letusplaypong  asked:

You sir! I must ask your opinion on the two new heroes Terrorblade and Phoenix. What are your thoughts on their play style and designs?

Sure thing. 



I have played against him once and I deliberatly picked a doom and lina lane to kill him lots, but I can see if built as a racecar that first ability of his is going to be mildly pubstompy.


As far as the demon heros of the game go he looks really cool. I love his half armor half game of thrones iron throne with legs look. My only thing is that Im actually kinda bored of demonic dire hero’s in general, but thats just a personal thing. Valve did good.



Jfc I have seen a bad one and a good one. the bad one fed us, the good one was incredibly hard to lock down. Not overpowered, pretty balanced, just a very useful hero with a deathstar lazer.


Really cool, I love his skybird mystical fire creature sound effects and he just looks cool. I approve.