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Bad Boy Snatcher

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Characters: Y/n, Scabior

Pairing: Scabior x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Smut smut and more smut, pussy eating, fingering, squirting, ropes and being tied up, kinda DomSub thing going on, unprotected sex, age difference (reader is of legal age though), then fluff at the end…

Word count: 1300

Summary: You know you shouldn’t, but the temptation and pleasure of an older man is something that is too hard to resist.

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic by anon-If it’s not too much trouble! Anyways the request would basically be the reader sneaking outta Hogwarts to hook up with the Bad Boy Snatcher… Maybe with a little bondage. You don’t need to write it but I thought I’d send it in anyway. - Scabior anon!. Ok, stuck mostly to the request. Also, sorry this took sooo long!! Hope u like it!!

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“Why the hell did I fucking agree to this? I mean, what kind of moron wants insists on meeting in the damn Forbidden Forest anyway?” you grumbled to yourself, wand raised as you tried your hardest not to trip over any tree roots.

“Come on, love. I’m not exactly a moron now, am I?”

You jumped, turning around quickly and holding the wand out, illuminating his face.

“Fuckin’ hell, Scabior! Don’t sneak up on me like that”.

He smirked at you, leaning against the trunk of a tree as he played with his fingers.

You both just stared at each other, expecting the other to do something.


“Well, are we gonna fuck?”

He chuckled at your blunt attitude, knowing you were craving him right now.

You knew it was fairly disgusting. Sure, you were past the legal age. But this man was in his 30’s and was also a Snatcher.

He was basically evil. Well, maybe not Death Eater level of evil, but he still took payment for whatever deed he was asked to do, no matter how innocent the target was.

But you just couldn’t stop going back to him.

You couldn’t stop sneaking out of the castle, letting Scabior take you back to the Shrieking Shack as he had his way with you.

“As you wish!”

He grabbed your hand and with a snap, you both disappeared from the Forbidden Forest.

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Snape loved Lily and yes, he wanted to protect her AND her family. But Lily wasn't the only muggleborn in the world. Snape was a Death Eater and he was high in ranks which means he did awful things to muggleborns to earn that place. The fact that Lily's death changed his whole perspective of what person Voldemort really was, doesn't change the fact that he would gladly still be a Death Eater if Lily and her family were spared. She was the only muggleborn he cared about.

“Snape was a Death Eater and he was high in ranks which means he did awful things to muggleborns to earn that place.” – That’s not in the text. We can’t include things we’re only guessing about in our analysis of him as a character. And Snape was still very young when he went to Dumbledore to beg for Lily’s life, he wasn’t yet a high level Death Eater. And after that he was Dumbledore’s man, so he wouldn’t have done awful things if there was anyway he could avoid it.

Things that are in the text:

“If you don’t mind dying,” said Snape roughly, “why not let Draco do it?”
“That boy’s soul is not yet so damaged,” said Dumbledore. “I would not have it ripped apart on my account.”
“And my soul, Dumbledore? Mine?”

Those don’t sound like the words of someone who has already committed murder. If Snape had done truly horrible things, his soul would already have been badly damaged and he wouldn’t be worried about it.

‘Don’t be shocked, Severus. How many men and women have you watched die?’
‘Lately, only those whom I could not save,’ said Snape.

Indicating that Snape did at least want to save people, even if he failed. (Charity Burbage, for one) 

“The fact that Lily’s death changed his whole perspective of what person Voldemort really was, doesn’t change the fact that he would gladly still be a Death Eater if Lily and her family were spared. She was the only muggleborn he cared about.“

And yet by Deathly Hallows he yells at Phineas Nigellus Black for using the word “Mudblood”, so his ideas about pureblood supremacy had clearly changed, if he ever believed in them at all. I don’t believe he did. He’s half-blood. He joined the Death Eaters because they promised him power and glory and because they gave him companionship, community, and self-esteem when no one else did.

Regardless of all of that: 

I make these posts arguing that the point of Snape is that he was redeemed by love and I inevitably get responses as if I’d said “Snape is a wonderful person” instead. We are not arguing over whether or not Snape was a wonderful person. We’re discussing the role he played within the story as a whole. 

