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I need more cute Leliana in my life...

You’re in luck! I plan on having a photoshoot today :) Its wonderfully overcast so I am going to go outside under the tree and get some natural lighting shots. 
(Disclaimer, albinos and leucistics can be more sensitive to the sun. However this is why I chose an overcast day and will be under the shade of the tree, for less than five minutes for pictures :) )


This leucistic juvenile barred owl was admitted as a fledgling this past May.  She is in a flight cage getting conditioned for release, but we just wanted to share a little bit of information about her unique condition.

What is leucism?  

 Leucism is a condition caused by a genetic mutation that results in partial loss of pigmentation in an animal resulting in white, pale, or patchy coloration of the skin, hair, feathers, scales or cuticle, but not the eyes. Leucistic birds will not have the normal, classic plumage colors, and instead there can be several color changes, including: white patches where the bird should not have any, paler overall plumage that looks faint, diluted or bleached, or overall white plumage with little or no color discernible.  

In contrast, albinism causes an absence of tyrosinase in pigment cells which makes the individual unable to produce melanin pigments.   One of the most distinguishable characteristics with which to differentiate albinism from leucism is eye color: albinos have pink eyes while the iris pigmentation of leucistic animals can remain dark.

Sibley guides has a great article about melanin reduction in birds.  Follow this link to see it: http://www.sibleyguides.com/2011/08/abnormal-coloration-in-birds-melanin-reduction/.

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Are white snakes not supposed to be in direct sunlight?

Albino and leucistic animals are more sensitive to sunlight, they lack melanin which is what helps protect us from the suns rays. Which is why I was so incredibly careful taking her outside, I’ve been waiting for an overcast day with no rain to take her out for weeks! :)

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why do snakes end up white and yellow when albino instead of just white?

So albino just gets rid of melanin, the dark pigment. Which means the lighter pigments such as yellow are still left behind :) Leucistic is similar but instead of just melanin it gets rid of all pigment, hence the pure white snakes :)

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so if slaga and athor are twins, it would be considerate that slaga got born right while athor got some defects?

From our point of view Slaga was born nicely but she has oversized eyes (non-functioning nictitating membrane), a cleft fat deposit (her “breasts”, which means she can store less nutrients) and is leucistic (resulting in her pale coloration), all of which make her look just as deformed as Athor to other Cocilerti. And of course they’re both way below small for a Coci.

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I see you have reblogged a post stating that there was a sighting of a " leucistic sparrow", this statement was thereby followed by "it was QUITE important". Now here is where I apologize for taking up your precious time. you see, birds are not that important, You're not at fault here, its a common misconception that birds are very important but I simply wish to further the public communication against the avian menace. please reconsider your stance on birds, and have a wonderful day.

birds are so important