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do you think even is bi?

he’s either bi or pan, yes definitely. i do think he really loved sonja at one point, but wasn’t in love with her anymore around the time he saw isak for the first time….the only reason why he was still together with her was bc she was safe and his first real love and i get why he was really scared to let go…but i do think that he really loved her and is attracted to multiple genders tbh

caryl reunion killed, this is my ghost writing

honestly the hug, to see the hurt in daryl eyes asking her why she left, it’s so good to see her letting herself be loved and vulnerable, and daryl omitting glenn’s and abraham’s death just to spare her, he is so hurt but he still cares for her so much, and her little laugh when he jokes about food, daryl is the only person who can make her genuinely laugh. and their dinner by candle lights and how daryl left her with smile on his face, a true smile, and their last hug was so long and was it me or did carol smelled him? do you know why shiva didn’t attack him after the dinner?bc even she was shipping caryl

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Ok so I gotta tell you this a few nights ago I played solo by myself and so usually I run supports bc no one does it and so it's on Hanamura and we're winning and suddenly my team leaves me to fight alone so it's 1v6 and now we lose so at the end of the match they decided to let me know why they let me fight the enemy team alone. The reason? I didn't revive ONE of their friends. Doesn't matter I got a 3 man rez I didn't revive the genji on the other side of the map and that's why they left me.

Goddamn that’s just petty AND stupid

                                                     u know the drill.   /// @mother-of-dragonns

@vezosdarilaros this is for you bc i touched upon it a moment ago but let’s take it down a notch for the lover’s up in here (   @me   why are you being a bad wedding dj )

ELIA MARTELL DESERVES THE FUCKING WORLD.   let’s talk about this for a moment bc first off she is just popped down into this marriage and like ‘lol you’re the future queen kai? bye’ like what? but okay ‘cause my homegirl thrives with that so like we can all move on okay? and then she has these babies and fuck boy milk bottle ( @dreadtheroar i love you okay) is all ‘omg the prophecy’ bc lets be real, people becoming obsessed with things in westeros always goes right like? suuuuure targ prince let’s all see how that shit goes. AND THEN THIS HO (who like i love btw bc i do love rhaegar but he’s a shit) is all like ‘dat girl is pretty’ and he’s all up in the business of lyanna ( WHO IS A MOTHER FUCKING CHILD BY THE WAY? LIKE SHALL WE MENTION THAT?  no? okay i get it… gotta defend your white boys) and Elia just deals? like this girl is pure boss and she’s got her babies and sure he gave her some roses but it’s not like he’s dumb enough to run off with this bitch or anything riiiiiiiight? —- OH WAIT.  so i mean we’re all up in this war to let’s send elia  – A WOMAN WHO DID NOTHING TO DESERVE THIS – and her kids somewhere bc like okay rhaegar got this chick preggers and then oh wait??? HER AND HER KIDS ARE DEAD.  HOW IS ANY OF THIS SHIT HER FAULT? HOW DO YOU BLAME HER?  SUUUURE SHIP LYANNA / RHAEGAR… I SURE AS HELL DO BUUUUT LIKE??? STOP BLAMING ELIA MARTELL TO MAKE YOUR SHIP FEEL LEGIT. 

and look guys? i love rhaegar bc i feel like he’s gotten some shit from me today? i love him, he is so fucking interesting as a character like his entire fucking character is so good? so well written? i want so many books about rhaegar bc liiiike how good would that be? i love my milk bottle buuuut he is not in this tragic love story without being held responsible for leaving his duty, his wife and his child okay? let’s defend his decisions BUT NOT AT THE COST OF ELIA FUCKING MARTELL. 


civil war where everything is the same except team cap/team iron man are rivaling baseball teams!!! this was so fun to make like you guys don’t even KNOW, this was shamelessly inspired by sports animes

everyone gets along except steve and tony who take their rivalry too seriously

victuuri fic recs

so this past week I was binge reading and ofc I’m now here with a rec list of my own bc why the hell not, authors love those so let’s stroke some egos uwu)b

the ones with stars |*| are my absolute favs and if u haven’t read them pls do!!


