letting the water hold me down

family drama

Jason: [bursting into room, Damian in his arms, anguished] It’s a violent case of hiccups! Will he live, Doc?

Damian: [kicking] Let–hic–go–hic–Todd!

Dick: [drops everything, becomes very solumn, ear to Damian’s heart] He needs medicine badly. Nurse!

Tim: [salutes and grabs water bottle] Of course sir, right away sir!

Dick: Hold him down.

Jason: You got it.

Damian: [struggling] I’m–hic–going–hic–to hang you–hic–from your–hic–thumbs!

Dick: [stonily] Grab his nose, Nurse.

Tim: He’ll bite me, sir.

Dick: Get yourself together, man! Are you a goddamn nurse or not?

Tim: Aye aye, sir! [pinches Damian’s nose]

Damian: [voice muffled] Hang–hic–you above–hic–PIRANHAS–hic!

Jason: The patient is delusional!

Tim: Hurry, doctor!

Dick: [squirts water bottle into Damian’s mouth] LET US CAST OUT THIS ILLNESS!

Damian: [angry gargling]

Jason: AGAIN!

Dick: [squirts eight times in sequence]

Damian: [choking]

Tim: Best to put him out of his misery, doc

Dick: Keep hope, nurse!

Damian: [sputtering] I DESPISE ALL OF YOU!

Jason: He is healed!

All three: Hallelujah!

All three: [parade to Bruce’s study singing hymns, burst in and drop Damian in Bruce’s lap] THE POWER OF MODERN MEDICINE!

Bruce: [looks at boys]

Bruce: [looks at Damian]

Bruce: Why is your brother soaking wet?

Dick, Jason, Tim:

Damian: Hic!

Dick, Jason, Tim: [pounce]

Damian: [latching onto Bruce like a spider monkey] FATHER NO HELP ME



Bruce: I’m changing Robin’s uniform to neon pink.

Damian: [gapes]

Damian: [softly, full of loathing] I will disown you.

Bruce: Are your hiccups gone?

Damian: I will not have it! Do you hear me? I will not!

Dick: His hiccups are gone.

Damian: Neon pink doesn’t camouflage well into the night, I couldn’t–

Tim: What, and red, green, and yellow do?


Bruce: [nods wisely] Alternative medicine.


“Don’t you fucking dare, Justin” Y/N screamed as she tried to run away from her boyfriend, who was chasing her, wanting to throw her into the water.

“Babe, you know I’m faster.” Justin laughed.

“You’ll never catch me.” she turned her head and she stick her tongue out. In that second of inobservance, she tripped over someone’s leg. Soon her face hit the sand and six pair of little hands tried to hold her down.

“We’ve got her.” Jaxon proudly exclaimed.

She wiggled herself around, so she could face them. At the bottom of her eye she saw Justin wasn’t running anymore so she took the chance she had.

“Okay guys, here’s the deal, let me go and I will buy you ice-cream, candies and other stuff, which you’ll eat when Jeremy and Chelsey or Justin aren’t around, yeah?” She gave them her best smile, hoping it will work.

They just smiled into her face and swing their heads no.

“Whatever Justin promised to give you, I can give you too, even better. C’mon I don’t wanna get my hair wet.”

I look like her begging only made them laugh even more.

“You know that’s not how it works, babe.” Justin said, slowly approaching them.

“Can’t blame girl for trying, now can you?” Y/N chuckled.

“Thank you guys for help, now let’s get Y/N wet.” Justin exclaimed and the kids started yelling and screaming.

Justin quickly picked Y/N up and started running towards the ocean. She was screaming for him to stop, begging him she will do anything, but it only made him laugh.

“Love you too, babe.” Justin said before he threw her into the water. When she had emerged, she moved her hair from her face and quickly yelled. “Get ready for a payback.”

She splashed water into their way, and they were quick to respond. Since it was four against one, she lost again and they were all around her, so all she could do was to dive and pull them under.

First she pulled Justin’s shorts down, just a little bit, giving the paparazzi behind some good material to work with.

Then she moved to Jazmyn and Allie and pulled them under. She emerged once again, noticing Jaxon playfully running away towards his father. Y/N quickly rushed after him. “I’m gonna get you Jax.”

Considering that’s she’s faster than him she quickly grabbed him and pulled him into his arms.

“Gotcha.” Y/N exclaimed proudly.

Jaxon was laughing and wiggling in her arms, but she only held him tighter. “No, put me down.” He said while laughing.

“Too late for that now.” Y/N said and jumped into water with him. Once they raised up, and looked around at each other, they all started laughing.

“Four against me and I still win. You suck, guys.” Y/N stuck her tongue out, once again.

Once they reached Jeremy and Chelsey, they all sat down on their ropes, slowly wiping water off their skins.

“Having fun, huh?” Kids nod at Jeremy’s question.

“Let’s go say hi to those fans over there.” Justin said as he grabbed Y/N’s hand and started pulling her up.

“You go, I’ll stay here. I need to dry my hair, and get tanned.”

