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In i hate you, i love you did Jungkook really never realize the oc's feelings? In the second part, will there be more smut? And do you think there will be some push and pull between Jungkook and the oc?^^ Like in the end of the first part she said that she couldn't really be his friend anymore, but he said he wasn't just going to give up. By push and pull, I mean the oc won't instantly forgive him/let their relationship go back to normal?^^

no jungkook never realized oc’s feelings towards him at all, and that’s why he was so shocked when she told him that she loved him. oc accepted these feelings for jungkook so far into their friendship (like high school late when jungkook was already fucking around w girls) that she didn’t want to ruin anything between them or get her ego crushed. 

there will probably be smut in the second part… it might not be w jungkook.. or it could be w him… we’ll have to see lol. 

and yes there will definitely be some push and pull. oc can’t be w jungkook anymore bc she just loves him too much, and jungkook isn’t going to let someone he cares about so much just walk out of his life. so that is definitely going to be an element in the next part!

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Do you ever worry your relationship with the therapist is too co-dependant? Is this normal and do you find yourself letting go of that intense attachment eventually?

I don’t worry that it’s co-dependent because my therapist is definitely not dependent on me. Yes I’m dependent on her but she reassures me often, that this is ok. In order to get a new experience of someone responding to your needs, you have to allow them to be in a place where they can matter to you enough that their response becomes important.

Since I got to be ok with that, I don’t worry that I’m overly dependent on her because I am pretty functional in the rest of my life. I do hold her in my head a lot, but I don’t need constant contact to be able to get through day to day. I think because I am very avoidant, she had to extend herself quite a lot towards me before I would let myself attach to her, and then I fought it because it scared me. It’s actually much easier since I just gave in to it and now we talk about it and she makes it feel ok.

She tells me I will grow through it and not feel it forever, and that maybe there will come a time when she needs to give me a little push, but that we will keep talking about it and it will feel right when it happens. So I trust that she knows what she’s talking about because she’s pretty experienced and was also in therapy herself for several years so went through the whole dependency thing herself.

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        His thoughts were turbulent and distracting that he had almost missed the swordsman reaction. He knew he really shouldn’t sneak up on him but he hadn’t tried either. It showed him he was a bit distracted himself; it didn’t matter.

Feeling his warmth, smelling that familiar musk that was distinctly his swordsman with lingering hint of sword oil was calming his frayed nerves. Sanji didn’t care if anyone thought he actually liked him, truth being he was in love with the man. After all he did marry the marimo.

“ Let them think what they want.” 

He pressed his face against his back nuzzling slightly, still holding him in what would be a bruising hug for any normal person. He didn’t want to let go, he needed him right now. 


step one: allow yourself some semblance of a smile. your grief is not an iron cage and you are not trapped. you are allowed to mourn your own innocence, even if you barely remember how it felt. 

step two: hold his hand. you want to, even if you won’t admit it outloud. you want to take him and keep him so close to your chest that the world never has another chance to lash out, but if it did you’d be stood like a shield, like a guardian angel even the devil would avoid. it’s okay. it’s okay. hold his hand. 

step three: you don’t have to say the words for them to be true; at this point the “i love you"s are as natural as breathing, noiseless and soft. when you look at the stars you see the same light you find in his eyes everyday. 

step four: give yourself a chance to heal. it might take a while. it might take years. your past is a minefield no one taught you to navigate before now, but you are strong and you are loved and that’s enough (it has to be enough). 

step five: you gave him a key, a home, a reason to wake up with a smile and he gave you a reason to look forward to what was once a grey-scale future, now bathed in a shade of blue even the ocean would envy.

