lettuce art


lol some random doodles from twitter again… [my original tweets]

i love pisuke & usagi….. because they are totally kookmin xDDD so first one is based off one of the stickers, with jimin/pisuke wanting kookie/usagi’s love. and then… we have lettuce crop top jimin (hahahhaahahahah idk either) and bagel jiminnn, both requested by friend on twitter xD

Closure || 2/?

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Aaaaand we’re back.  Sorry friends, I got myself sucked into a large black hole called Mass Effect: Andromeda ><  I’ve spent the last few days on a spaceship, so I vanished (and might re-vanish) for a while hue

Also apologies, this page is a little slow.  Have to set up the goddamn thing somehow.

Page 2 random facts: I realized belatedly that Caladbolg is far too tall in the last panel.  And Caladbolg is leaning? Oh well.  This is what I get for drawing at an angle.  ;-;

No I’m not conveniently getting rid of Bo until I need it again why do you ask

HEY! I did a big lotad comic-type project! However, it is… rather long? So to avoid blowing up your dashes with TRUE LOVE DAMNNIT, i decided to make it under the cut! In ode to @leakolotad and his lotad and lettuce thingies. 

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