“So you’re letting you half naked boyfriend go talk to more half naked people?”

“Do I have a reason to worry?” Y/N asked pretending to be surprised placing her right hand over her heart.

Justin laugh and gave her a quick kiss. “Nope.” And he left.


“Okay guys, get out of water, it’s enough for today. We’re going to swim some more tomorrow.” Jeremy said as he started to get up from the sand.

Kids weren’t happy about leaving the beach, they loved spending time there, running and playing around. But once they were promised to get ice-cream they happily obeyed and picked their toys up.

Few feet away there was a bar with ice-cream. Kids quickly ran towards it, already discussing which ice-cream to take.

Justin and Y/N were far behind everyone, slowly waking, while Justin’s left hand was wrapped around Y/N’s back.

“You’re enjoying it here?” Y/N asked Justin, looking around the beach. Only a few people were left there, and of course some paparazzi.

“Mhm. It would be great if those suckers weren’t here.” Justin said sounding slightly irritated.

Y/N looked over at Justin. “Hey, don’t let those fuckers ruin your holiday with your family. God knows you work way too hard and you deserve this. So just relax, I know it bothers you, but we are here to so focus on us and not them.”

Justin smile and placed a little peck on her lips. “What would I do without you?”

“Be lost, mostly, bored.” Y/N said making Justin chuckle.

“I love you.”

“I love you.” She said and placed her head on his shoulder slowly walking towards their yacht.

Once they reached the yacht he let go of her. “Ladies first.” Y/N smiled and kissed him once again.

As she was passing him to climb up the stairs, she felt his hand on her but. “Lost something, Bieber?” Y/N asked innocently looking over her shoulder.

“Just found it.” He said and smirked at her. She laughed. Justin, Jaxon, Jazmyn and Allie all headed towards the roof, while Y/N went into the bathroom and put on pink shorts. She quickly tied her hair into a messy bun and walked out onto the deck.

As she was approaching the deck she could hear giggles from the roof. She looked up and she saw Allie, Jazmyn and Justin doing yoga.

“No Justin, you’re doing it all wrong.” Allie exclaimed and show him how’s it’s supposed to be done.

Y/N couldn’t help but laugh at how cute they looked together. Justin noticed her and looked down at her.

“Something funny, Miss?” Justin asked playfully and Y/N shook her head. “No, not at all. Also put your ass little higher Bieber. You’re seriously doing it wrong.”

“Why don’t you come up and show me how’s done then?”

“Nah, I’m just gonna enjoy the view from down here.”

Justin winked at her and went back to yoga.

Y/N observed them for a little bit more then she went to the bar and took a glass of white wine. She went back to the deck, still hearing giggles, but she decided to rather turn away from them and appreciate the view.

It was just amazing, the sun was slowly going down. The colours were just extraordinary. The sun painted whole sky into bright yellow that slowly fading into blue.

Y/N felt strong hands wrapping around her waist and she place her head onto his chest.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” he asked with his low, sexy voice that only sent shiver down her spine.

She just smiled and placed her glass down, slowly turning around. She met his gaze, and his eyes left her speechless. He always had such a nice brown colour but now, thanks to the sunset, the brown in his eyes was turned green and it was even prettier than sunset.

“You’re staring.” Justin smirked playfully.

“Stop being so goddamn beautiful and I won’t.” Y/N said pushing his arm. He griped her tighter, bringing her closer.

“Not my fault, baby.”

He lowered his lips onto hers. Y/N closed her eyes at the touch of his soft lips. She placed her hands around his neck, playing with his hair. He brushed his tongue over her lower lip, asking for entrance. She moaned into kiss, pushing herself more and more into him.

Once they separated, they were both breathing heavily. Justin kissed her forehead and she placed her head onto his chest. She closed her eyes and listened to his heart beat.

He slowly pushed her off and grabbed her hand. “Come.” Was all he muttered. He took her hand and took her into their shared room.

This is a very short imagine inspired by Justins vacation with his family. I know it sucks and i’m sorry.

No one likes to fall. And few people would ever choose to drown. But in struggling through the ocean of this life, sometimes it’s so hard not to let the world in. Sometimes the ocean does enter us. The dunya does seep into our hearts.

And like the water that breaks the boat, when dunya enters, it shatters our heart. It shatters the boat. Recently, I was reminded of what a broken boat looks like, of what happens when you let everything in. I was reminded because I saw someone, just like me, fall in love too much with this life and seek to be filled by the creation. So the ocean of dunya shattered her boat, as it had shattered mine, and she fell out into the water. But she stayed down too long, and didn’t know how to come back up or what to hold on to.

So she drowned.

If you allow dunya to own your heart, like the ocean that owns the boat, it will take over. You will sink down to the depths of the sea. You will touch the ocean floor. And you will feel as though you were at your lowest point. Entrapped by your sins and the love of this life, you will feel broken. Surrounded by darkness. That’s the amazing thing about the floor of the ocean. No light reaches it.

