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Okay so I know that this was probably ages ago but I saw in a fic of yours that you made a little while ago there was some leosagi and it was so adorable and well written omg. Would you be willing to write some leosagi? If not feel free to ignore this, you're super talented!!

i thiiiink you might be talking about the resolution au i started writing for @chimyen? in which case, heck yes i’ll write some more. i’m actually pretty fond of the dynamics in that au – and it was pretty self-indulgent in that it includes all of my favorite pairings, haha. so yes. heck yes.

let’s see if i still remember how to write these dumb kids

None of them are comfortable letting Leo go alone, but he’s so quietly stubborn about the whole thing when for so long he’s been little more than a ghost around the lair that they don’t have the heart to deny him, either.

“Promise me you’ll keep in touch,” Donnie says, stern for all the softness in his eyes. “I’m not above following you across the Atlantic if I think for a second that you’re screening my calls.”

“Of course,” Leo says, maybe too easily. His voice is hoarse, and whether it’s from disuse or emotion, or a footprint of that terrible grief, Mikey can’t be sure. So he squeezes Leo tight when it’s his turn for a goodbye hug; hoping to impress the feeling of his arms around Leo’s shoulders in a way that will keep, so Leo doesn’t get lonely, or forget his family while he’s gone.

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Discharged (kind of, but I'll take it!!)

Over the course of the night, I dilated to a 1 ½ almost 2. I started having some bleeding as well. I was given steroids for Thorson’s lungs like I said in my previous post, and given a shot of pain medicine (started with a F, but I can’t remember it!) that I was told could help lessen the contractions.

Lo and behold, it did! :) They lessened to the point where both I was comfortable and the midwife on call was comfortable with letting me go home to relax. They discharged me this morning; however I have to return to l&d tonight for a second round of steroids for the baby, and some more monitoring of these contractions. If they worsen throughout the day, they’re more than likely going to re-admit me to monitor, do some more cervical checks to stay updated on what is or isn’t going on there, and yeah. They figured I would be more comfortable resting at home until then though, and uh.. yeah, they completely figured right. 😅

Thankfully, Joey had the day off to let me rest and relax while he chases and takes care of Avia. I still am minimally bleeding currently, and that’s the main reason why they want me relaxing so much today.

Oh baby boy, what a crazy journey this is we are on together.

Kitty was trying to be smooth (again) but the Princess knows all of his tricks. 

She is not going to fall for any, Chat. Maybe you should change your ways…

…altho who knows. There are many ways to fall.

Dupain-Cheng 6 - Agreste 1

how the signs deal with heartbreak

{recommend checking sun, moon + venus signs} 

aries: anger. whether directed at themselves or the past object of their affections. their anger can be cathartic, or a means to distract themselves from the hurt and pain. sometimes the heat of their fire feels safer than allowing themselves to indulge in their vulnerabilities. that is not to say their anger is ‘negative’ - in fact, it can be absolutely integral to their healing process. it is just important for them to be honest with themselves: is their anger healing, or burning them out?

taurus: stays at home. wraps themselves up. indulges their physical needs - sleeps, eats, moves very little. sometimes to the point of over indulgence. their foundations have been shaken, and they seek stability in comfort. it’s hard for them to let go, but closure is especially important for them, so they can begin to rebuild. 

gemini: talking to heal. through talking through their feelings, and the situations they begin to process their feelings more fully. having someone to offer perspective and validation. the worst thing they could do is bottle things up: whether it’s many, or just a trusted few they speak to, it’s important for them to communicate. through the act of active speaking itself, they can uncover their hidden emotions - harder to reach through isolated contemplation alone.

cancer: a good cry. or, if they’re not the crying type, indulging in romantic films, sad songs, fully feeling their sadness and reliving past tenderness. creating a world for themselves. this serves a dual function: escapism, but simultaneously a way for their inner feelings to be reflected and processed through finding parts of themselves within art. may wallow - a sympathetic friend can offer pragmatic help, to offer perspective.

