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wheeze can I request some headcanons on how Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Lev, Bokuto, Asahi, and Nishinoya would make up with their s/o after a fight? thank you and i love your account grah

youThanks! Just a reminder to everyone, I am moving over to @imaginesportsanimes to write imagines there instead. However, I will be leaving all of my old stuff up on here.

post-fight apologies


  • He really, really hates admitting that he was an asshole. But he hates when you’re mad at him even more. So he’s gotta think for a long time if it was really worth it at first
  • So he might not talk to you for a bit. Depending on how bad the fight is, it could range from an hour to a couple days. But he always comes back in the end
  • He’ll come to your house in the morning when you’re not even expecting it and kidnap you to take you out for a nice breakfast and anything you’ve been wanting, even if it’s like 10000 yen


  • He is generally pretty easygoing and tends to avoid fights at all costs
  • However, sometimes his hard-headed stubbornness gets in the way of that, or he bottles in his emotions for too long, and he’ll blow up at you.
  • It’s rare though, and you always know that he didn’t mean to. But that doesn’t make it okay. So of course, it’s only fair that you receive an apology.
  • So once he cools down from the fight, usually after an hour or so of dealing with himself in a room alone, he’ll walk back out and give a sincere apology, where he will even go into detail about how he was wrong and that he really didn’t mean it.
  • Then he will make you dinner and you can cuddle all night and watch movies under blankets on the couch. Lots of kisses and tickle fights.


  • He won’t even mean to start the fight. It just kinda happens when he accidentally takes some teasing too far or was too oblivious to realize that a subject was sensitive for you
  • Once you add that heat to the conversation, he will grow quick to anger and the fight will begin
  • But just as quick as it was created, the tension will disperse. And he’s one one of those people that goes back to normal as soon as the fight is done. He’ll immediately apologize when he comes to his senses like 5 minutes later
  • Tears in his eyes, he’ll beg for your forgiveness while clinging to your arm and cuddling you like a great dane in the lap of its owner.
  • Lots of cuddles and kisses and comfort will pursue. He’ll have his arms tightly wrapped around you for a while and when he feels that you truly aren’t upset with him anymore, he’ll go on his phone and hunt for memes that he knows you will enjoy


  • Everyone who knows Bokuto knows that he has rapid mood swings
  • Unless you’re Akaashi, this will most likely cause fights every once in a while, depending on how logical he’s being
  • Just like Lev, he is quick to change his mood and will grow sad that he fought with you. He’ll look like a kicked puppy and god, there’s no way you can stay mad when it’s easy to see he’s so sorry and didn’t mean to and he should never have that look on his face again
  • Cuddles, kisses, and memeing will commence


  • He is not a fighter. Fights will be rare. But sometimes he just really gets insecure and that’s what will start the whole fight
  • After a couple hours, he’ll have calmed down, he will reflect on what all he said to you and how you were affected, which will horrify him. He doesn’t want to hurt you. He really is a gentle giant
  • He’ll get very dejected and insecure again, but not the kind of insecure that will start another fight. He’ll apologize for all that he said, he’ll hug you tight, and he’ll beg you stay with him. That he won’t do it again. That he’ll treat you like royalty. He’ll buy you anything you want. He’ll do whatever you want him to. He’ll-
  • You have to cut him off. Assure him that you’re not going anywhere, and that you forgive him
  • He’ll thank you with teary eyes and the rest of the day and night will be dedicated to spoiling and taking care of each other. Taking turns as the big spoon, you make dinner, he makes dessert, all that fun stuff


  • The fight is quick but tense, probably also related to insecurity. He’s also probably bottling in emotions and bottling them up, which causes him to blow up. He’s very vocal, he will not hold back either
  • Fights with Noya often result in him storming out before he can go any further. He knows he needs to stop, but he can’t just stop unless he isolates himself
  • He’ll probably leave the house for a bit, overnight at most. That usually means he’s safe and staying the night with the Tanakas. You always text Ryuu just to make sure.
  • Whenever he comes back, he always comes back with some new gift, whether it be a simple milkshake and lots of popcorn to binge watch all your favorite movies, or if its that brand new game that you wanted but couldn’t buy yet (because it was still like 6000 yen)

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I LITERALLY STOPPED MYSELF FROM WRITING A BOOK TO ASK THIS. Do you think for Halloween Lance would dress up as an ambuLANCE. P.s. I hate myself for making this pun please end my life for me.

i have never cried so hard in my life, i hope you’re proud of yourself. i’m still crying. why did you do this to me

p.s. he would tho. he totally would. he asks hunk and pidge to build him the costume with flashing lights and an actual motor, so whenever he wants to he can just side inside the costume and drive away. its pretty impressive

continuing on the theme of things i really appreciate with shusterman’s writing;

that he lets teenagers not only be teenagers, but he lets them be children

because that’s what they are

and yes, all his young characters are badass and street smart and inventive and “self-reliant”, but he also acknowledge that these kids are minors that need some kind of adult supervision

they always get a long way on their own instincts, but they also always end up in some kind of situation that demands the attention of an adult too

there’s of course everyone’s favorite grandma sonia, but connor also had the admiral looking out for him, risa had audrey and lev had pastor dan

but there was also hannah who saved connor and risa’s life in the school, the nameless nurse that changed connor’s identity, the tashi’ne’s who took in lev, all those faceless but oh so important people in the anti-divisional resistance

and he lets young people know that even if their own parents or guardians has abandoned them, they will still always have adults looking out for them


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Do you write trans characters? If you do could I get a miserable trans dude Yaku on his period because I need someone to feel my pain aka the infernal cramps. Either KuroYaku or LevYaku please? Bonus points if he's also sick.

AN: ahh, feel better my dear! cramps are awful :( i know i’m filling this late, but here’s something to cheer you up next time nature calls upon you to suffer.

“This just… this isn’t humane,” Yaku muttered from where he was curled up on the couch, hugging a pillow tightly in his lap. “It’s the twenty-first century. Why do people still have to go through this?”

“Science can’t solve everything.” Ever helpful, Lev was sure to fluff his boyfriend’s pillow as he came around the side of the couch. “Like, it still hasn’t figured out how plants talk to each other.”

“That’s… that’s because they don’t, Lev.”

“Mmm, I dunno… how can you be sure?>”

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30 Days Haikyuu!! Challenge

Day 08: [ Your favourite animal representation. ]
↳ Everybody’s favorite cat team - Nekoma