But, this dark place is not the end. Remember that the darkness of night precedes the dawn. And as long as your heart still beats, this is not the death of it. You don’t have to die here. Sometimes, the ocean floor is only a stop on the journey. And it is when you are at this lowest point, that you are faced with a choice. You can stay there at the bottom, until you drown. Or you can gather pearls and rise back up—stronger from the swim, and richer from the jewels.

If you seek Him, God can raise you up, and replace the darkness of the ocean, with the light of His sun. He can transform what was once your greatest weakness into your greatest strength, and a means of growth, purification and redemption. Know that transformation sometimes begins with a fall. So never curse the fall. The ground is where humility lives. Take it. Learn it. Breathe it in. And then come back stronger, humbler and more aware of your need for Him. Come back having seen your own nothingness and His greatness. Know that if you have seen that Reality, you have seen much. For the one who is truly deceived is the one who sees his own self—but not Him. Deprived is the one who has never witnessed his own desperate need for God. Reliant on his own means, he forgets that the means, his own soul, and everything else in existence are His creation.

Seek God to bring you back up, for when He does, He will rebuild your ship. The heart that you thought was forever damaged will be mended. What was shattered will be whole again. Know that only He can do this. Seek Him.
And when He saves you, beg forgiveness for the fall, feel remorse over it—but not despair. As Ibn ul Qayyim (ra) has said: “Satan rejoiced when Adam (peace be upon him) came out of Paradise, but he did not know that when a diver sinks into the sea, he collects pearls and then rises again.”

There is a powerful and amazing thing about tawbah (repentance) and turning back to Allah (swt). We are told that it is a polish for the heart. What’s amazing about a polish is that it doesn’t just clean. It makes the object that is polished even shinier than it was before it got dirty. If you come back to God, seek His forgiveness, and refocus your life and heart on Him, you have the potential to be even richer than if you’d never fallen at all. Sometimes falling and coming back up gives you wisdom and humility that you may never otherwise have had. Ibn ul Qayyim (ra) writes:

“One of the Salaf (Pious Predecessors) said: “Indeed a servant commits a sin by which he enters Paradise; and another does a good deed by which he enters the Fire.” It was asked: How is that? So he replied: “The one who committed the sin, constantly thinks about it; which causes him to fear it, regret it, weep over it and feel ashamed in front of his Lord—the Most High—due to it. He stands before Allah, broken-hearted and with his head lowered in humility. So this sin is more beneficial to him than doing many acts of obedience, since it caused him to have humility and humbleness—which leads to the servant’s happiness and success—to the extent that this sin becomes the cause for him entering Paradise. As for the doer of good, then he does not consider this good a favor from his Lord upon him. Rather, he becomes arrogant and amazed with himself, saying: I have achieved such and such, and such and such. So this further increases him in self-adulation, pride and arrogance—such that this becomes the cause for his destruction.”

Allah (swt) reminds us in the Qur’an to never lose hope. He says: “Say, ‘O My servants who have transgressed against their souls [by sinning], despair not of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful,’” (39:53).

And so, this is a call to all those who have become enslaved by the tyranny of the self, imprisoned in the dungeon of the nafs (self) and desires. It is a call to all those who have entered the ocean of dunya, who have sunk into its depths, and become trapped by its crushing waves. Rise up. Rise up to the air, to the Real world above the prison of the ocean. Rise up to your freedom. Rise up and come back to life. Leave the death of your soul behind you. Your heart can still live and be stronger and purer than it ever was. Does not the polish of tawbah remake the heart even more beautiful than it was? Remove the veil you have sewn with your sins. Remove the veil between you and Life, between you and Freedom, between you and Light—between you and God. Remove the veil and rise up. Come back to yourself. Come back to where you began. Come back Home. Know that when all the other doors have shut in your face, there is One that is always open. Always. Seek it. Seek Him and He will guide you through the waves of the cruel ocean, into the mercy of the sun.

This world cannot break you—unless you give it permission. And it cannot own you unless you hand it the keys – unless you give it your heart. And so, if you have handed those keys to dunya for a while—take them back. This isn’t the End. You don’t have to die here. Reclaim your heart and place it with its rightful owner:

—  Yasmin Mogahed, excerpt from “Reclaim Your Heart”

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I work at a daycare and while they're not traditional "customers" some of the parents drive me absolutely crazy! Like, the parents who hold their crying kids at drop off for like 10 minutes? Listen, your kid will still be crying when you put them down to leave and that's 10 minutes I had to dedicate to you and your kid and not the 17 other children in the room. Let them cry. I will take care of them. That's my JOB.