*Maelstrom – feelslikefire

44k | explicit | victor is stuck in a time loop which repeats a day right before the free skate of sochi gpf and during the many days he has just to himself yuuri is the one on his mind the most

Unwritten – kaizuka

34k | teen an up | soulmate au where whatever you write on your skin shows up on your soulmate as well

Ink on Ice – Daughter of Vayu (aquaregia)

43k | teen and up | yuuri is a mangaka of a popular sports series about ice skating and guess who his russian champion character is based off of

*The Fundamentals of Caring – braveten

20k | explicit | yuuri catches a cold and victor does everything to make him feel better


*On My Love – RikoJasmine 

48k+ | teen and up | time travel au where yuuri goes back in time to before sochi gpf and manages to make victor fall for him again

*Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches – Reiya

98k+ | explicit | yuuri treats victor as a rvial from the very moment they meet when he’s a kid and victor makes a careless comment that cements yuuri’s determination to beat him, too bad they fall in love

*Masquerade – Ashida

18k+ | explicit | mafia au we all want and deserve

*when the ice melts in the snow (that’s when you’ll love me) – lilithiumwords

37k+ | explicit | yuuri is an incubus who is absolutely horrible at his job until he gets assigned to victor nikiforov, a human figure skating legend… or so he thinks

Aux Alentours – yuiaeri

22k+ | teen and up | yuuri fails to quialify for the sochi gpf and quits skating to work at a pro shop at his rink which is where he meets victor who moves there with yuri as his coach

*Turn Backwards on Go – inkwellofstars

3k+ | teen and up | yuuri and victor, after years of being married, are thrown back in time to their 20-something bodies

i see quiet nights poured over ice – ohhotlamb

25k+ | teen and up | follows the canon path of pining victor towards his goal of winning yuuri over

Adagio – Envys_Majesty_999

13k+ | teen and up | yuuri is a ballet dancer who lilia brings in to help yurio with expressing agape, and victor is just starstruck

*Chasing Fate – GuyBlackhand

32k+ | mature | omegaverse; the only fic where you will find alpha yuuri, pls read it, I’m begging you

*You Can’t Plan for Everything – RivDeV

72k+ | omegaverse where yuuri is planning his heat and victor desperately wants to be a part of it, at any cost


One Night to Blow – qwartooty

3k | teen and up | yuuri gives his boy a dance of his life right before he marries his ass for the rest of eternity

From The Moon – ButterBeerBitch

5k | mature | yuuri finally lets victor into his room and… things happen ;3c

stay by my side – paranoid_fridge

3k | teen and up | “let’s end this” and the aftermath; angsty hurt/comfort

*you’re like heaven to touch – lazulisong

3k | mature | they both love victor’s russian team jacket and they use it well

Stay Close to Me – dasedandconfuzed

11k | teen and up | vicchan doesn’t die, yuuri doesn’t flub sochi gpf, and yet still they manage to orbit around each other and change each others’ lives

*i know my madness – astoryaboutwar

14k | explicit | when victor asks him out to dinner after yuuri wins silver in sochi gpf, who is he to say no, even if he’s just another thing for victor to play with?

constellations of me and you – theargonaut

21k | teen and up | a slow burn, down-to-earth walkthrough of their relationship

*Saudade – AdvisedPanic

6k | teen and up | after an injury victor is trying to get back to skating with the help of a very talented ballet dancer yuuri

*Victor Effing Nikiforov – shysweetthing

13k | explicit | yuuri doesn’t remember the sochi banquet but when victor gets far too friendly with him afterwards he just goes with it bc that’s victor effing nikiforov okay

Touch and Go – Ashida

3k | explicit | victor and yuuri play a game of push and pull

Forgetting – pushpullds

2k | teen and up | victor has early stage alzheimer’s, but yuuri is there to hold his hand through it all

I Would Give Even More – aceklaviergavin

2k | teen and up | victor had given his life to the ice, and the ice gave him yuuri

Yuuri throughout the series
  • Episode 1: What the hell?
  • Episode 2: LETS EAT KATSUDON BOO and y is dis angry kitten here
  • Episode 3: imma precious katsudon watch only me russian man and o n l y me and call me daddy while you're at it will ya
  • Episode 4: such depression very insecure much wow
  • Episode 5: broke my nose gotta hug vitya like right fckn now and oh i have to confess mah lurb in television bc why not
  • Episode 6: takin eros on a whole nother level
  • Episode 7: such depression very anxious so insecure much w– HE KISSED mE HE kISSED ME HE KISSED ME HE KISSED ME HE KIS–
  • Episode 8: And agaIN taking Eros on a wHOLE NOTHER LEVEL and also proud dadda (YURIO! DAVAI!!!) everything's so nice and I'm so happy and– MAKKACHIN WTF!!!
  • Episode 9: vitya's not here and I need to hug someone NOW ... gotta hug every fckn person in this building then and pls play "run to you" by Whitney Houston when I'm running towards Vitya pls thx
  • Episode 10: We're married fuckers
  • Episode 11: Gotta end this and I won't explain what I meant with "this" cause cliffhanger bye

