Dragon Age Inquisition gives you a family that loves and cares for their brother so much. Finally a nice healthy family dynamic in a Dragon Age game.. BUT WE NEVER GET TO SEE IT ON SCREEN! :(  

A girl on youtube had the nerve to imply I was a “side chick” to a cheating man, therefore my critique on such culture being misogynistic and enabling to men was futile. So I called her misogynistic and flippant comment out, and told the bitch to grow up. Shit got real for “ms prettyonfleek” because she then said I was the one who replied and needed to grow up. I called the male-dependent, misogynistic bitch again and even mentioned her misogyny. The C word then had the nerve to claim I was not in her levell to respond. No, you delicate pretty girl. You’re not going to make bitchy remarks to another girl and then backtrack like you’re the one with more tact. Whose the piece of shit who came for me first and blames sidechicks for their cishet dicks leaving them? Sje didn’t respond since. Normally I’d let this go but this patriarchal princess will not get away with this.

I have yet to find an emotion that is normally attributed to humans that is not displayed by animals. Just because they don’t speak our words doesn’t mean they are not communicating. They are constantly communicating. Once you click in, you can see it. If we let go of the unconscious limits we normally impose on animals and simply look at them, listen to them, and pay attention, they have a whole lot to say, and they say it clearly.
—  Kathy Stevens 


Miranda was studying the battle from various angles, rewinding it, and had alternate simulations of it running in different sections of the apartment.

Keyes set his luggage down inside the door, walked over to her, and grabbed her tight for a long hug.

“Geez, what’s that all about?” she asked. “You’re not normally that clingy.”

He let her go. “Nothing. Just glad to see you.”

He realised he was a bit of a cold Navy father figure, urging her to study, keeping her on the straight and narrow. So much so that a hug caught her off guard, even though he’d been away for weeks.

“Is this homework?” Keyes asked, looking at the battle.

Miranda froze it all. “No, just something I’m playing with.”

“I was hoping to tear you away, walk down Armstrong Alley, get an ice-cream cone.”


Markiplier Changing and his new Content.

I just want to say about this fandom. I’m sorry for swearing but most of you are pissing me off.

Me talking in experience where I lost my Granddad, my Dad and two best friends. Yes you do change.

Mark lost a friend. When you loose someone that you care deeply about and then suddenly they are gone.
It changes you.
Most of you are only young and only experienced a pet dying.
When a best friend dies it’s a complete different story.
Like they are not there to talk too, they are not there when you are down, they are not there to make you happy and they are not there when you want to hang out.
That all changes.

So instead of breaking him down and saying “change back.”
How can he?? How can he go back to normal when everything has changed?

Let me explain. Imagine your best friend suddenly died. How would you feel?
If you don’t know then you don’t understand and haven’t experienced yet.

So please be kind and respectful. He can’t just suddenly carrying on with YouTube as the same from before. If he stayed the same as before, he would not care about Daniel.

So please be kind.

Love a caring fan 💕

anonymous asked:

Can you please write hc of Law Lucci Crocodile and Mihawk with their Virgin s/o's first time in bed ❤️

I’ve already done this request for Law before, and that can be found right here!

Rob Lucci taking his s/o’s virginity:

  • Having an s/o who’s a virgin won’t really change anything or bother Lucci that much, tbh
  • Will it guarentee that he’ll be gentler and more considerate during sex? Nah, not really
  • Will he keep it in mind? Sure. Will he try to take things easier? Maybe. At first Lucci might be a little gentler, but as he gets more and more into it, Lucci’ll go back to his normal pace
  • And let me just say, his normal pace is pretty damn fast and a little brutal, especially if he hasn’t seen his s/o in a while
  • Though, I’ll be up front with you; Lucci will find some type of comfort knowing that he’s been the only one to ever touch his s/o sexually
  • He’ll also take a big delight in being the one to introduce his s/o to the world of sexual pleasure, and will do his best to make sure that they feel the best they can