Rip off the band aid! My little guy started school this year and he clung to me like I was trying to throw him into boiling water. I put him down on the school bus and he started crying. Thankfully the bus driver was awesomely prepared. He gave my son a toy school bus. The next day my son ran up the steps and yelled “BYE MOMMY!” without even giving me a kiss. lol The first day is hard, but it’ll only be harder if you just stand there prolonging the kid’s fear. Those trained to deal with kids, like you, know what they’re doing. -Abby

i will love you in motels with aching hands
and heavy hearts and breaths
stuttering in our throats

i will love you like you are hurricane rain and i am forest fire but have we ever cared about that,
how your hands turn to sizzling coal when you touch me and how mine get washed away with the waves
have we ever cared?

i ran into the riptide,
let it pull me down for a moment where i could not breathe and
when my lungs were filling with saltwater,
holy water,
i swear it was the first time i knew peace.

you stood on the shore and laughed because you knew how this story ends,
hands stained with blood and hearts ready
for the rapture.

they want to know who is samson and who is delilah in this story,
who holds the scissors and who has the strength,
did you make me weak or did i make your throne collapse under you?

but we laugh because we are wretched and wicked and our bodies are sore with centuries of looking over our shoulders.

we laugh because you cut my hair and i cut yours,
and it’s alright,
you didn’t destroy me,
i didn’t destroy you,

when we had to plunge into the darkness,
we went together and destroyed each other.

—  a preacher’s daughter and a conman shouldn’t sound like the start of a love story // l.r.c.
you spell out your name on my back,
fingers like the comforting cold.
we pick wildflowers in the spring
and preserve them between paper
to remember the times
when nothing was complicated.
you are preserving me between paper,
still holding onto my wilting image.
you weren’t poison, I swear
that’s not why I had to leave you,
it’s just that I am better by myself
rather than tied to someone as i’m sinking
down, down, down.
I know you’d never forgive yourself
if the water filled your lungs
so I cut you loose from me and
let you swim to the surface,
without me but
still breathing.
—  still alive but barely breathing

been a while so here’s a cute luke one shot :)

(side note: I have a new calum series coming later this week, and I am excited for you all to read!)

+ thank you for being you 

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Sludging from the lift over to my front door I could hear the water dripping from my clothes, completely drenched and forming puddles wherever I stood for more than a minute at a time. Letting out a loud apparent sigh I fiddle for my keys in my numb fingertips before picking them up along with the various momental key rings and unlocked my door. 

Hearing the gentle click of the lock sent a wave of relief through my system. Already I could hear the shower, the water pouring over my skin and the calling of my name. Temptation becoming all too irresistible.

Closing it behind me I lean against it, feeling the weight of my wet clothes holding me down as I threw my bag over onto the sofa and heard a crash on the floor. Past the point of caring I drag my feet towards my bedroom, the sounds of my shower calling my name more apparent as I felt like I was in a trance; only focused on getting out of the fabric that clung to my flesh and into the invasive warmth.

Removing the clothes that held tight to my flesh, refusing to part with me like a plaster on a scratch I tossed them to one side, hearing the sludge sound as they made contact with the wooden floor. Grabbing onto a fluffy towel I inhaled the fresh scent, goosebumps began to form on my skin, spreading at a dramatic speed.

As I turn the shower on I let out a sigh, peace at last. Steam immediately forms causing me to cough loudly as I put some music on my phone and place it on the ledge by the window. Placing my towel over the radiator I run my hand beneath the water and feel it’s heat pulling me in.

Everything began to melt away, I moved to cover every inch of my skin. For in this moment nothing else existed. Worries merely washed off of me down the drain as I focused on the enticing warmth of droplets of water running across my skin like a hot knife in butter.

I could never help but sing along to whatever I was listening to, unfortunately I don’t have the audacity to say I was a good singer in the slightest- but who was around to hear me? Out of tune and in complete content I applied my foamy shampoo, the fresh smell of raspberries made me smile as I left it in whilst I went to dry my eyes. 

As I turned around to wash my shampoo out the shower wasn’t as forceful, I checked the dials and they were on full blast. The amount of water began to decrease and I began to swear, I forced my head underneath it with little luck as all that remained was a drizzle. “Shit.” I muttered under my breath as I stood there with a foam mountain perched on the top of my head as I shivered. 

Now standing wrapping my arms around myself as I sadly looked to my shower I got out and wrapped fluffy towel on my damp skin, ashamed. Walking out of the bathroom followed by a trail of steam I got changed into something loose before picking up my bag, towel and shower supplies and doing the only thing I could think of; going to my neighbour. 

Standing by my front door I desperately tried to rack my brain for his name, and how weird this will be for both of us, especially if he says no. Pushing all thoughts aside I opened my door, mumbling something to say, a form of explanation for him to hear. Bringing my knuckle to his door I let out a sigh as I forced myself to knock it, praying that any other neighbours wouldn’t walk past any time soon. 

The door opened within moments of me knocking it, as he opened it I could see a confused expression muddled on his face along with the urge not to laugh at my hair. Smiling brightly to him I spoke before he could start laughing, “Hi Liam?” Questioning myself the name didn’t sound right. 

“Luke.” He stated with a sweet smile and internally I felt myself wanting to crawl back to my apartment and never leave but I had to be persistent, no matter how cute he is or embarrassing this may be. 

“Right.” I laughed lightly, hoping to break the tension I felt slowly suffocating me. “Can I use your shower? I know as weird as that sounds but my water just shut itself off, there’s been a fault with it for a few weeks now and it’s too late to call someone so I have to wait til the morning and I just need to wash this mountain off of my head you know?” Rambling quickly his eyes widened as he tried to keep up with my nonsense, inhaling a deep breath after that I relaxed and glanced to him with a look of pity. 

