I hate school. but I don’t hate school for the reason that everyone else hates school. most people hate school because of the math, the waking up early, the teachers. no. I hate school because instead of teaching you about life and all things important, it teaches you that you hate no purpose in the world. when you’re little, school tells you to follow your dreams. you get older, school tells you to grow up and gives you a list of practical jobs that mean nothing to most people (example: banker). school stresses you out. school teaches you too not be creative by making you follow strict rules, dress codes, and not allowing you to be yourself. essays? at first you might think putting your thoughts on paper. yeah? no. essays are putting other people’s thoughts on paper through you. they’re no longer the creative writing and fiction that people like me will need in the future. who cares about informational letters? you can learn that when you major in business. who cares about e=mc^2? learn that when you major in math and science. WHO CARES ABOUT ANY OF IT? teaches us the god damn alphabet, how to speak, how to do simple maths(adding, subtracting, multiplication, division) and send us out. let us have a childhood. let us be teens. then, when you finally decide what you want to be (with all the precious time we don’t have now), send us to college. let us learn what will be important for us. let us be creative. let us be us. let kids be kids. can’t we sit back and relax for a minute without the long arm of school reaching out and grabbing us, then bombarding us with homework and tests and assessments? can’t anyone notice that the leading cause of depression and suicide is school? can’t anyone see us? or are we just another glimpse of dust like we’ve always been? does anyone care about our youth? does anyone care about anything anymore?