Snape was a Death Eater as a teenager. At age twenty-one (I believe) he renounced the Death Eaters and dedicated the rest of his life to destroying their leader. He did that out of love. For one person, yes. If he hadn’t loved Lily maybe he would have stayed with them, maybe not. (I personally think not.) And that’s the point. Love redeemed him. It made him desert the Death Eaters. Does that make him a perfect person? No. Does it illustrate the idea that love can inspire even the nastiest people to make better choices? Yes. 

Destrudo the Lost Dragon’s Frisson
If this card is in your hand or GY: You can pay half your LP, then target 1 Level 6 or lower monster you control; Special Summon this card, and if you do, this card’s Level is reduced by the Level of the targeted monster, also place this card on the bottom of the Deck if it leaves the field. You can only use this effect of “Destrudo the Lost Dragon’s Frisson” once per turn.
Can Be Found In: Circuit Break (CIBR-EN038)

The most used Tuners among many Decks often carry very low stats, as they will be supported by a big list of options to bring them out right on time for all kinds of Synchro Summons. This clearly overshadows Tuners with high Levels, often ignored as they often require a reversed approach to more common setups. However, despite not being popular as their smaller members, high Level Tuners will carry the same kind of effects that makes them reliable tools to prepare Synchro Summons of all kind.

“Destrudo the Lost Dragon’s Frisson” is a high Level Tuner that can become more versatile than it looks despite its stats. If “Destrudo” is either in our hand or Graveyard, we can target a Level 6 or below monster and pay half our Life Points to Special Summon it. This will cause the Level of “Destrudo” to be reduced by the Level of the monster we targetted as requeriment for that summoning effect, so can go from becoming a Level 1 Tuner to 6 upon its arrival. However, once “Destrudo” leaves the field after being summoned by its effect will be sent to the bottom of our Deck, becoming the main catch when comes to working as material. But even despite this big drawback along the fact we have to pay half our Life Points, “Destrudo” offers a lot of possibilities by not only assisting our Extra Deck but also thanks to the supporting tools arround monsters of its kind.

With the ability to summon itself from our hand or Graveyard, “Destrudo” can take big shortcuts thanks to its own stats to follow with its own abilities. As a Dragon we can use cards like “Dragon Ravine” as well other milling effects such as “Dark Grepher” to send it to the Graveyard, becoming very useful tools right after “Destrudo” is sent back to our Deck by its own effect. With the ability to revive itself, “Destrudo” can be used as the main cost of many cards like “Cards of Consonance” and “Phoenix Wing Wind Blast” to dispose it from our hand and bring it to the field afterwards. Overall all we have to really work with is to summon a proper monster for its Special Summon, which can go from Normal Summoning a small creature to monsters with their own Special Summon mechanics like “Cyber Dragon” or “Level Eater” among several others. However, don’t hesistate on summoning “Destrudo” by other methods if we already used its effect or saving it for later moves during that turn, as with solid choices such as “Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon” and “Limit Reverse” we can bring “Destrudo” with its default Level for further setups.

Despite its massive DEF, like any other Tuner “Destrudo” will mainly focus on setting up all kinds of Extra Deck summons with its own arrival. We will lose half our Life Points by summoning this creature, but as the Duel progresses such cost won’t be as severe if we can manage ourselves to survive until late game. Although seems that losing Level is a drawback actually makes “Destrudo” a reliable material for Level 7 Synchro Summons, as the loss by targetting the proper monster on our field will match them to work together for said setups. Obviously “Destrudo” is not all about Synchro Summons as can also assist us with Link Summons, and with some proper management of monsters it will also help with Xyz Summons that will ignore its negative of returning to our Deck. Finally, if we manage to summon “Destrudo” with Level 5 or above and we follow with another cheap summon like “Instant Fusion” or “Destiny HERO - Malicious” is quite possible to bring out “Ultimaya Tzolkin”, a powerful creature with an ability to summon Synchro Monsters while avoiding most dangers in the process.

While is rare to see high Level Tuners become staple choices since back when Synchro Monsters debuted, “Destrudo the Lost Dragon’s Frisson” can become a big exception due all the support and possibilities arround it. The Level reduction by default prepares “Destrudo” and the monster we targetted for a Level 7 Synchro Summon, but with a few extra steps we can also aim for Xyz Summons or the arrival of bigger monsters like “Ultimaya Tzolkin” and “Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree”. Obviously paying half our Life Points and returning to the bottom of our Deck are big drawbacks to be aware of, but on the other hand with several effects to prepare “Destrudo” in our Graveyard by all sorts of sources makes it an abusable material from start to finish. Clearly the Life Point cost is the biggest problem but only in our first turns, so while there’s a good chance to make a big setup in early game might be recommended to keep “Destrudo” for later uses in case the opponent has a big counter to take advantage of our Life Points becoming halved. Overall, while “Destrudo” has some flaws to be careful with, is a powerful Tuner that offers much more than might apparent.