     “I’m from Italy, I’m doing a PhD in London, and I’m here on a scholarship. My father has cancer, and recently things have been declining quickly. Yesterday I spoke with my mom, and she was crying. The doctors told her that that was about it. He’s losing hope and letting himself go. I think it’s normal. After a while, you get tired.
     I decided to come here because it was a big opportunity, and I have to think about my future. But now I’m not sure what to do. I can’t tell you how many times today I’ve walked from Jamaica Pond to the Public Garden and back.
My mom and my dad don’t want me to go back. They say it’s pointless, and I’m going to waste the opportunity that I have. I also know how important it is for my dad to be strong until the end and not rely on other people.
     I try to remind myself that everyone gets old, and how it could have been worse. At least I’ve had the chance to live my relationship with my dad as fully as possible. Coming here has also made me really passionate about what I’m doing, seeing how driven other people are, and hearing interesting talks, and discussing ideas. I questioned whether I wanted to be in academia, but now I know. I am really enjoying my time here, but it’s strange that I feel guilty about it somehow.”


Told my Nana I was queer...

She told my cousin who then low key tried to tell me I was going to hell

She did this by telling me to read the line in the bible where dude lists all the people that will go to hell (drunkards, men who beat their wives, adulterers, queers, ect.)

I responded by saying, “Aren’t fornicators on that list too?” She had a child out of wedlock when she was a teen. Not that I care. Just saying. (I’m atheist, but I don’t think my nana could take the queer bomb and the atheist bomb all in one family gathering. Next time. And after that, the poly bomb.)

She turned purple

While holding her daughter’s baby. Who was also born out of wedlock. Not that I care. He’s a cute kid. Just saying.

  • we’re stuck in a poorly insulated space in a snow storm you’re freezing like no your lips are blue and you’re constantly shivering I took an extensive CPR and First Aid class skin to skin contact is best WE NEED TO SNUGGLE WITH LITTLE AMOUNTS OF CLOTHING ON TO GET YOUR BODY TEMP BACK TO NORMAL HERE’S A BLANKET LETS GO
  • On Craigslist person a: “I’m selling this used car it doesn’t go fast on the freeway i need to go on to get to work and I’ve already put $$$ to try and fix it best for around town use” offer is made. person a: “i would keep her but i can’t afford two cars she and I have been through so much together” person b “well hey if you ever want to take her for a spin hmu it’s no problem” person a ::hits them up::
  • “who is this device connected to our wifi”
  • hey our academic advisors both put us in this class to cover some obscure gen eds credit and whoops I fell in love with you and your witty quips
  • we’re in a dog park and my dog is humping yours HE IS NEUTERED I SWEAR
  • There’s some sort of catastrophe/emergency happening and you and I are the only ones keeping a calm head let’s get these people safe and damn you’re attractive lifting that heavy wall beam let me help you by supporting the weight and grabbing your hand
  • Sperm donor AU
  • You were my really attractive uber driver and you drove me home when I was drunk and I told you some really embarrassing things and HERE WE ARE AT WALMART LOOKING AT POPTARTS
  • We accidentally got each other’s orders at this restaurant and how could you possibly like pineapple pizza
  • I went to the math resource center because wtf are differential equations and you are a really hot tutor
  • You’re my boss and we had a really drunk one night stand
  • I’m a music major in three different ensembles at our university and you played the same instrument as me in high school and are keeping up with it in the non major required band we’re in and you want lessons? well I have some spare time and I’m always looking for someone to play duets and stuff with me
  • I thought this closet was a poorly marked bathroom and the door is always locked from the inside and you made the same mistake and dang this closet is small
  • I’m dyslexic and you’re helping me decipher a resource book with terrible type
  • WHO TOOK THE LAST *insert item here* IT’S TWO AM AND woah okay I’m sorry uh you can have it you’re hot
Imagine being in love with Bucky and him explaining to Steve that your relationship inspires him to fight his issues and become a better man.

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(Just because I found this song again and it was too perfect not to use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcGLE5FoMPM )

“I can tell that you’re crazy about her, but you being around her puts her in danger.“ Steve protested.

“You think I don’t know that? She makes me think I might actually have a chance at having a normal life Steve.” Bucky explained.

