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Let's get one thing straight:

Badlands National Park is not in defiance of the president, they are in support of the American People. They don’t work for him, they work for US. Climate change is a direct threat to our national resources, and the most severe threat facing our parks today. This is not a political issue, this is not Democrats vs. Republicans, this is data-backed endangerment of our open spaces and federal lands. If a building is deemed structurally unsound, you fix it, you don’t claim that scientists are lying to you about serious fatigue in the load-bearing members, or else it comes crashing down around you. Climate change is no different, nobody has ever tried to claim that forest fires are a myth invented by the Chinese.


Global sea level rise will disproportionately affect much of the US coastline

  • A new report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warns that, while sea levels are rising around the world, they’re rising faster than the global average along much of the U.S. coastline.
  • “The ocean is not rising like water would in a bathtub,” NOAA oceanographer and lead author William Sweet said. “For example, in some scenarios sea levels in the Pacific Northwest are expected to rise slower than the global average, but in the Northeast they are expected to rise faster.”
  • As CBS News reported Tuesday, “In the mildest projected scenario, global sea levels will rise by about one foot by the end of this century. In the worst-case scenario, global sea levels will rise by 8.2 feet … A lower rise of six feet would be enough swallow up the homes of about 6 million Americans.” Read more

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Scientists confirm that warm ocean water is melting the biggest glacier in East Antarctica
Scientists have now put together all the pieces to confirm that the enormous Totten glacier is losing mass rapidly, and the ocean is responsible.
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These waters, the paper asserts, are causing the ice shelf to lose between 63 and 80 billion tons of its mass to the ocean per year, and to lose about 10 meters (32 feet) of thickness annually, a reduction that has been previously noted based on satellite measurements.

This matters because more of East Antarctica flows out towards the sea through the Totten glacier region than for any other glacier in the entirety of the East Antarctic ice sheet. Its entire “catchment,” or the region of ice that slowly flows outward through Totten glacier and its ice shelf, is larger than California. If all of this ice were to end up in the ocean somehow, seas would raise by about 11.5 feet.

“This ice shelf is thinning, and it’s thinning because the ocean is delivering warm water to the ice shelf, just like in West Antarctica,” said Don Blankenship, a glaciologist at the University of Texas at Austin and one of the study’s co-authors. Blankenship was not on the research vessel, but he and his colleagues helped the Australia-based researchers with understanding the contours of the seafloor so they could plan their field investigations into where warm and deep waters could penetrate.

In Greenland, a once doubtful scientist witnesses climate change's troubling toll
Petermann glacier has lost huge ice islands since 2010, and Andreas Muenchow thinks another break is coming.

Half a decade before he took this trip to the farthest reaches of the north, Andreas Muenchow had his doubts about whether warming temperatures were causing one of the world’s great platforms of ice to melt and fall apart.

He even stood before Congress in 2010 and balked on whether climate change might have caused a mammoth chunk of ice, four times the size of Manhattan, to break off from this floating, 300-square-mile shelf. The University of Delaware oceanographer said he wasn’t sure. He needed more evidence.

But then the Petermann Ice Shelf lost another two Manhattans of ice in 2012, and Muenchow decided to see for himself, launching a project to study the ice shelf intensively.

He was back again in late August, no longer a skeptic. It was hard not to be a believer here at 81 degrees north latitude, where Greenland and Canada very nearly touch. The surface of the bumpy and misshapen ice was covered with pools and puddles, in some cases frozen over but with piercing blue water beneath. Streams carved through the vast shelf, swelling into larger ponds or even small lakes.

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you ever talk to someone super right wing and actually want to find a way to shower your brain to remove the memory of the conversation


i’d like to thank the khux medals for giving us new official art of the girls

the transparents came out the perfect size for making icons, so i figured i’d do just that. this p much wraps up all the transparents i was planning to do involving the kh ladies, but i’m surprised just how many notes i got on all of them!! since i got such a positive response, i’ll definitely post the edits i make more often! ^^

as always: all the artwork used comes from official kingdom hearts artwork (except the flower crowns and the deal with it shades), feedback on how i did is very much appreciated, and please like/reblog/credit me if you want to use these!

the transparents by themselves under the cut

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Trump’s callous disregard for the mountains of scientific research indicating that we are currently heading towards catastrophic levels of climate change speaks volumes about the kind of person he is. He’s willing to risk mass extinction and the very future of the human species itself, as long as he gets to appease his buddies in the oil and gas industries and line his own pockets.

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I find it hilarious that Paul's dad and Mimi were both protective of 'their boys' and disliked John and Paul.

it’s almost like…… they suspected… that their “friendship”… meant something… quite deep.. and real.. and almost.. gay….. interesting…



HK 433

Supposedly H&K’s newest rifle platform that combines the G36 and 416. There were two translations about the features but some people aren’t convinced if this is actually a real rifle since it wasn’t debuted at SHOT Show.

– Short Stroke Gas Piston System with rotary bolt
– 45/90 and 90/180 selectors
– Barrel change on user level
– All charging manipulations can be done while the safety is activated

- Modular and light construction. Compact dimensions.
- Barrel length individually configurable. Simple end-user level barrel change.
- Completely ambidextrous manipulation for right and left handed shooters.
- Non reciprocating charging handle with integrated forward assist. Switchable w/o tools.
- Lower receiver with ambidextrous manipulation for G36 and HK416 users.
- Drop safe according to AC225/D14 with and w/o applied safety.
- Upper receiver with full length STANAG rail in 12 o'clock position. Hand guard with Hkey interface on 3 and 9 o'clock position. Picatinny rail on 6 o'clock position.
- Length adjustable folding stock with height adjustable cheek weld. Weapon also usable with stock folded.
- Optional receiver integrated maintenance free shot counter.
- Tool less disassembly / assembly of major components.
- Weapon can be set to safe in all loading conditions.

Yesterday, I posted a video on my blog at TinierTim.com about depression and experienced an incredible outpouring of love via email and FaceBook and I was so grateful. Today I want to talk to you about HAPPINESS.

I have learned a hard lesson over the last 6 years of weight loss, maintenance and strength gains in the gym: There is no such thing as conditional happiness.

When I was almost 450 pounds, I used to believe that if I lost weight, I would be happier and easier to love. While losing weight is one of the most life changing things I ever did for myself, it didn’t change my levels of happiness or my capacity to love. I was using my obesity as a crutch to avoid the real problems and experience honest growth in my life.

Happiness is not a mystical feeling you experience at the end of a weight loss journey. Happiness, acceptance and self-love are not only available but recommended at the start of your weight loss journey. In other words, don’t lose weight to find love. Find and start with self-love right now and let it empower you to lose weight.

What would happen in your life if you stopped beating yourself up for every mistake?
What would happen in your life if you stopped abusing yourself verbally?
What would happen if you stopped calling yourself names in your head?
What would happen if you could see yourself with the eyes of a person who truly loved you?

Most of us are far better at loving others than we are at loving ourselves. That trend has to change. You cannot be disgusted with yourself without that disgust trickling into your other relationships and friendships. Lead with love and you’ll find greater power, increased resolve, stronger motivation and the ability to transform your New Year’s Resolution into a Lifelong Shift.

It all starts with a shot of love and one pound. Are you ready?