level eater

  • movie sirius: gary oldman, constantly dropping words of wisdom, calm and collected, luscious wavy locks, incredibly zen and level-headed even when talking about Death Eaters, A+ level drama queen
  • book sirius: sirius "i cant get my FCKing life together" black, actual punk trash, creature from the crypt hair, emotionally is still 17, has no chill about anything least of Death Eaters, A+ level drama queen

I just finished leveling my Soul Eater until 90 and got to meet these 2 cuties in Anu Arendel… Seriously DN. Stop torturing my fragile heart with your sad storyline………………….. crap I wanna continue my Adept’s story but it got stuck at Memoria quest -__________-;;; DNINA fix ittttttttttt!!!

btw I can’t unsee Iona as Nagisa from FREE! lol

People I’d Rather Have As President Over Donald Trump
  1. George W. Bush
  2. The ghost of Ronald Reagan
  3. The ghost of Richard Nixon
  4. The ghost Herbert Hoover. Yes. Herbert Hoover. 
  5. Julius Caesar 
  6. The kid in my 7th grade health class who refused to wear an apron when we cooked pizza. 
  7. Becky with the good hair
  8. Janice from friends
  9. One of the low-level death eaters from Harry Potter
  10. King George III
  11. That one stormtrooper in episode 7 who shouts “Traitor!”
  12. A guy who pulls out a guitar at a party
  13. Drew from Taylor Swift’s “Teardrops on my Guitar.”
  14. One of those ticket-buying robots who are making Hamilton tickets so expensive.
  15. A Fur Real Friend
  16. A potato in a wig
  17. A cancer cell
  18. The feeling you get when you’ve had too much ice cream and you’re maybe a little lactose intolerant
  19. A coin operated laundry machine
  20. Flat soda
  21. a can of dry shampoo
  22. A piece of paper with a drawing of Trump’s face
  23. A half-eaten taco bowl from Trump Tower
  24. The entire state of Florida
Advice: Villain Sub-Groups

Anonymous asked:

Did you know you have a rad blog? ‘Cause you have one! Now, to my question: I have a group of antagonists, 10 in total. How do I make them… y'know, dynamic? I feel like just one gimmicky enemy per chapter is Monster-of-the-Week kind of boring, but all 10 attacking all of a sudden would be too crazy to handle. Thoughts?

Thanks! That’s kind of you to say. :)

Try organizing them a bit. Choose one to be the main bad guy–the Voldemort, if you will. Then, organize the others into increasingly dangerous sub-groups:

So, maybe Group 1 is comprised of the main villain’s twin sons who are jerkwad bullies. (Think Draco Malfoy.) Then, Group 2 is comprised of low-level henchmen. (Think Dementors.) Group 3 is high-level henchmen. (Think Death Eaters.) And finally, the last one is your super villain, so like I said, think Voldemort. That way you don’t get a “villain of the week” kind of thing, but you don’t have everyone attacking all at once. :)

Chivalry & Loyalty


“Do you think perhaps they know we’re here and are even now taking bets on how long we’ll continue to stare at an empty building?” Normally Remus greatly enjoyed his missions with Tonks - enjoyed them more than he would admit even to himself - but their ‘stake out’, as Muggles would call it, had droned on for several hours longer than was bearable. Remus’ front was getting damp from the grass he was lying against - for the only place within hidden view of the dreary little hut was on the edge of a hill between two rather prickly bushes - and he was starting to dearly regret having neglected to bring dinner.

The Order had gained intelligence that this place might be being used as a safehouse for some of the lower-level Death Eaters, but Remus was starting to sincerely question the intelligence of whoever had told them that. This was all starting to feel either like the worst blind date in all of history or a truly cruel practical joke.