Almost in an instant he moved aside from his door, holding it open for me. “Come on in Y/n, I can’t have you wearing a foam hat for the next 24 hours.” He joked and eased the suffocating that I felt, he walked me towards his bathroom but I couldn’t help but glance around at the things he had on display. 

The books, the endless amounts of albums, instruments and bits of paper scattered too. Curious I glanced back to him and struggled to ignore how cute he actually was; and more importantly warm and kind hearted. Opening the bathroom door he indicated how to work the shower and left me to it. “Oh,” He called and I opened the door back up, smiling to him which he reciprocated. “do you want a hot drink, when you’re done?” I could see no mislead intentions in those blue eyes as he sweetly smiled, I nodded, unable to resist. 

Closing the door I turned his shower on and finally removed the foam from my hair. I tried to wash away any of the stresses from today but as I stood there I could feel them growing, multiplying as I reflected over the things I will have to do once I’m home again. I’ll have to find a plumber, find enough money to pay them, go back to work, back to my stupid job in a building I cannot stand. Get on with my pathetic existence and- 

“Do you take sugar in your tea?” His angelic voice called through the door as I stood there on the verge of tears. Clearing my throat I could feel his presence lingering on the other side of the door, patient. 

“I erm, no thank you!” I said a little too cheerfully, regretting it as I stood there picturing his smile on the other side, how I wished I paid more attention to him before now considering he is my neighbour. 

Changing into some fluffy warm clothes I dried my hair off lightly with a towel, being careful to clear the black that scarred under my eyes and I wiped it away leaving raw red in its place. Sighing as I always did at my bare face I braved seeing Luke, hand in bag I quietly closed the door behind me, trapping the steam inside. 

Standing in the hallway I looked around at the things he had on display, the few photographs hung on each wall. I assumed they were his friends and family, some of pets and even himself when he was younger- always a musical instrument in shot. Wandering back into his main space I placed my bag down next to the sofa and looked at the books he had and picked up a piece of paper on the floor. “You write your own music?” I called out and all went quite. 

Turning around I saw him place two cups down in front of the sofa on the wooden table covered in papers. He let out a soft chuckle and walked over to where I was looking at his guitar. “I erm, yeah.” Scratching the back of his neck I could see out of the corner of my eye a light blush cross his cheeks, making me smile to myself. 

“How come I’ve never heard you? I mean, I’m only next door.” I joked and we moved towards the sofa. Sitting down next to him I rested against the arm of the sofa and picked up my tea, ignoring the gentle drips of water on my chest. 

“Well, in order to hear me you would have to stop singing yourself.” Spluttering my tea I coughed loudly, causing him to laugh but as I continue to violently cough he voices his concern. “Oh shit, can I get you something?” It died down a he patted my back, not that it helped much but by the time I was done. 

Inhaling and exhaling deeply I cleared my throat and looked over to a rather concerned Luke who relaxed in his seat and the worry melted from his blue eyes. “Yep, that pat on the back did the trick there Luke.” I joked easing the tension as he sat there just observing me. 

For a while we talked, I got to learn about his friends at home and how they used to have a dream of being a band but it never really worked out. He wanted to be a musician when he quit school, moved here hoping to find something. He asked about my life, my story- so I told him. 

By the time the two of us had finished my hair was borderline dry and glancing up at the clock on the kitchen counter it had gone midnight. Yawning I placed my cold mug of tea back down in between paper and stood up. “Well Luke, as lovely as this has been I better go. I’ve got work tomorrow.” The weight immediately fell back on my shoulders as I thought about tomorrow, this having been an effective distraction, but not enough. 

“You know, I know a few people. They could help you find a more suited job?” He suggested with such care and a warm smile plastered across his face. As I took a step towards him he lowered his head, as if he regretted the idea entirely. 

“Really? You’d do that, for me?” He slowly lifted his head and then nodded. 

As an immediate reaction my arms laced around his neck, I held onto him tightly and then slowly, he reacted. His arms crossed over my waist as I remained on my tip toes, but it felt right. “Thank you Luke.” I whispered in his ear and could feel his smile. 

Pulling away I opened his front door, bag in hand and said goodnight as I went back into my own apartment. Standing against my own door I couldn’t hide the smile from myself, the one he had caused effortlessly. I got changed into some pjs, tied my hair up and as I neared my bedroom I paused, unable to force myself to settle down. Walking away from my room I found myself standing by the wall that connects our homes together, I placed my ear against the thin wall and carefully listened. 

A gentle voice sang an unknown song followed by a strum of an acoustic guitar, smiling I found myself fixating on his voice. It was different to what I had expected, but a good different, something I needed. Then it stopped, I pulled away from the wall partially disappointed to have the soft melodies end but walked back to my room. 

“Y/n?” Turning around I pause, convincing myself I’m just hearing things. Then a light knock at my door sounds and cautiously I walk over and open the door. 

