level 82

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Just letting you know the photo you use for you're banner is actually from skyrim which is a video game not you're fault you couldn't have known but next time you pick a photo you will know to pay more attention but I don't blame you it's a totally understandable mistake for girl like you to make

Here’s the thing, I took that photo myself. When playing Skyrim myself. Because I’ve played elder scrolls three, four and five. Because I’m a gamer. And you are a sexist cunt. And I have no patience for rude boys who treat gamer girls like shit. My banner is a picture of Bleak Falls Barrow because I thought it was pretty.

And for your information I’m a level fucking ninety in Skyrim. You might be thinking “nah the levelling cap is 82” and you are right. But I have the legendary fucking edition. Because I wasn’t content with the vanilla edition. I finished every fucking quest and found every fucking location and levelled up every fucking skill to one hundred and then reset them and levelled them up a bit more.

Don’t believe me? Ask steedsy, my boyfriend.

Get the fuck off my blog you sexist, rude, dickhead and maybe think twice before you try to show up a girl who has two thousand fucking hours on my favourite fucking game.

I expect you to apologise.

mmm okay but @eponymous-rose (I think it was Rose) was talking about the sense of a wider (and darker) word than the one VM is directly occupied with, like there’s shit going down right off screen, and this makes the third place with bone shards and other rocks and necrotic magics and y’know once is an incident and twice is a coincidence but three times is a pattern

I’m not saying vecna arc but I’m not not saying vecna arc either, ya feel

Authorita at level 82. After a long good night’s sleep I returned to the grind on my restoration-feral druid, Authorita. Got into the second Firelands quest chain where a new jousting mechanic like the classic “Joust” video game was the name of the game. Was eventually cake with my Razor Naga mouse since the jump action was automatically mapped to a convenient pad button. Wondering though how everyone else manage to do this with out having the jump button mapped to a mouse button. You really need to map the jump ability since you will be too busy directing your fall with the mouse to mouse click your action bar. Was in the end a very fun new mechanic which I can see being eventually brought to pvp.