leo: their pride may lead them to overindulgently speak about their pain, perhaps embody the ‘overdramatic’ stereotype often ascribed to them. or they may opt for ‘silent and strong’ in public. belying the bravado, still waters run deep: leos mostly process their pain privately. although their stubbornness would prevent them from admitting to it, what they really crave is someone to validate their feelings, and accept them: even when they’re not radiating positive energy.

virgo: finding comfort in mundane routine, to keep their mind off things. particularly prone to repressing their feelings, to feel in control. can get lost in their own heads, overthinking every aspect and trying to pick apart ‘where it went wrong’. can isolate themselves, but what they really want is someone to listen - really listen - and understand.

libra: they seem visibly ‘off’ - subtle things, generally unbalanced. they may change their appearance, to physically manifest and process internal discord. they are similar to the virgo in actions: both signs are prone to have a clear out. but while the process/busywork of purging is where the virgo derives satisfaction, for the libra it is the end result: the feeling of open, airy space to breathe that makes this cathartic to them. 

scorpio: the intensity of their pain can lead them to sting - either their lost object of affection, themselves, or the people around them. it is not out of malice usually - moreso a reaction to feeling overwhelmed and out of control. if they are able to take their pain, and channel it into transformative empathy for others’ suffering they will feel a deep inner satisfaction - in turn healing themselves too.

sagittarius: in tune with their surroundings, and may avoid any places that trigger memories - or perhaps revisit them to torture themselves. they may spend an amount of time reminiscing, but once the past is over, it’s gone for them. they throw themselves into new environments, and new people both to distract them and move on.

capricorn: isolate themselves. try to find a logical reason for why things ended the way they did. they will seek to justify and rationalise their actions. can come across cold or unfeeling - while capricorns are generally logical, that does not mean they feel nothing - they just struggle with how to express this, which can manifest in visible frustration. finding an outlet, or an empathetic confidante they feel comfortable opening up to can help.

aquarius: aim to be frank with themselves about where things went wrong. prone to playing out every possible scenario in their heads: when the pain is fresh, replaying conversations, thinking up ‘solutions’ or ways to fix things. you can feel when they start to move on, because their thoughts shift to a more future oriented view: reimagining their lives without the other, for the better or worse. will contextualise heartbreak within the scope of their personal growth.

pisces: when a pisces loves, they merge and intertwine with another. losing someone can feel like a dilution of their very self. it is important for them to recalibrate, take the time and space to process who they were before, and during the relationship. of equal importance is who they are now, during and eventually, post heartbreak. it’s less about going back to what was, and more about getting in tune with what is, like water flowing.

Based on @paperficwriter‘s Genos headcanon(s)!


bizarre nightmares

“jewish girls are beautiful” “this blog supports jewish people” etc. posts don’t make me feel safer. they’re empty, hollow displays of allyship that mean nothing outside of this website, which is where our safety is actually threatened. where we face actual antisemitic violence. if you legitimately care about jewish safety the bare minimum you can do is at least reblog the posts WE make about antisemitism, elevate jewish voices, and bring up antisemitism to your friends, families, and co-workers. let go of that smug sense of comfort you get from reblogging positivity posts and do something that might be uncomfortable but is actually meaningful. 

go to an aries if you need: honesty, sarcasm, spirit, to let loose
go to a taurus if you need: comfort, food, life hacks, reassurance
go to a gemini if you need: just to talk, to laugh, bad puns, to feel young again
go to a cancer if you need: a hug, a mom, homemade cookies, to feel loved
go to a leo if you need: a funny story, real talk, drama, a ride or die friend
go to a virgo if you need: advice, a discussion, help, a wingman
go to a libra if you need: a friend, someone to back you up, to forget about the tough stuff, to cheer up
go to a scorpio if you need: excitement, passion, realness, a new perspective, adoration
go to a sagittarius if you need: brutal honesty, a laugh, to have fun, to gain insight
go to a capricorn if you need: dry humor, loyalty, money, to be taken care of
go to an aquarius if you need: a new experience, to be humbled, an adventure, a friend
go to a pisces if you need: acceptance, concern, to vent, to see proof of god

