perfect as can be. I’d honestly been expecting this baby to be much bigger because 1) I’m worried I have gestational diabetes and therefore will have a larger baby and 2) the husband is 6'9" and was 8 lbs. a month EARLY. If I don’t have a Whopper of a child in there then apparently he/she takes after me at 5'4" (I born at 6 lbs. 8 oz.!).

But overall, life is good. REALLY good. I came across this email from the husband from 2008, long before we were even trying to have a baby, as I was cleaning out my inbox at work today. It makes me melt and it reminds me how lucky we are and how grateful I am to be in this place:

“I love you and I am so happy with our life together. I don’t know how we are so happy. Love you.”