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Yeah, we’re related.

Haikyuu!!/Yuri!!! on Ice crossover Drabble bc my friend brought up sliver hair???? Russian???? Gorgeous eyes???  

“My cousin is visiting soon!” Lev hums and bends over to touch his toes. There’s a grunt from Kenma, the boy hangs, rather than actively trying to touch his toes and Yaku comes over to push him lower. Lev rambles on, “He’s a famous ice skater in Russia! He comes from my mom’s side or something. Apparently, he coming over for some Japanese ice skater who copied his routine.” Yaku who had been idly listening snaps his head up. 

“Your cousin is Victor Nikiforov?!” Yaku screeches and gains the attention of a few members. Lev stands back up and scratches his nose. 

“Yeah, I dunno. I met him once when I was really little but I don’t really remember much.” Lev is quiet for a second before he speaks up with a revelation. “Ah- I’m not gonna be able to understand him!” Kenma begins to make distressed noises at being held down at the toe touching position and Yaku curses, letting the boy up. “Yaku-san, what do I do?!” 

“English is more or less a widely known language right? Use that and study up.” The spiker makes a sour face. 

“Kenma-san do you wanna to help me out? I’m your favorite first year, right?”

“No, Shouyou is.” Kenma answers right away. 

“Wha-he’s not even on the team! What about the team!” Lev badgers.

“Shibayama.” Kenma swiftly shuts Lev down. The other first year looks up when he hears his name and waves over at them with an unsure smile. Yaku rolls his eyes when he hears Kuroo’s ugly cackling in the back.    

Lev grows silent again for about 30 seconds to recover from the harsh blow and pipes up. “Why couldn’t he have been a professional volleyball player instead?” He whines.

Yaku gives him a look and huffs. “My sister is a big fan of him since she skates, do you realize what a big deal he is?!” 

Lev shrugs and brings his arms above his head, “But he can’t spike or do cool receives like you, Yaku-san.”

The libero looks mildly embarrassed and coughs, “Well. When he comes, get an autograph. My sister will love it.” 

“Does this mean I get out of receiving practice today? Just spiking?” Lev looks hopeful and grabs Kenma’s jersey when the boy attempts a futile escape past him. Yaku scowls.


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trick or treat levyaku

come trick-or-treat in my inbox requesting ficcies and I’ll either treat you to some fluff or humor or trick you with a horribly twisted/sad AU  (I’ll use a random generator to pick trick or treat)


Morisuke looked around his kitchen with the air of a man who has seen so much in his life that next to nothing fazes him any longer.  Pumpkin seeds were stuck to just about everything and the guts of the pumpkin were right along with them.  He wasn’t sure he wanted to know how the pumpkin got onto the ceiling or if he wanted to know where his dog was hiding and if she, too, was covered in pumpkin parts.

“I can explain,” Lev stopped talking when Morisuke held up his hand.  

“Just clean it up before I’m done with my bath.”

Giving Lev a key to his apartment had been a decision Morisuke hadn’t taken lightly.  Most days it didn’t amount to more than knowing that he didn’t have to get up off the couch to let Lev in anymore.  Some days it was him coming home to Lev’s long legs dangling off his couch and his dog, Puffkin, asleep on Lev’s stomach.  Occasionally, like today, it was him coming home to some small disaster or another.

It had taken him awhile to learn to just take it in stride.  Lev was just as enthusiastic about cleaning up as he was about whatever he did to cause the mess in the first place.

Plus there were bright sides to everything.  Some of those disasters had brought just as many good memories as the non-disaster days did.  Seeing Lev covered head to toe it green food coloring with a pout on his face.  Having homemade cookies for supper - even if they were a little crispy here and there.  Getting to listen to Lev whistle softly as he did dishes or scrubbed a floor or swept up a mess.

Today’s disaster brought him three strangely carved pumpkins sitting on his table, the smell of stir fry in the air, and Lev sitting on his counter stirring the contents of the pan absently while scrolling through his phone when he got out of the bath and trudged into his kitchen wearing comfortable sweatpants and a tshirt.  

All in all, he decided as he shuffled over and buried his face in Lev’s chest with a content sigh when Lev set his phone on the counter and wrapped his arm around Morisuke’s shoulders, it wasn’t a horrible disaster to come home to.

“Y'may think yer slick, city boy, bu’ ah know that rabbit is smart as a whip. Iffin’ y'think y'can keep a one up on ‘er much longer y'got another thin’ comin’ an when hell comes a knockin’ on your door, when she finds out, don’ think I’m gonna stick 'round t'catch enny brimstone fer ya.” “

Such a charitable, kind man you are, Gid. A tod among tods.”

“I jes know, even with the best of interests, ydont dupe Jude. Y'got playing with fire. You’re standin’ in a burnin’ buildin’ and if y'keep this up its gonna collapse on ya.”