I have no words. my Spanish teacher is just the most wonderful person.
we talked about how much class I’ve been missing and the exam I missed and I let her know that I was ill this week but that also I had to leave school a week early freshman year and take a semester off because of my eating disorder, that I had been in treatment for 6 months, and now that I’m back in school and not relying on behaviors, my depression and anxiety have gotten out of control. I let her know I was getting documentation for disability services. she said not to worry, because our lowest exam grade is dropped, and if she has proper documentation from the disability office that I can make up my exam at the end of the year. I ended up staying 20 minutes after class just talking to her about everything that’s going on, and apparently she struggled with an ed and also has a friend who struggles severely as well, and she even teared up a bit when I was talking about my situation. she asked if I’d like her to text me before class if she remembers and say something along the lines of “can’t wait to see your smiling face today,” and originally I thought no but I was like, you know what, yes. I’d love that. I am just in awe of the amazing person she is and I feel so grateful to be at a college with such incredible professors

“it’s a bit impossible to forget about the boy who traces the constellations in the sky“ 

- @seung-vi / inkingbrushes 

little crewt headcanons

-credence escaped by hiding in the first place he found…so newt’s suitcase.

-newt finds him out when he hears a yelp coming from his case, newt tentatively opens it in his cabin. after getting over his shock, newt grins widely and hugs the life out of him. he has to let go quickly though because credence is soo not comfortable with touching atm.

-the voyage to london is pretty much newt writing furiously in his manuscript while credence watches him from the bed. newt asks him kindly if he’d not be happier wandering around the deck. credence looks at him with frightened eyes before looking down and saying “w-what would i do there?”

-newt suggests he goes to talk to people, be more sociable. credence asks how do you do that. newt says something before realizing he is also an awkward person and can’t really speak to people.

-both go to the deck supposedly to try to show credence how to make small talk with strangers but it ends up with newt yapping on about his nerdy love with creatures and credence listening in awe. the people around them stare at them like they’re crazy.

-the people are even more bewildered when credence asks what the erumpent mate-call was, and newt promptly stands up to show him. credence actually lets out a giggle.

I sound awful saying it but I think it can be like that. I see a lot of people in unstimulating relationships. And not just boyfriend-girlfriend relationships. They find themselves in stagnant friendships. If people were a little less scared of ending things they’d get more out of life… You meet the right person at the right time and they fulfill a certain something in your life. You fulfill something in theirs. But there’s a time limit to that.
—  Laura Marling
Mr. Min - Chapter 05 Preview 02

Hoseok returned with two more bottles of beer and managed to keep the conversation away from what was bothering Yoongi until he had nearly finished the first bottle. “Alright,” he said with a sigh and adjusted himself in his seat to get more comfortable, “let’s hear it. What’s going on with you?”
Yoongi rubbed his hand over his face with an annoyed sigh. “That’s just the thing,” he said with a resigned laugh, “I don’t even know what is wrong.”

“Well that’s helpful,” Hoseok said with a bright laugh. Leave it to him to always find the humor in a situation even when Yoongi’s thoughts were all bleak.

“I’m not sleeping much lately,” Yoongi finally answered with a shrug, as if the admission meant nothing. “I thought it was that I have been drinking too much coffee but I haven’t had any in days and still can’t sleep.”

Hoseok’s brows furrowed and the edges of his lips cast downwards as he studied his friend again. “How long has that been going on?”

“Since earlier this week. It started the night of that party the company threw for the anniversary.“

“That’s awfully specific. What happened that night?”

Yoongi’s mind flashed back to your eyes shining in the light with impending tears, smeared mascara across your cheeks, and the way you looked at him as if he wasn’t even human. He cleared his throat and shook his head to try to rid himself of the unwanted image that had haunted him since that night. “Nothing much,” he finally muttered and took another sip of his drink.