“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 

okay pls let me elaborate on why i love “look for the force and you will always find me” so much one last time. chirrut and blaze’s relationship on based on trust, and this trust is absolute. these words, chirrut’s last words, are not a promise or consolation or some shit, bc they don’t need that. chirrut has no doubt that he and baze are meant to be together, he has no doubt that even death can’t change that, and he has no doubt that baze is gonna be looking for him in the afterlife. so he is not giving any promises, they are so past promises in their relationship; no, instead he leaves an instruction on how to find him. what he says is “we will always find each other, and i will be waiting for you, so here’s where you need to go so we can meet again and spend our eternity together”. i just can’t believe how big their love is and how sure they are of each other

Okay so like. Half Galra Keith. But instead of having a Galra form he is just. In between. And always has been.

Like he’s got little not human things about him that he’s always either ignored, hidden or never noticed in the first place.

Like his nails totally grow into claws if he doesnt trim them, and trimming them is a bitch because they’re really really tough and about the only thing that can cut them is his dagger.

His eyes definitely do that creepy glowing light reflecting thing like a cats, Keith sneaking up on you in the dark is terrifying bc if you shine a flashlight on him he looks like a demon holy shit.

Hes got real good night vision and heightened senses + his kinda extrasensory perception deal that let him fell the blue lion. Can probably always just sorta tell where people are but has never really thought about it like, why wouldn’t he know where Shiro is and what he’s feeling half way across the castle? Shiro’s his friend.

But the biggest one. Is his teeth. He has shark teeth.

Its not just that they are fangs, it’s that a new set grows in about every six years.

It doesnt come up right away, because obviously the last two times it happened his foster families took him to the dentist Right fucking away to get that shit fixed, so it seems like he just has normal teeth. Maybe with some extra pointy incisors but yeah theyre normal looking.

But then a couple months in they start falling out so a new set can grow in.

The weirdest part for everyone else is how much Keith isnt freakin out.

Like he looses five teeth in a training session and he’s just like. “>:( this again?? so thats why my mouth has been hurting so much”

And of course he’s got no clue why everyone’s insisting he go rushing to the med bay and see if a pod can fix it because “Calm down guys its just a new set coming in.”

And theyre like “Does Keith really not know how the whole baby teeth thing works that only happens once bro”

And naturally Shiro goes all mother hen and makes him open his mouth to check the damage and. Theres little fangs?? Poking through his gums? And Keith is just “Yeah this is normal, like I wasnt expecting it for a few months yet but its normal” and No. No Keith, this is absolutely not normal what the fuck.

I am just very attached to the Alien Keith idea and I want him to have fangs dammit. Boy deserves to bite people. 



here’s an oldish theme that i did a lot of revamping on. this first version suits roleplay groups and even rph blogs ! it comes with three admin spots and their own toggleable availability status. i also added a drop down menu with weather icons for your daily forecast. let me know if you have any trouble with the morph modals since they do look funny in edit mode.



dimensions and theme info are all on the preview ! i styled photo posts to look like instagram uploads for /aesthetic/ purposes, however you have the option to turn them off for normal posts. chats and audio posts are also styled bc why not ?? i got carried away. just like the first version, there’s also an online availability status. let me know if you have any trouble with the morph modals since they do look funny in edit mode.



