level cap increase

FFXV ATR Translation  -  FFXV shipped over 6 millions. Includes both physical and digital.  (Gif is from the upcoming Prompto DLC )  

2/21 Update will include. -

PS4 Pro HD 60 FPS Patch.

Limited time quests (hunts for now but also future ones like fishing etc) and the level cap will be increased from 99 to 120. Note that you cannot save exp pre-patch to level post-patch. Pre-patch exp will be invalid toward levels over 99. So remember to update before leveling. 

Photo limit  increased to 200. (needs to be 500+ imo!)

A new MP3 item will be added to Regalia’s shop which will allow you to listen to music while riding Chocobos.   More FFXV music tracks to be added to the current player. 

Booster Pack Paid DLC will include -   Magitek Suits , Booster Sword, Dragon Mod (a new fishing rod) Aviol (fishing reel) and other additions. Free DLC Pack gets the Magitek Suits.

Off-road driving  -  The ability to drive the Regalia outside of designated roads is currently in development. (Do we really need this though? I’ll rather have additional story content.)

The FFXV Platinum Demo will be  removed from the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on March 31st. So get it while you still can!

Episode Gladio DLC 3/28.   Along with the addition of DLC, an update to the game will be made to improve the story aspects of the game, specially with Chapter 13. You’ll also be able to play as Gladiolus for a short period.  (in Chpt 13 ??) Other various upgrades and fixes will also be included.

Episode Gladio will focus on combat. Episode Prompto will focus on story and character development, showing a side of Prompto we have yet to see. (Finally confronting Verstael?)

Haikyuu!! Donpisha Match!! General Game Guide (UPDATED: Added Normal Missions 04092017)


Hi guys! I made a general translation of the game and how to play it. I can only explain the parts of the game that I have experienced, but hopefully this guide will help you get a feel of it and not just randomly click buttons on the screen :) I will update the guide if I learn anything new!

The translation is under the cut since it’s kinda long! Hope it’ll help you. Again, please do not repost the translations without my permission. If you’ve read it and it helped you, please don’t just like :) Reblog as well so it’ll help others! You can also RT it on Twitter

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SAFETY NOTICE: Urchin Underpass will be undergoing important
construction work. Entry will be strictly forbidden from August 2-5. 

We’re looking into what could have caused this construction notice, but word on the street is lots of new content is about to hit Inkopolis, including two new weapon types, all sorts of new gear, level cap increases and even new matchmaking options!

THIS JUST IN - With the August update, the level cap appears to be increasing from level 20 to 50! For level 20 onward, both points you earn from inking and points from winning a match will go toward raising your rank. Also, you’ll earn a bit of a reward for every 5th level you earn, so get ready to battle!


Currently working on a new version of HOME. Version 1.1.0
In this version, there will be more options in the very beginning.
A choice of either easier puzzles or harder puzzles, and then a choice to make combat and combat situations easier.

The screenshots above are a preview of the harder puzzle option, which increases some of the puzzles difficulty, while adding new ones entirely. This option is for those who really love puzzles, and though the puzzles in HOME previously were too easy.

For those who come for the storyline and scenery, you can turn the puzzles to easy, and the combat to easy, allowing for a more leisurely playthrough.

The default combat setting of HOME will be increasing though, with enemies becoming more of a threat. Bosses right now are already tough, and won’t receive too much of a difficulty spike. However, lowering the combat difficulty will make bosses easier. (this does not effect hidden bosses.)

The level cap is being increased to 40, with a new skill being learned for each cat at 40. Leveling however is slightly easier. You should reach level cap near the latter 80% of the game, instead of reaching the cap around 60-75% of the way.

Hopefully these changes overall will improve HOME as a whole, for those who want to replay it and for future downloads. A new joke ending will also be added, nothing canonical or serious. Just a little something extra for those who like to find everything.

The Final Battle Draws Near
By: Ignia

Heya Adventurers! 

Did I ever mention how glad I am that you guys are here? Thanks to you I feel like we’re really close to finding the culprit behind all this chaos in Lanox! Tomorrow we’ll be seeing two new dungeons and a level cap increase to 80! Rest up because we’ve got a long road ahead of us.

Hm… What was that? You want to know what happened to who? GM Sonata? Oh..! They…have their hands tied… Not to worry though because I’m here!

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Enter Lanox and Race to Lv. 75 
By GM Amelia

Hi-ya, Elpeeps! We’re now just hours away from Lanox and I’m psyched! Hope you’ve been playing your way up the ranks, because to get to this new place, you’ll need to be able to get past Sander. Surviving the desert will actually help you prepare for the new red-hot environment. Once the patch kicks in tomorrow, oh-ho it’s on!

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More information on the new update! (Which, you likely already know…)

First up, the update will be launched in Australia and New Zealand on the 6th of August! Whoo! If it’s like any other update, you’ll see it in game around 12pm AEST.

There is a tonne of new content coming out in this update:

  • Two new Matchmaking modes!
  • New weapon types!
  • Increased weapon cap and rank!
  • More than 40 pieces of new gear!

For a little more info on this sweet junk, click the read more below!

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