“Uh huh,” Hoseok said in a tone that conveyed his disbelief. “You know, if I charged you like a therapist I wouldn’t even have to work. You’re so repressed that you could be my only client and I could charge you for every hour you sit in front of me and say ‘I’m fine’ or ‘nothing is wrong’. I’m in the wrong field clearly.”

"There was a little fight that night,” Yoongi finally admitted with a groan, “but really, honestly, it hasn’t been bothering me.”

"I’m curious, does it ever work?”

Yoongi brought his eyes away from his drink to look at Hoseok and wrinkled his brows in confusion. “Does what work?”

“Lying to yourself like that. ‘It hasn’t been bothering me’ you say as you reek of booze and admit that you can’t sleep. I’ve known you my entire life, Yoongi, and I can’t say that I have ever seen you admit that you had a problem. So if you are content with living your life feeling whatever the hell it is that is going on in your mind right now instead of just facing what is troubling you then by all means continue to ignore your problems,” Hoseok sighed and leaned back in his chair to study the other patrons of the bar. He waited for Yoongi to say something, anything, to refute his observation. When the older man remained quiet and merely left his gaze on Hoseok, who stubbornly refused to meet his stare though he knew his friend well enough to have predicted it, he continued. “So why don’t you start with who the fight was with?”

"I don’t see why it matters.”

"Well, I’m not a doctor but stress usually factors into not being able to sleep. Maybe you can’t relax because of this fight.”

"It was with an employee of mine. It really hasn’t been bothering me,” Yoongi said and finished the rest of his drink. He had lost count of exactly how much he had drank and couldn’t remember the last time he had let himself get to such a state.

Hoseok let out an annoyed sigh and rolled his eyes before he took another swig of his beer. “Well if you aren’t going to tell me about it then just go sleep with that girl you’ve been fucking. That should wear you out enough to go to sleep, right?”

Yoongi bristled and rolled his empty tumbler between his fingers. “I can’t.”

"Why’s that? Did you finally break off your agreement with her?”


"Oh so she did? It’s about time. I can’t believe she agreed to be your sex slave in the first place. What kind of woman doesn’t have a problem with that,” Hoseok said with a laugh.

Yoongi took a sharp breath and tried to ignore the way his chest tightened with the way Hoseok spoke about you. “That isn’t it either. I can’t fuck her because she was who I fought with that night.”

He leaned forward and rested his arms on the table to get as close as he could to Yoongi, a sinister smile on his face. “Now it’s getting interesting. So what was it that caused the fight between you and your fuck doll?”

Yoongi wasn’t sure what happened in that moment but something inside of him burst. He could feel it, first in his chest as a sudden heat, then in his hands as they tightened around his glass tumbler before finally finding release through his throat. “Don’t call her that,” Yoongi growled. Hoseok paused only for a second in surprise before his eyes widened and suddenly his twisted smile had grown and he exposed every tooth in his mouth. Yoongi wanted to punch him and his stupid smile at that moment.

“So that’s what this is about!”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Yoongi snapped and looked around towards the bartender only to see a slew of people surrounding the man. “I need another drink. Why the fuck is the bar so busy?”

“You like her,” Hoseok said with an awestruck tone.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Yoongi said brusquely.

“Holy shit,” Hoseok whispered, completely ignoring his friend.

“Just for that this one is now mine,” Yoongi said with a glare and grabbed the second beer bottle Hoseok had bought. He pulled the top off and took a sip before giving an exaggerated sigh, “so refreshing.”

“Min Yoongi is capable of feelings stemming from somewhere other than his dick,” Hoseok muttered to himself in disbelief.

NurseyDex | 1+k | Fluff |

Neither of them are awake when the other seems to be. They find a compromise.


“Nursey, come on you said you’d come and get breakfast with me!” Dex is standing over his boyfriend, already dressed and starving.

Nursey just rolls over, pulling the covers over his head with a groan.

“Five more minutes….”

“Nursey!” Dex tugs at the quilt, huffing out an agitated sigh as Nursey’s grip becomes iron like as he clings to the comforter.