There stands Luke, his hair a bit more of a mess and a half hearted smile worn but still the joy etched in those eyes that reflect moonlight. “You alright Luke, don’t tell me your heaters off.” I joked and he sort of stayed quiet, causing my heart to race a little bit faster. 

“I just wondered, and please don’t freak out.” Immediately I was internally freaking out, I couldn’t help it. “What shower gel did you use as it smells really good in my place now.” I let out a laugh of relief at his question, wondering if he was being completely serious. 

“Are you being serious?” I looked over to my clock then back at him. “Well it’s nearly 1am so I’m guessing you must be. Here come in I’ll go grab it.” He stood in my doorway as I walked back to get it and then gave it to him for preference. 

He held it in his hand and took a photo of it before giving it back then awkwardly standing there as I rubbed my tired eyes. “There was something else I wanted to ask you.” I nodded and he fidgeted on the spot before continuing, “Job interview, radio show tomorrow afternoon. You up for that?” I struggled to hold back the joy I felt again and was unable to control my emotions in term of a reaction. 

“Obviously!” I squealed and saw how delighted he looked at my answer, he leaned towards me as I opened my arms out for a hug, yet what I received was not what I expected. 

His lips against mine with such delicacy I could feel how nervous he was, after a few seconds of realisation I kissed back. Pulling away I just looked at him with wide eyes as he wore a sweet smile. “I’ll see you in the morning then, well later in the morning.” He walked out of my door and towards his own, leaving me slightly stunned. “Cute pjs.” 

Glancing down to my own attire I forgot I was wearing Mickey Mouse shorts and a slightly see through vest along with my camouflage jacket. Shaking my head and laughing quietly I shut my door and hummed the unknown tune as I headed to bed.

A stand that makes you ask yourself
Well…How did I get here?

Letting the days go by
Let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by
Water flowing underground
Into the blue again
After the money’s gone
Once in a lifetime
Water flowing underground

And you may ask yourself
How do I work this?
And you may ask yourself
Where is that large automobile?
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful house
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful wife

Letting the days go by
Let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by
Water flowing underground
Into the blue again
After the money’s gone
Once in a lifetime
Water flowing underground

Same as it ever was…
Same as it ever was…
Same as it ever was…
Same as it ever was…
Same as it ever was…
Same as it ever was…
Same as it ever was…
Same as it ever was…

Water dissolving…and water removing
There is water at the bottom of the ocean
Under the water, carry the water at the bottom of the ocean
Remove the water at the bottom of the ocean

Letting the days go by
Let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by
Water flowing underground
Into the blue again
Into the silent water
Under the rocks and stones
There is water underground

Letting the days go by
Let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by
Water flowing underground
Into the blue again
After the money’s gone
Once in a lifetime
Water flowing underground

And you may ask yourself
What is that beautiful house?
And you may ask yourself
Where does that highway go to?
And you may ask yourself
Am I right?…Am I wrong?
And you may say to yourself yourself
My God!…What have I done?!

Letting the days go by
Let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by
Water flowing underground
Into the blue again
Into the silent water
Under the rocks and stones
There is water underground

Letting the days go by
Let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by
Water flowing underground
Into the blue again
After the money’s gone
Once in a lifetime
Water flowing underground

Same as it ever was…
Same as it ever was…
Same as it ever was…
Look where my hand was
Time isn’t holding us
Time isn’t after us
Same as it ever was…
Same as it ever was…
Same as it ever was…
Same as it ever was…
Same as it ever was…
Same as it ever was…
Same as it ever was…
Yeah, the twister comes
Here comes the twister
Same as it ever was…

Beneath the Waves (Part 1)

A Mermaid!Snowbaz AU! This is a joint collaboration with @ismill, she’s done the AMAZING illustrations for the story which you can find at the end of each chapter! 



I felt the waves moving and crashing around me like a lullaby. It rushed in my ears, filling my insides and comforting me. It wrapped around my arms and slipped through my veins like blood.

I smiled, my eyes closed as I let the current play with me for a bit, twisting my tail about like the ocean wanted to dance with me. It was a pulse, a heartbeat I could hear pounding all around.

Words were useless, in my opinion, when you had water. Water didn’t need words, but people understood it better than they understood themselves. It’s so beautiful, if people just stopped to look.

I was deep down underneath the surface, far deeper than I dared bring Penny. Sometimes she insisted on being escorted though the waters, holding onto my fin, even when it was cold, but it was much too cold for a land dweller. It was frigid, the dark water capable of turning Penny’s blood into icy sludge.