Personal Rating: B+

+ Summons itself from our hand or Graveyard
+ Being summoned by its effect will reduce its Level and usually prepare it right away for a Level 7 Synchro Summon
+ Has a good chance to expand its setups arround Xyz Monsters and expensive Synchro Monsters
+ Highly supported

- We must pay half our Life Points for its own Special Summon
- If leaves the field after using its effect will be sent to the bottom of our Deck instead

Labradorite Dragon
‘The ancients compared this prized creature to moonlight rippling across water. A bringer of harmony, reminder of past glories, able to soothe the hearts of even the most ambitious men.’
Can Be Found In: Shadow Specters (SHSP-EN001)

Normal Monsters were the dominant cards during the first years of the game, but as the game expanded its options and Effect Monsters became more prevalent they quickly became a secondary resource. Normal Monsters have been always in an odd spot since all they have to offer are stats. And with many of them not being powerful enough or not having a balanced Level to work with, hundreds of these creatures became easily forgotten right since their debut. But as support arround these creatures expanded that major flaw became quite secondary, and nowadays if a Normal Monsters is battling enemies it will take advantage of all its options to setup bigger summons without any difficulty.

“Labradorite Dragon” is far from being a powerful creature due its lack of ATK and average DEF for its Level, but there are some aspects that makes it more valuable than might apparent. The most important factor is that is a Tuner, and combined with the many resources arround Normal Monsters and its poor stats makes “Labradorite Dragon” a highly exploitable material to work in all kinds of big summons. With a high Level that can aid us with Synchro and Xyz Summons to other setups such as Link Summon, “Labradorite Dragon” might not win any battles but easily becomes a flexible material for all sorts of purposes.

Despite its high Level, “Labradorite Dragon” has a massive card pool to become quickly available from early to late game. The most efficient option from the start of a Duel is along the Hieratic archetype, using their tributing mechanics to summon not only “Labradorite” but also other Normal Monsters to setup their bigger summons. But there are many other methods to summon this monster from the Deck with ease, ranging from “Chaos-End Master” after defeating a monster in battle to banishing “Carboneddon” in our Graveyard. Speaking of which, the Graveyard is probably where “Labradorite Dragon” obtains most of its potential thanks to many revival options such as “Swing of Memories” or “Silent Doom” among several others. Two particular methods to summon it from our Graveyard are both “Dragard” and “Debris Dragon”, bringing back “Labradorite” upon their own arrival ready to work as materials together.

“Labradorite Dragon” might not win any fights unless with very specific support, but will become a powerful material as soon that becomes available. As mentioned before most of its best setups comes from resting in the Graveyard, so try to work along cards like “Dragon Shrine” and “Cards of Consonance” to quickly dump this monster as soon as possible. Then is all up to the many revival options that can interact with “Labradorite” and together with other possible materials like “Vice Dragon” and “Level Eater” we will assure a big summon each turn or more if we bring a Link Monster in the process. But in most cases we will want to focus on Synchro Summons, as thanks to “Labradorite” position as a high Level Tuner we can cheaply bring out expensive creatures like “Trident Dragion” and “Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree” without much effort required.

While many Normal Monsters out there can take a similar position to “Labradorite Dragon”, the fact that is a high Level Tuner makes it more valuable than many others. Its lack of ATK might seem at first a severe flaw, but while might not defeat any monsters on its own makes it a great target for many summoning options like “Dragard” and “Silver’s Cry”. Combining the many revival effects at its disposition combining with effective tools to send it to the Graveyard immediately, soon enough “Labradorite Dragon” will keep preparing expensive Synchro Summons without any difficulties and any other kinds of big setups that can work arround its assistance. “Labradorite Dragon” might be reduced to a material role in most circumstances, but the many options to setup arround its stats thanks to hundreds of Graveyard setups makes it a highly valuable monster to achieve powerful summons with ease.

