Miso Salmon and Shiitake Mushroom Lettuce Wraps

Bought this gorgeous salmon with skin on the other day. I placed it skin down on a really hot pan and let it sear for five minutes, then when I flipped it over, let the pink side sear in a miso glaze which made a beautiful charred glaze on the bottom that you can’t see.

Paired with yummy lettuce wraps filled with octopus, summer squash, and shiitake mushrooms. 


Chinese chicken lettuce wraps.

I had a chinese on Saturday, and while we mainly stuck to paleo options there is no doubting that there were probably some fairly un-paleo things in the food…yummy though and everyone is allowed a break sometimes! One of the more paleo things we ordered though was Sang Choi Bao…or as rather originally named above Chinese chicken lettuce wraps! These were absolutely delicious and unlike some lettuce wraps which feel like a poor mans tortilla or pancake these actually benefit from the freshness of the lettuce.

I liked them so much I recreated them on Monday night, to great effect (even if I say so myself!).

Here is what you need (for two people as a main):
4 free range organic chicken breasts
5-6 white mushrooms 
half a white onion 
5-6 stems of tenderstem broccoli (or green beans) 
1 garlic clove 
1 inch of ginger 
1 red chilli 
3 spring onions
handful of basil (thai sweet variety if you can get it)
amino acids (soy sauce substitute)
coconut oil for cooking
cold pressed sesame oil for serving
iceberg lettuce leaves for wraps

This is actually a very quick dish once you start cooking, so as you can see I chopped up all my ingredients prior to even getting the wok out. I included the picture of my prep because rather than describe how I chopped everything you can see (Spring onions I sliced finely after this shot was taken). I know this might seem a bit over the top but as this is for wraps having large pieces of the vegetables is not helpful! It will make your lettuce wraps more likely to break.

Once all the veg is prepped I diced the chicken breasts and then whizzed them in a food processor. I did this for about 1 minute of pulses, but basically you want to mince the chicken without liquidising it completely! Then I put a bit of coconut oil (2 tsps roughly) into a hot wok and added the white onion, mushrooms and broccoli. After a couple of minutes I put in the chilli and ginger and after another couple of minutes the garlic. Fry all of the above for a further minute and then add in the chicken, amino acids and spring onion. At this point you are trying to break up the chicken pieces (I found that they were trying to form larger pieces but that you could break them up with a wooden spoon, as one would with mince in bolognese) and keep frying until the chicken is fully cooked. Just before serving I added the chopped basil and a couple of tsps of sesame oil.

Serve with the iceberg lettuce leaves and wrap the chicken up. Word of warning, this is quite messy to eat as the lettuce wraps do sometimes break and definitely leak, so keep napkins close to hand! This was such a delicious supper, I am fairly certain I will have missed some key ingredients that were in the Mr Wing original but this version was very tasty and pretty close in my opinion.

Chicken Salad Lettuce Wrap (from Scratch) By Broke Chris

So I haven’t had a meal plan since my Freshman year of college, therefore I have become very resourceful. I have honed my God-given talent of cooking and transform it to an affordable skill.

One Thing I like to do is by whole Rotisserie Chickens from Wal-mart. They are about 5 dollars, and they last for at least a week. I currently have one that I brought last Wednesday, so I knew it was time to do new something with it.

*All of this took me only 15 minutes*


Shredded baked/boil Chicken



Chopped Celery

Crumbled Boiled Eggs




Bacon crumbles *If you like

Sweet Relish

A Head of Lettuce

(I do not measure my portions; just do what feels right)

Procedure  (its really simple):

1. Mix all the ingredients together minus the Lettuce. Do a taste test to see what else you would like to add more off.

2. Separate a leaf of the lettuce and place it on the plate. Spread a spoon full of the chicken salad onto the leaf. Then roll the leaf carefully so that the chicken salad carefully hidden inside.

3. Repeat step 2 until you have used all of your chicken salad mix

4. ENJOY the refreshing crisp of the lettuce with sweet and smooth taste of the chicken salad.

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