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poems i wrote for the signs (iv)

aries: the sky refuses to loosen its grip on the stars and you refuse to loosen your grip on your neck / your nightmares sound like beethoven and your demons smell like lilacs, / even the darkest parts of yourself are beautiful. / you did not fight your own soul for this long just to let another one tear you down again.

taurus: you are romanticizing old journals and all of the oceans because they are deep and / they are poetic and / they hold things unknown to you and to me and to everyone else but / a journal is just a book and / the ocean is just water and / you do not need to search for the meaning in your life when / you can simply create it

gemini: there is a universe where you are together and there is a universe where you are not and / there is a universe where he strokes your hair and gives you the sun and he is happy but / you are not. / you want the moon and you want your heart touched and you want to be loved for your mind and nothing more; / you are here and this is now but it’s okay to change your mind.

cancer: he tells you, “there is no love here now,” / so you cry and you lose sleep and you wonder when he stopped seeing stars in your eyes and started seeing hurricanes instead. / you don’t know what to do when your hands aren’t touching his so you take your flesh and your bones and you destroy / destroy / destroy your own happiness. / you do bad things when your heart hurts, but you are not a bad person.

leo: there are heartbeats in your eyes and / there is a fire burning in your soul and / i do not want you to pull the plug or extinguish the flames with your own self-scrutiny; / people like you shine so brightly that they get mistaken for the sun. / (they’re told not to stare but your mind is a temptation that is hard to resist). 

virgo: you let others climb inside your body because your heart doesn’t want to feel alone but / you pick them out one by one when your brain cannot handle them. / you are so torn between distancing yourself and surrounding yourself with other limbs and other dreams and other heartbeats. / (do not think your limbs are not pretty enough) / (do not think your dreams are not big enough) / smile when you see your reflection because god, are you beautiful.

libra: “you’re mine,” he tells you, and your lips graze his cheek and your palms are filled with tufts of his hair but / you are not a wild animal daring to be tamed and you thought feeling loved meant being wanted, not being owned. / take your lips and kiss the ground; take your palms and show them to olympus. / thank the stars for creating your soul and realize you are yours before you are anyone else’s. 

scorpio: he was kind and he was honest and he loved you for a lifetime. / you were cold and you were tired and you loved him once, but never again. / pretty words and gentle touches might get your attention but impulsive hearts and open minds will hold your soul. / like all wild things, you are a mystery, but a beautiful one at that.

sagittarius: there are tsunamis in your eyes and hurricanes in your chest and when you feel as though you are going to collapse into yourself, give in. / there is only one heart under all that skin and all those bones and it is okay to feel tired of this earth. / just remember: you are so in touch with the earth that you have daisies in your eyes and moon dust in your hair. / (there will always be a place for you here). 

capricorn: he took your sunday mornings and your afternoon apologies. / you have not known what palms feel like pressed against your skin for fifty-seven days and he might have taken too many pieces of you but / one day you will take your broken soul and your old bones and wrap your arms around yourself. / you will recognize your heartbeat and know that he did not take everything.

aquarius: he asks, “who do you pray for?” / you ask, “who prays for you?” / he is selfish and you are selfless, bending over backwards for a boy who does not listen to your universe. / your sun asks him to stay and your moon asks him to love you in the little ways but / he leaves and leaves and leaves again. / you will meet again in a different universe at a different time as a different person. / he is hurting here and even though he feels familiar, something tells you that he is not yours to fix.

pisces: there are those who write about people and those who write about places but / you don’t understand how they cannot write about both. / you have personified the earth and the stars; / the sun is your mother and budapest is just a lover that you haven’t met yet. / not everyone will know how to love you but you will be okay because / your heart beats on it’s own just fine. 

                just a friendly reminder you guys that this……. happened. :)

and how about we take note of the way Daryl physically pauses, like he’s suddenly recognized this moment for what it is (being massive fucking amounts of sexual tension hanging in the air all of a sudden) and then let’s talk again about how nervous and flustered he gets after because of it. enough to gulp down his food and twitch.

“damn, can feel the tension in her fuckin muscles. *grunts internally* fuckin sweater ‘s in the way. could probably do this better if she were lyin down too….. wait, this ain’t weird right? ……. ….. damn she got pretty eyes. shit, hold on, what she lookin at me for? oh. fuck. this is kinda weird, ain’t it? does she….. what do i…. fuck. could use some water right now. why are my fuckin palms sweaty what the fuck. what just fuckin happened.  ain’t no good at this shit. should probably drop your hands now asswipe” xD

and to top it off, this is also before Carol then puts a “pretty romantic” label on it, which defines just exactly what was presented in this moment

so he may not know how it arrived or what to do with it yetttttttttt, but this scene back in season 3 tells you right here that there are stuff and fucking things going on between them that are waitinggggg to be explored ok byE

Bongs 3-22

I definitely didn’t think smoking would N O T burn on the way down to my lungs. My first bong rip fr was a couple days ago. I’m on spring break so blaze up🌿🌿

Not talking about one-hitters in this post, all my thoughts of bongs

Where do I even begin… let me just say it is so smooth I can’t even tell it went down my throat. Damn, when I blew out I was coughing for days because I didn’t think I was getting any. It’s pretty sneaky

I’ve tried to hold the smoke in the bong because I ran out of breath.. (n00b) but then I somehow lose it it’s heartbreaking

Do not fill the bowl (where you LIGHTLY pack the mj) to the top, no bueno el stupido

I sucked in too hard once and bong water got in my mouth. Wasn’t enough smoke in there. After you fill the bong with smoke, take a breath through your nose, open your oxygen hole (stem or that hole on the side), use all of that breath you just got and suck in until you feel uncomfortable


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Since we’re already discussing Splash Free!, there’s another thing that has always bothered me.