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why is everyone so upset about the things that other people do with their own goddamn bodies, like let me eat this chocolate cake and cut my hair if I want to it’s not your life it’s not your choice, i’m gonna fuckinG-

this is a callout post for beyoncé

how come you recorded the song superpower ft. frank ocean if you hate it so much and you never wanna perform it live? why was it the only song left out of the self-titled album medley at the vmas? how did you even find frank ocean to record it when you did? also how come you pay schoolin life dust? why don’t you appreciate your own art? in addition, is there a reason why you hate i was here? you performed it like once and idg why bc it’s so good? how do you expect to leave your footprints on the sands of time if you never let anyone hear you sing that damn song more than once? and since we’re on the topic of sand, have you heard the song sandcastles? it’s great. you know what you make it better? if you sang it live and i dont wanna offend anyone or anything but resentment/sandcastles mashup should have been on the setlist for fwt and speaking of fwt how come you only performed 7/11 on tour once but you kept on that damn red and white linoleum tile looking ass gucci outfit for half of the american leg of the tour?

okay but guys julie andem never does anything without a reason

skam doesn’t have lenghty episodes or long seasons (well maybe except for some eps in season 2) and every moment has a meaning and is important, so you have to pay attention to everything 

so why would vilde continuously ask noora if she’s a lesbian/has a girlfriend (later noora says why do gay people assume everyone is gay too meaning eskild but you could totally transfer it to vilde), make out with eva (twice okay twice) and later talk about that the feelings that arose (feelings!!!!) don’t necessarily mean she’s a lesbian…why would she let vilde bring up that theme 24/7 if it doesn’t mean anything….??? noora didn’t turn out to be a lesbian (sadly) so it doesn’t rly make sense bc julie andem doesn’t waste screen time for nothing

my point is: vilde is a lesbian

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OMG It's not rape culture to need sex! Y'all nut jobs might not need sex, but there's a reason why it's on the bottom levels on that hierarchy of needs chart. NORMAL ppl need a complete physical connection to their intimate partner to be fully actualized. You don't want it, that's fine. No one should force you. Tell ppl up front so they can avoid you. Date your own kind and leave normal ppl alone! I don't even want to socialize with things like you bc you're not human. You're sad stunted freaks.

Let’s get one thing clear;

No one ‘needs’ to have sex. Ever.

You don’t need it to actualize a relationship. You don’t need it to actualize yourself. You don’t need it to enjoy your life, or your relationship with other people. Never in anyone’s life is sexual activity an obligation. If you really do need sexual contact to that level, that’d be a symptom of hypersexuality, which is a method of destructive self-harm.

What you’re really saying is that you need to have sex with someone in order for you to stay motivated to maintain the relationship. And that’s completely different. 

Relationships have limited or no sexual contact for multiple reasons, even barring asexuality altogether. If your requirement for a relationship equates to an obligation to sleep with you, and you equate that with ‘no aces ever’, then by all accounts, people like you are the actual problem.

We’re always the one expected to make the compromises, and it’s not fair to us? Like hell the rest of the world would be suppressed in their dating lives if they for once centered their sex lives around our boundaries instead of their desires. I guarantee that plenty of people who might think they ‘need’ sex actually definitely don’t. They just grew up in a world that taught them a single way to define a relationship.

But thanks for dehumanizing the ace. It’s not like we’re gonna clamber over for someone like you.

- Fae

okay ppl are saying that shiro and matt had to keep their relationship a secret so they could go on the Kerberos mission together, and while im always down for ppl keeping their relationship a secret from the government and all, it’s actually probably the opposite!

NASA picks the ppl that go on missions together by how well you get along with the others. you cant not work well with ppl and not get launched into space bc then you cant communicate with your team and then everybody’s lives are at stake

so lets say the garrison knew that shiro and matt were dating, and sent commander holt with them in case something nasty happened that would break the relationship (which was unlikely) and the fact that he was matt’s father was only icing on the cake

what if the garrison knew shiro was lifelong friends with matt and sam, and knew that even if shiro and matt broke up that they will remain friends, and thats why they were selected to get launched into space rather then some other pilot/scientist/commanding officer combo?


im feeling so romantically frustrated aaa


A super fast breakdown of how I’ve been painting (with blue haired Teru, bc why not) because I’ve had a lot of people tell me they like how I’ve been coloring (thank you!!!!!) and a bunch mentioned they’d like to be able to color like this too, and honestly it’s not hard nor complicated at all, so here! This is how I’ve been doing it 👍

IMA NEED YOU AMERICAN EXO-LS ATTENTION. When you’re going to EXO’s concerts - For the love of whatever you believe in. DO NOT show up with ex-member merch!! They’re not in EXO anymore, stop. (whoever had the hunhan banner project shouldn’t have been let inside the venue) And most importantly, DO NOT and I repeat; DO NOT show up with other groups’ merch! Why would you do this? I saw people doing this last year .. like.. no pls