Have you ever wanted to have dinner with LeVar Burton? Or maybe try on his Star Trek visor? Also wanna help kids all over the world read and learn cool things? WELL NOW YOU CAN!

LeVar Burton– my dad– has started a new kickstarter (click the link) to fund his awesome Reading Rainbow app. The prizes are really cool and involve people like Patrick Stewart and Laurence Fishburne!

If you can donate 5 dollars, please do. If you can afford more, you rock. If you can’t, please signal boost to do your part!

We’re counting on you, Tubmlr– the community of nerds and awesome people.

It’s been one day since LeVar Burton began crowdsourcing funds to reboot beloved television series Reading Rainbow as an educational app and he’s already raised over $2 million, more than twice his original goal. Butterfly in the skyyyyyyyyy! You can go twice as hiiiiiiiiiigh!

There’s still most of a month to go, and the more funds they raise, the more kids they can reach.  Even if you can’t donate, would you pass the link on?


Congratulations to everyone at Reading Rainbow - $2,000,000 in two days! $3,000,000 in three days!



Since people have been so generous so far, the new target is $5,000,000. This would allow Reading Rainbow to be made available to 7,500 of the poorest classrooms in America free of charge!

Additionally, some of the rewards that had previously sold out have had extras added!


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Reading Rainbow spent over two decades promoting literacy among children, and two years ago LeVar Burton launched an app that brought the spirit of the series over to online media.

The app includes video “field trips” presented by Burton and a subscription-based library. At the moment, children are reading an average of 139,000 of those library books each week.

His new crowdfunding campaign aims to bring this new Reading Rainbow media to a wider audience online, and to provide more classroom materials for underfunded schools and teachers.


I can track in my own lifetime the evolution of people of color in the media. It was a huge deal for me as a kid to see Nichelle Nichols on Star Trek. Mae Jemison, my friend and the first African-American woman in space became a scientist and an astronaut because she saw Nichelle as Lt. Uhura on Star Trek. Star Trek has always been about diversity, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. That’s very much the appeal of Star Trek to me, that and the hopeful nature of the vision. Blacks, women and minorities have always been a part of Star Trek and, over the 30 years Star Trek has been around, that has only grown and increased.

Star Trek is responsible for a lot of firsts. It had the first interracial kiss. I was the first African-American to direct an episode of Star Trek. We’re talking about the ideals that Star Trek embodies being reflected in the society in which it was created. It’s equally as important that young women see Kate Mulgrew as the captain of the Voyager as it is for young black children to see Avery Brooks as the captain of Deep Space Nine, as it was to see Nichelle on Star Trek or me on The Next Generation. I’m happy to be part of that, to be a part of something like Star Trek, that may make as big a difference in other people’s lives as it has made in mine.“

—  LeVar Burton in Starlog, May 1997