Personal Rating: A

+ High Level Tuner
+ Greatly supported by several revival options
+ Great material to achieve expensive Synchro Summons and other setups

- Poor stats
- Relies on other cards to work
- In most cases is only useful as material

swimming-to-djibouti  asked:

Actually, science supports veganism in many ways, and the reason it's not found in any traditional cultures is because people never had the option to survive this way.

In reply to your other “ The only benefit of eating meat (that I’ve found) is b12.” ask, 

It’s more than just B12 (I don’t understand how this is the only one you’ve ‘found’, seeing as this is the first thing listed when you Google is being vegan/veggie is good for you.)

  • Animal protein contains all the essential amino acids in the right ratios. It is important for muscle mass and bone health, to name a few. Vegans don’t get any animal protein, which can have negative effects on body composition (2, 3, 4, 5).
  • Creatine helps form an energy reservoir in cells. Studies show that vegetarians are deficient in creatine, which has harmful effects on muscleand brain function (6, 7, 8).
  • Carnosine is protective against various degenerative processes in the body and may protect against aging. It is found only in animal foods (9, 10, 11).
  • Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) is the most active form of Omega-3 fatty acids in the body and primarily found in animal foods. The plant form of Omega-3s, ALA, is inefficiently converted to DHA in the body (12, 13, 14).
  • Not surprisingly, vegans and vegetarians have much lower testosterone levels than meat eaters.   - Popular Science

K2. You can eat as much calcium as you want but it won’t strengthen your bones unless it is accompanied by vitamin K2.

Unlike vitamin K1, plants do not provide vitamin K2.(The one and only exception to this rule is natto, a fermented soybean product. One problem, however, is that natto is, for the majority of humans and animals, repulsive to eat). Like other fat-soluble vitamins, Vitamin K2 is found fatty sources – Mother Nature packages the vitamin with the cofactors required to absorb it. You’ll get vitamin K2 in pastured egg yolks, milk and cheese from grassfed animals, liver, beef, and chicken.” - Link

Vegetarians have a higher risk of developing nutritional deficiencies caused by lack of animal protein in their diet than meat-eaters. The more restrictive the diet, the higher potential for vitamin B-12, protein, calcium and iron deficiencies. Food from animals supplies all the essential amino acids, the building blocks for protein, while most plant proteins, with the exception of soy and the grain quinoa, do not contain all the essential amino acids. Vegetarians must consume foods that contain different amino acids over the course of the day to ensure that they get all the amino acids they need. While plants contain iron, your body absorbs the iron they supply, called nonheme iron, less efficiently than heme iron from meat. Consuming foods high in vitamin C along with plants high in iron increases iron absorption. Many vegetables contain substances that reduce calcium absorption, increasing the risk of calcium deficiency and bone loss in vegetarians who don’t consume dairy products. Beans, lentils and vegetables such as spinach contain iron.” - Healthy Eating 

Any negative effects of eating meant listed in those links can be countered by simply eating healthy, lean meats… no need for supplements and or having to cease consumption entirely. And therefor, flip side, any “benefits” of being vegan (low cholesterol. etc) can be achieved on an omnivorous diet as well. They aren’t exclusive. Unnatural additives or bad fats that harm you can be found in both diets and can be avoided or consumed with both. 

Oh by the way, you know how soy is listed as an alternative protein in most of those links? Long term, high soy consumption is terrible for you and terrible for the environment. Soy increases estrogen, which can lead to all sorts of issues. 

So you’re saying it’s not naturally sustainable? Sounds like a good argument against it on a logical level and on a health level. 

Most of the pros on this list are canceled out by the cons (#s 1-4,9-22,etc), or can be achieved just the same by eating a healthy omnivorousness diet (#7,9, etc)

I’m not seeing a good argument for it.  When I Google reasons to go vegan or for things telling you that soy isn’t bad, I’m getting sources like Peta and blogs like “celestial healing”…

  • movie sirius: gary oldman, constantly dropping words of wisdom, calm and collected, luscious wavy locks, incredibly zen and level-headed even when talking about Death Eaters, A+ level drama queen
  • book sirius: sirius "i cant get my FCKing life together" black, actual punk trash, creature from the crypt hair, emotionally is still 17, has no chill about anything least of Death Eaters, A+ level drama queen