“No Buck, neither of us are ever going to have a normal life.” Steve argued as he shook his head. “They’re never just going to let you go and have some small, normal life. You have a lot going on in your head that you can’t control. I just don’t want to see something happening and her get hurt because of some relapse. It’d tear your heart out.”

“I don’t know how to explain it.” He sighed as he looked down at the floor. “I know it doesn’t make sense, but she’s everything to me. She’s the only person who looks at me and sees me as just me.” He added as he looked back up at his best friend. “She’s sweet, and perfect, and she reminds me what I’m fighting for. I really love her. Like I’d die if it’d keep her safe, imagining her having my kids kind of love.”

“Well then, let’s hope you don’t screw it up.” Steve told him. “Also, when am I gonna meet her?”

“You’ll meet her.” Bucky promised. “I swear, you’re gonna love her Steve.”

“As long as she makes you happy I’m sure I will.” Steve chuckled.

Why can’t Anakin ever let go?

I see a number of haters around saying that when we, Anakin’s fans, speak of Anakin’s sad tragic life. We always justify his actions by blaming it on what Obi-Wan did or Padmé even… *eye roll* now that’s bs and I don’t really care if you don’t think so. But let’s look at why can’t someone like Anakin actually let go like normal person would? From the current FACTS: When he was freed, he was taken from his mother. He never had a choice in the matter.

Do you know how I joined the Order? I’ve never forgotten. My mother asked Qui-Gon if he would take me away, if I would become a Jedi. He said yes, and that was all. My entire life, decided right then. I was nine years old. Qui-Gon said Jedi training was difficult. That it would be a hard life. I saw a magic man, with a sword made out of light and a starship. I was a slave, on a world made of dust. What was I going to say? NO?” — Obi-Wan & Anakin #04.

The thing about Anakin is his forever inner turmoil resulted by NEVER having any true free choice in anything. All of his life, nothing was his choice. It’s always for someone else. Even in death, it was ultimately for his son’s sake. Even though ‘death’ was his first solo free choice, still, it was about someone else. Not himself. So, how can the person who never had a CHOICE learn to LET GO?

How do most people let go anyway? Oh right, they CHOOSE to let go when the time is right and it is good for the soul and all, but if the power of choice was never given to you in the first place, then boohoo right? :/

Anakin needed someone to tell him: It’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay to not be the most powerful. It’s okay to FEEL. Yet how many people in his life did that and lived to see the day? Overall, haters may use the word ‘justify’ while I call it ‘crucial facts’. He relies on others because he was always a slave at heart and mind.

second chance


Since she had found a way to bring Henry back, the witch that had once been princess Emma had disappeared without leaving a trace, saying a genuine goodbye to her family and friends that she had already left in less amicable terms years before. Now back, she kept her home cloaked, hidden from sight, so nobody would find her and her child for as long as that was possible; there was time to figure out a better solution for him, meanwhile she just had to make sure Rumplestiltskin wouldn’t find out and keep thinking that she had finally lost her mind.
The best idea was, therefore, to stay hidden no matter what.
But when her mirror showed her what was happening outside, she knew she had to make a choice: let Cora kill to protect her secret, be that kind of woman, or be the mother she knew Henry deserved, even if it would make things difficult and she’d have to leave again later on.
So she blasted the older witch away, Cora’s powers nothing compared to hers now, and quickly rushed to the man and to the heart that the other witch had almost crushed, transporting both into her home. “It’s ok-alright, it’s going to be alright,” she told him, cringing because he was covered in blood; her eyes were set on the wound she could see on his side, one that had been caused by magic and required potions to be cured. “I’ll heal you, you’ll be fine…” she murmured more to herself than him, letting the light magic that she was now able to use more easily take care of the other wounds, one hand picking up his heart. “But this will hurt.”

