level 3 sentry


Van Helsing Symmetra:

  • Photon Projector replaced by Flamethrower Crossbow.
  • Energy Ball replaced by a slow moving flaming bolt.
  • Beam replaced by chain arrow. The chain turns red hot at level 2, and sets itself aflame by level 3.
  • Sentry Turret beams replaced by red hot chains.
  • Melee attacks replaced by a stabbing attack with a silver stake.

EDIT: Due to public curiosity, I’ve added different eyewear.

I sexually Identify as a Level 3 Sentry . Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of defending the intelligence by spraying hot death at filthy enemy mercenaries. People say to me that a person being a sentry gun is Impossible and I’m downright retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m gonna install a targeting computer, heavy caliber machine guns, and rocket launchers on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “Sentry” and respect my right to camp spawn and kill needlessly. If you can’t accept me you’re a sentryphobe and need to check your automated weaponry privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.



Yow know what medigun is underrated and misunderstood? THE QUICK-FIX. I’m a Medic that mains QF, and I am going to explain two things to the best of my knowledge: the basics of why QF is great, and how to be a cool patient to a medic using the QF on you.

AMAZING BENEFITS ARE ALL OVER THIS MEDIGUN, I KID YOU NOT. One of the most little-known bonuses is that you can cap/push the cart while having a Quick-Fix uber popped. This is amazing. This has won points and rounds. Last point of Upward with a million sentries blocking access to the just-tipping-over-the-edge cart? Pop your uber, brave the sentries, and push that thing right over. Trying to cap the last point in Well? Pop your uber and watch as enemies try and fail to stop you. This can also buy you critical time to let other teammates get to the point, and block enemies from capping the point for a precious two seconds while you stand on it.

Another thing? QF matches speed with faster patients. This means that a Medic can jump to the front of the field healing a respawned Scout. It also means that a good QF medic paired with a good Soldier or Demoman can sticky/rocket jump STRAIGHT TO THE FRONT LINES. Demoknight? Don’t worry, we can charge with you. It’s cool. Getting to the front lines even two seconds earlier can be a game changer, as well as all of that sick uber charge bonus from healing rocketjumping soldiers whose health is constantly in the red.

MAYDAY MAYDAY. Here’s the thing about matching speeds: we match your speed, not your direction. A charging Demoman that suddenly hangs a hairpin right turn? Yeah, uh, we’re not going to be able to follow that. I’m going to tell you how to signal your direction to your Medic below. Just hold your horses.

Last thing: QF medigun ubers heal the Medic along with the patient. Popping an uber can save me from dying and having to run all the way back. If I pop an uber and there’s only one enemy, it’s because I’m at drastically low health. This is amazing because QF medics rarely need health packs. QF ubers build quickly enough that a medic on the frontlines can pretty much keep their own health at good levels with a good patient.

QF PATIENTS MUST BE AWARE OF THEIR MEDIC. You’ve gotta notice when their health is low, and you’ve gotta notice when they’ve briefly disappeared. Wait. They’ll be back. Why would they suddenly take their healbeam off of you? The QF isn’t built to pocket medic someone. It can, but one of the benefits of QF is being able to rapidly disseminate health to several members of the team: the extra 50 HP that I can give to that Scout we’re passing is a big deal, so please don’t rocket jump away because I diverted my attention away from you for .05 seconds, friend.


  1. Don’t launch us off the map. QF medics drop ubers from being killed by their own teammates. If you’re going to rocket/sticky jump or charge, make sure it’s in a predictable path, preferably in the direction you’re already walking. Even the one second of telegraphing your route will allow us to change course and follow you. And if you do lose us? Wait for just a moment. Odds are, we’ve seen where you landed and are coming to get you. If you know that can’t keep track of a Medic while jumping around, make it obvious. Rocket-jump away from us. Tell us in chat that you are a crazy rocketer. Display that you are a crazy rocketer. We do have a sense of self-preservation and will learn to stay away from you.
  2. Don’t expect to be pocketed. Good QF medics know that their main advantage is healing up many people, not just one (even more so than the regular Medigun/Kritz). Some Medics will find players that are good and will “pocket” them, and stop briefly to deliver heals to players they encounter on the way. Don’t leave us in the dust, we’re all on the same team here.
  3. Sentry-killing? COMMUNICATE. One of the drawbacks of the QF is that it’s not a natural-born sentry-killer. A Heavy/Med pair can take down a Level 3 sentry, but it takes much more precision than just mowing it down as you would with a regular Uber. Keep an eye on your health, and if you’re about to die? Draw back just a bit when the Uber ends, let the Medic top your health back off, then go and finish the job. If it’s not working out? Ask the Medic to switch guns temporarily.
  4. BE A PYRO. What, a Pyro? Confused? Hang in there. One of the Pyro’s best abilities is being able to cause total chaos in clumps of enemies. Fire makes visibility terrible for enemies. This is great, because the QF’s popped uber is much less flashy than a normal Uber— to the point where some players can’t tell if a QF medic has popped, and will stay and try to kill the Pryo/Med combo rather than retreat and wait for the uber to end. QF/Pyro pairs can cause absolute devastation by crashing into enemy lines, and absorb a ton of damage. The other benefit? Annoying minisentry engineers who are relying on their minisentry to zone an area? Destroyed. A Pyro/Med can easily walk straight up to a minisentry and burn both it and its engineer to death. This will allow your Demomen, Soldiers, and Heavys stop killing focusing on killing minisentries and finally break through clustered defenses.

In short? Quit throwing shade on the Quick-Fix, and instead learn how to play with one.

binkythemaster  asked:

How about an opposite gunslinger? Big-ass sentry that takes like 40% more time to build but is like a giant fuckin' level 3 sentry that shots rockets up spies' asses and takes 50% more time to die from sappers cuz of its 69% more hp.....or maybe turn that into an mvm upgrade

Yes, I want this.