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Shawn's Houston Q&A Breakdown
  • "Do you have any pets?
  • -I use to had a hamster, a cat but she was super old, and 2 birds but one flew away last week"
  • "Who inspired you to write songs?
  • "Lots of people, Ed Sheeran was a big inspiration of mine, so is John Mayer."
  • Someone spoiled Grey's Anatomy for Shawn today lmao "I'm not there yet okay", poor him
  • A fan: how do you feel when you go home?
  • Shawn said he loves it but it feels different since he's moved to Toronto
  • "I don't mind lettuce. I can dig lettuce sometimes. Not tomatoes, don't mind lettuce though."
  • Shawn said there's a lot of things going on right now but that we will see them soon
  • "when did you start playing guitar?
  • -I started when I was 14"
  • "What's your favorite music video you filmed?
  • -I think either Mercy or TNHMB, they were very challenging cause it had a lot of acting"