Gala, Pi and Unusti in casual wear that they slum around the Core in. Well Pi never really does ummm ‘casual’ XDD When her hair is straight its really long! Unusti is my big buff bebe and I love her forever, I want her to lounge around wearing really baggy greyscale fabrics because she’s cool like that, also she ties her fringe back sometimes so she can see more than a foot infront of her. Her fringe is sort of like a 'piss off i’m working’ focus thing always lol.
Gala goes for really destructured/upcycled stuff when she’s not running around pretty much nekkid. She’s big on letting nothing go to waste so pieces together things that don’t normally match (drives Pi bonkers). She looks so handsome with her hair gelled flat XD
Note that Unusti and Gala here are sort of still suffering from burnout. Pi just handles that shit like a nympho boss hahaha. You’ll see why in chapter 2.

Ufffffff i love them.

Participating in The What’s Underneath Project two years ago was a big moment for me. I was petrified to do the interview, and even more scared of the reaction I would get when the video and photos were released. I was still at a phase where I was very judgmental of myself, uncomfortable wearing body conscious clothes, let alone exposing my raw, undressed self to the world online. The first time I looked at the images and video, I was far from thrilled (I’m pretty sure I cried). However, after watching the video and looking at the photos a few more times, my perspective shifted. There was something transformational about letting go of what people would think and looking at myself head-on, normalizing my so called “imperfections" instead of hiding them under baggy clothing. Quickly, the limited idea I had ingrained in my mind of what I should look like washed away. After watching the video 3 or 4 times, I suddenly perceived the same exact images of my roll-y stomach and my cellulite-y thighs to not be overwhelming and too much, but to be powerful and strong. It’s safe to say that that experience catapulted me at unprecedented speed on my journey towards self-acceptance to the point that I can genuinely say that today, that if someone asked me if I could trade my body for a traditional model figure or lose even 10 pounds, I would say no.  When I get on the scale at the doctor’s office, and I hear the #, I don’t cry afterwards or even cringe. And when I look at myself in the mirror or in a photo, I like what I see, rolls in my stomach, cellulite on my thighs and all. It’s not to say that I’m all the way there yet (I don’t think there is a “there “ when it comes to self-acceptance, it’s a daily practice…and I still have plenty of work to do), but it’s amazing to feel how much my body has become almost a non-issue in my life when it used to be an all-consuming one. Thank you Triumph and the Amourette 300 & Spotlight SS16 line for giving me another chance feel beautiful in my skin while modeling your exquisite pieces and letting my raw self shine.  #triumphlingerie #findtheone #SLUxTriumphlookbook #iamwhatsunderneath

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I trained myself to pitch my voice up because I naturally have a deeper voice but now I’m trying to let it go back to normal because I don’t mind it anymore and?? It’s hard

I was made fun of so badly in middle school for my intersex traits and I wish I had known why my body was so different back then

me: asks my parents what they would’ve named me if I’d have been a cis boy

mum: “you wouldn’t have been a boy period!”

me, recently came out to my parents as transmasculine/ trans boy:

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I'm a fan of your work. I'm not going to say I'm a fan of you (I totally am) because that is a dangerous position to put someone in, but I definitly look up to you the same way I look up to several celebrities. I'm scared to say I might, if you were ever to do something that would normally go against my morals, probably let you off quite a bit easier, because in my eyes, you could hardly do anything wrong. That's why being a fan of someone, is something you have to be careful about I guess

this honestly made me shed a tear, are you serious about this omg?? I never thought i’d be valued enough or have that much of an impact on someone in all seriousness

this honestly means the world to me, thankyou so much xx

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the incest shit is getting out of control tbh. i was sent hate for 5 days bc I openly showed that m/ats/uc/est made me uncomfortable and that i thought it was generally wrong. I'm Dyin

Yeah it’s crazy out there.  On Twitter, especially.

I don’t see why they’d send you hate for days.  You’re not even a blog that posts anti stuff regularly…  Makes no sense…