Sir Crocodile taking his s/o’s virginity:

  • Alright, now here’s how things go with Crocodaddy, because things can get a bit complicated with him
  • Now, Crocodile digs the idea of taking his s/o’s virginity, because it gives him comfort that they haven’t been… I don’t wanna use the word tainted, but yeah… 
  • Crocodile just doesn’t like the idea of someone touching what belong to him, especially if it’s his s/o
  • However, Crocodile’s a big dude, no matter how you look at it, and I’ll bet he’s pretty big below the belt, too
  • And he just doesn’t have the patience to take things slow with a virgin s/o, unfortunately
  • So if his s/o is a virgin, Croc might take a bit longer in making sure they’re properly, but aside from that, everything else he does is the rough norm that he always does

Dracule Mihawk taking his s/o’s virginity:

  • Now, let’s get one thing straight here bud: HawkDaddy is going to be one of the most pleasing and considerate sexual partners you’ll ever have, whether it’s you thousandth time having sex or your first.
  • Mihawk is totally focused on his s/o’s pleasure and comfort, so when they tell him that it’ll be their first time, he’ll be almost completely intent on making them feel everything than finding his own release
  • He’ll take things slow, and he’ll probably start out with just getting a feel for his s/o’s body with soft touches and kisses everywhere
  • Mihawk’ll then give some A+++ oral, to make sure his s/o will be properly prepared for the main event
  • From there he’ll make sure that they’re properly comfortable in their position, and will proceed to the actual act of sex
  • Afterwards, Mihawk will give the best aftercare ever, and will do everything in his power to make sure that his s/o feels okay

Normally I let things go pretty easily online, but I’m so sick and tired of people policing what others can have on their own dash. If you don’t like it, unfollow them. It’s not that difficult.

I didn’t blog any hockey this fall until I was sure for myself what I believed and what I didn’t. I’m not stupid. I’m not an idiot. I’m a successful woman who has had an actual career for 30 years. I’ve taught farmer’s kids in the Midwest. I’ve taught kids who were homeless. I’ve taught kids who slept in the backseat of the car while their mom turned tricks in the front. My inner city students routinely score above what the state deems that they should.

So when you… You! Tell me or anyone else that we can’t blog Patrick Kane because he’s a racist and a rapist, I laugh at you. I laugh at you for so many reasons, because you have no idea the lengths, the research some of us have done so that we are completely and utterly comfortable in our skin.


“Be-Be-Be-Bepomamushi!” Luffy laughed, launching himself at Bepo who caught him laughing, whirling him like a rag doll and letting him go mid-spin. A normal person would be alarmed after being sent flying by a laughing polar bear, but not Strawhat, of course. The boy laughed louder, somersaulting and landing at a spot next to the rock where Law was sitting, wobbling a bit on one foot until the doctor caught him by the arm.

“Thanks!” Luffy smiled up at Law, not bothering to straighten as he felt his head for his Strawhat before realizing it was dangling from his neck, “Bepomamushi sure is fun. And fluffy!”

“Why are you calling him that?” Law grumbled as he pulled Luffy up.

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Today was the day that the sexy Mikaela Shindo was taking the lovely adorable Yuuichirou Amane on a date. Let’s cut to the chase, this wasn’t going to a normal date to begin with. This isn’t some stereotypical love story where boy meets boy, wait that’s not stereotypical at all. Two homosexuals falling in love like, well one homo literally falling in love was not stereotypical at all.

Mikaela was going through his phone, sitting at some table in the campus of the university he was attending. He was finished with his classes and he just had well four long freaking hours before the date. He had nothing to do, but just sit down and look at his phone in hopes of finding something so interesting he would lose track of time and instantly time travel near the time the date began. That was only possible when you were really into something, but it seems like nothing was catching the blonde man’s interest now, so no time traveling for him.

Just when he was about ready to give up to the lord of boredom, he received a notification, a message. Mikaela’s blue eyes lit up to see that it was a message from Yuuichirou.