in the loving of another

and another

and another

shattered seams

when loving others

we scream to be untied

passed agape love

hopeful wanderings of you and I

for that other

and another

and another

every man, woman and pretty thing

without culture we stay

dying inside, feeling its sting

the longer we try, we obey

something inside us fights the happiness

something inside knows not to trust 

someone really loves me, caressed

to whom do I call out, say yes

talking bout the devil, mmmm

I am talking bout those lovers, mmmmm

couldn’t make me stay

running from the play pen

my lover, is now invisible

wait a minute he is everywhere

secrets out my prince loves me

every things gonna be alright dear

whats left inside has been hidden away

no, we dance, laughter, we party

there is no others crawling round on all fours

no more side stepping toys

the danger within was always loving them boys

the dangerous one in me, mmmm 

has been kicked down to the streets, mmmm

cross my heart and hope to die

still so harmless can’t you see

just living life, talking stories, to bleed

honey Im dangerously living carefree

ah the  d u p l i c i t y 


words  cholatoaloha

photo WIP2014

If you guys don’t know, this is my older brother Laupepa Letuli. He’s setting and paving the way to a new and fresh start! Just got signed today with the NFL- Dallas Cowboys! So proud of you bro!!! Words can’t even express! You are setting an example an example to our youth of today and the boys who one day will be in your shoes! I love you brother bear!!