like ik it might not seem like a big deal to bi people but saying youre gay and conflating homosexuality with bisexuality creates problems for both of us. like it erases the actual meaning of gay and contributes to stereotypes that gay people arent really gay and just need to find the right person~ bc Everyone is fluid!! and it and contributes to stereotypes about bisexual people being confused/not real. like how are we (gay ppl) the bad biphobic~ people for pointing this out lol. sounds like biphobia to erase urself imo!!!

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why it's just so cringey? Now you can't make a gifset with them that the fandom calls you racist. Anything you do and don't have finn you are called rascist.

When I think something is racist I call it racist, so if I said “cringey” then I clearly don’t think gifsets of the four female leads are inherently racist? But the fact that they all (plus Emilia now) look alike IS cringey and speaks to an obvious problem with LF’s casting.

I wonder how I’ve made plenty of edits without Finn and yet have never been called racist. 🤔 🤔 🤔 Maybe Finn stans are smart enough to understand context and recognize when Finn is being excluded versus when he’s just not relevant to a post?

so this is what its like to. die

It’s so obvious they flattened Sakura’s chest on purpose; seriously, pierrots never ending quest to not only make her but Sasuke look perpetually 19 is immature af.