Lev stuff. Gideon has some opinions about Nick and his shenanegans.

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Idfk why but I just thought of Tendou with Lev And I don't know how to feel about it

i can get behind this!

Tendou takes one look at Lev and reads everything about him, but Lev is Clueless and he tries very hard to be on the same level as Tendou, whether that’s blocking or predicting/guessing movements or just reading people in general

and he fails but it’s kind of endearing and Tendou finds him really cute

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Lev has an unnatural ability to catch things in his mouth from grapes to pens he can catch them all. The Nekoma team decides to test this... in short they has to rush to the hospital for almost breaking Lev's face in with a watermelon. Yaku and Kenma are not happy

I’m actually crying smh Kuroo and Tora would be the ones to actually think “y'know what? He can totally catch a WHOLE WATERMELON in his mouth he’ll be fine”

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do you not like akaashi?

The short answer is: I do like him.

The long answer is: I like Akaashi BUT not in a way I like other characters… I don’t ship him with anyone. I don’t really care to think about him that much. I basically don’t spend much thought on him at all. Akaashi is something like Bo’s volleyball babysitter that keeps him in check but that is about it for me.

Shipping Akaashi feels weird for me personally because to me he’s like the most disinterested character in the series. Even Kenma is showing more enthusiasm when interacting with annoying teammates (Lev).

To me Akaashi seems like a mix of “can’t be bothered to do that”, “this is troublesome” and “I don’t really care about you as an individual”.

That said, I do enjoy good art featuring akaashi (even together with Bo although i don’t ship them) or don’t mind him being in fanfics I read when the characterization fits (which is pretty rare tbh… he’s really hard to figure out I guess and most of the time whenever he appears in fanfic he just doesn’t feel … ‘right’ to me? Although i do have a fanfic, where bo and akaashi are the main ship, that i like very much).

So i don’t hate him, but I don’t really love him either. He’s just… there. *helpless shrug*

I am sorry?

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Will you continue levarege?

That is my intention. I may be streaming either lev or other zoop or final fantasy 14 doodles tonight sometime. Depends on how much work I get done when I get home

tagged by @iwaizoi​ thank you friend ily!!! <3333

describe yourself in three/four characters: suga (rec’d by both @reeigen​ and @shaytron​ you guys are honestly too sweet ily ;u; ♡), yuuri (rec’d by @iwaizoi​ ur so nice man omg), and bokuto or lev maybe?? oo:

how old are you?: 20

current job: uni student, and i work part-time at h&m! ouo

dream job: something where i can travel and meet lots of cool people!!

what are you talented at?: ???? i can make v nice colour-coded notes, and i can handle myself p well when i travel alone? idk man

what is a big goal you are working towards/have already achieved?: ive traveled a lot! which was a goal of mine, and im working towards getting rly good grades this semester :’)

what’s your aesthetic?: cute colours, preppy or cute casual clothes, sunny days!!

do you collect anything?: i collect postcards from the places ive been!

what is a topic you always bring up in a conversation?: how done i am with school lmao

what’s a pet peeve of yours?: when people make noises when they chew omfg like thats probably the most murderous i ever get 

good advice to give?: take things one step at a time (:

recommend three songs:

  • brotherhood - mayday
  • luvoratory - rin kagamine & gumi (lmao im trash i know)
  • around - akdong musician 

will i ever rec an english song?? who knows !!

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tagged by @tanaka–saeko​ thanks for tagging me steph!! ♥

describe yourself in three/four characters: look I’m just gonna say Iwa bc he’s my IDEAL self (refer to this), lev (via @todokoris​) makes sense, aomine daiki tbh

how old are you?: 17

current job: high school student (my last year pls just let me graduate), I also have a part time at a mortgage firm

dream job: something that let’s me travel and make a decent living

what are you talented at?: crying my acne off, my sharpie brows

what is a big goal you are working towards/have already achieved?: GRADUATING AND BEING ALIVE ALL AT ONCE

what’s your aesthetic?: lace on everything, all floral, lots of black, eyeliner and brows on fleek, chunky heels, adidas, (tbh kuroshitsuji aesthetic who am I kidding)

do you collect anything?: sleep debt < STEPH THAT WAS PRETTY ON POINT S A M E

what is a topic you always bring up in a conversation?: the fact that I own an IWAIZUMI HAJI(FUCK)ME body pillow

what’s a pet peeve of yours?: WHEN PEOPLE DON’T USE THEIR SIGNAL LIGHTS pls I promise, it won’t go to waste, maybe it’ll even save someone’s life!

good advice to give?: go big or go home my dude

recommend three songs: 

  • Child’s Play - Drake
  • Perfect - Selena Gomez
  • Next - The Weekend

I refuse to justify my music taste :p

That was actually really hard, I had to ask around for the characters question haha

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