This is a shot of the original ending. Makoto is holding this vase upside down to show us that there’s no water. There’s even a single drop hanging out of it. Ok.

This is official art. The vase Makoto is holding is the same vase, and now it’s full but… he’s still holding it upside down..? Which side is the top?! Does he have two identical vases? Did he fill the bottom of the vase with a little bit of water? What? I’m so confused.

abc tag–
rules: answer the questions and tag 10 people

this is so cute thanks for the tag @peachyy-tuan ~ <3

a - age: 18!
b - biggest fear: omg, bugs
c - current time: 1:16 pm
d - drink you last had: water (i know wild right)  
f - favorite song: THIS IS ALWAYS THE HARDEST QUESTION FOR ME. but let’s narrow it down to 3, hold me tight / bts, your eyes / hoody, prove it / got 7 but i have so much more, omg. 
g - ghosts, are they real: to a certain extent, yes.
h- hometown: born in NY, raised in NV
i - in love with: taehyung & jaebum :’) 
j - jealous of: bts & got7 bc they get to hang out w bts & got7 all the time
k - killed someone: videos games, yes. irl? nah, unless u count bugs
l - last time you cried: 2 days ago, i think. i was in my feelings but thats the old me 
m - middle name: simeona ~
n - number of siblings: 1 older sister 
o - one wish: idk i just hope future me is really genuinely happy.
p - person you last called/texted: i last called my momma, and texted my gc w/ #blorange x the vegan x cam boy colin ( that sounds so weird now that i think of it ) 
q - question(s) you’re always asked: you’re filipino???
s - song last played: drive / jay park ft. gray
t - time you woke up: 11:40am ?? sigh what a life
u - underwear color: light gray, (why yall need to know this tho LOL)
v - vacation destination: i am determined to go to japan, south korea, and back to philippines, bc i miss it so much.
w - worst habit: spending too much money on food, smh 
x - x-rays you’ve had: i think i’ve had one for my mouth/face bc i had braces 
y - your favorite food: oh god, i like all foods!!! but if i had to choose 
z - zodiac sign: taurus
i tag my cute new mutuals (if ur my mutual and ur not tagged pls do it i could only tag 10, ur still all cute) : @yugy @ydaegu @dinosgf @choeu-q @mooninini @youngjai @heartpts @jyum @ycnki @sometimeintheafternoon

Nearest Exit

When you are twenty years old,
your best friend will tell you that
watching an addict
collapse into themselves
is like being on an airplane
that’s crashing.
She’ll say that the first thing
is remembering how to breathe normally.
That you can’t help anyone
unless you get your own mask on first.

My brothers taught me how to swim
by holding me underwater
until I beat my way to the surface.
When I gasped out my first breath,
they said,“Breathe normally.
You’re fine.
You needed to learn eventually.
You could only tread water for so long.”

When I was sixteen,
when everyone around me seemed
raised-fist ready
to smack me to the ground,
my mother said,
sometimes we clench our fists
not to fight,
but because we have something
we are terrified to let go of,”

What your friend won’t tell you
is that when the plane starts going down,
you will not want to keep breathing.
You will not want
to take in air without them;
When the plane goes down
you realize that you are a life-vest
with nothing left to wrap yourself around,
(you can only tread water for so long)
so when the tide comes,
you will let yourself drift
into pain pills
into whiskey
into sex with men
who don’t know your real name,
you will call yourself plane crash
you will call yourself sinking
you will call yourself shrapnel,
you will remember that drowning
runs in your family;

When you are twenty-one, you will learn
watching someone you love die slowly
is not like a plane crash.

It isn’t anything that dramatic.

It’s a piñata at a birthday party.
It’s knowing
they have been beaten so many times,
it’s no wonder they split open.
It was only a matter of time
before everything inside of their chest
started pouring out.

When you are twenty one years old,
you will learn that sometimes you fight
with absolutely everything you have
and lose.
People can only tread water for so long.

You’ll find out that sometimes
you don’t get to write a pretty ending,
that not everyone gets a
cymbal crash closing curtain
sometimes it doesn’t end clean
sometimes there’s no firework finale
there’s no plane-crash shrapnel
it just ends in sinking
it just ends in silence

it just ends.

Definitely gettin’ a lil stronger. With how weak my muscles are I do build it super quick, which can be nice, but I’m going through that awkward phase where I’m looking kinda bigger cuz I’m gaining muscle faster than I’m losing weight. Definitely needing to up my cardio. Gonna try upping my water intake, too, and maybe adding lemon tea to my morning routine, I can tell I’m still holding lotsa water weight. Trying not to let this funky lil situation get me down, though it is hard to wanna keep lifting when I all see are my arms getting wider… lol. OH WELL. I'ma push through dis. ✌🏼