“Dex no!”

“Fine!” Dex lets go, huffing again, before turning around to grab his bag from where it’s propped on Nursey’s chair.

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Lords Reactions to MC Clinging to Them in Her Sleep

What a brilliant boost to his ego
“You pretty little fool…” he’d murmur while affectionately brushing hair out of your face
More than likely, he’d pull you closer to him while you’re asleep, and then push you away and belittle you when dawn breaks
Secretly, he prays that’ll you’ll cling to him more often
The day he says it out loud is when he’s dead

Wakes you up because he thinks you’re having a nightmare
But then you explain to him that he’s warm and having his body so close is comforting
Doesn’t let you go for the rest of the night
Feels so loved
If you don’t grab him in the middle of the night he’ll definitely grab you

Doesn’t know how to react??
You just grabbed him in the middle of the night and clung to him like a koala
Is a Mess™
Tries to wake you up, but you just shake your head and press closer
Smiles softly almost cries because you’re so angelic
Attempts not to move too much for the rest of the night, so he doesn’t disturb your rest

“Oh little lady…”
Chides himself for falling in love with you more than he already has
Doesn’t sleep at all, just because he’s so busy watching you
His face is perfect so he doesn’t get bags under his eyes, but it doesn’t take you long to figure out he watches you while you sleep
Once he just delicately ran the pads of his fingers over your eyes, nose, and lips while you slept and woke you up by accident
“Sleep tight, little lady”

Is very surprised by the sudden heat source
Then realizes it’s you, nuzzling your head into his chest as you murmur unintelligible tidbits from your dreams
Happily clings to you as well
“Dream about me, please…”

His Precious Girl™
He’s so overwhelmed with emotion for you
Peppers your face in tiny kisses while you’re sleeping
When you wake up he just apologizes unabashedly
“Sorry, precious girl, I couldn’t help myself.”
Cuddles you back to sleep, so hopefully you’ll resume clinging to him

Cue his Sad Smile™
But he really has nothing to be sad about, he’s just overwhelmed by the fact that he gets to be close to you like this
Like Yukimura, he’ll try his hardest not to wake you up because you look so peaceful
But at the same time he can’t bring himself to go back to sleep because he’s so busy watching you sleep
Resists kissing you until you wake up, just because he’s gotta keep up that nice guy reputation
Your warmth eventually lulls him back into slumber
His new favorite feeling is him waking up with you clinging to him like he’s your last breath of air

He’s the master of platonic cuddles, sure, but this is something entirely different
Takes the rest of the night to realize how madly in love he is with you
You wake up to find him staring down at you first thing in the morning
He just smiles at you, and he looks so young and boyish
“Your snore is so cute”

“What exactly do you think you are doing?”
Then he realizes that you’re dead asleep, and clung to him in the midst of a deep slumber
Sighs heavily, followed by a small smile
Sleeps a little more peacefully that night
Complains about it the next day

He’s a light sleeper, so the second you grab onto the front of his robes he’s instantly awake
Instantly tries to push you away
“Roll over and go back to bed. You’re disturbing my rest.”
But you keep trying to grab onto him, even though he’s all skin and bones with some muscle here and there, he’s the most comfortable pillow one could ask for
The moment you sigh “Mitsun” he gives up on putting up a fight
He realizes he quite enjoys you being snuggled up to him like this
Goes back to sleep a happy man

Loves being your personal body pillow
Practically crushes you against him if you cling to him but you don’t mind
The both of you toss and turn a lot though, so when you wake up it’s a mess of tangled limbs and discarded sheets
“Now I can die a happy man”
Even if you snore and drool, he still finds you the most beautiful thing in all of Japan
Probably because he snores and drools too

He’s probably the one clinging to you in the middle of the night
But he’ll be absolutely ecstatic if you cling back
You guys are the ultimate snuggle buddies
He’ll rub your back and comb his fingers through your hair as you sleep
You’ll do the same and he could die at that moment with no regrets
If he wakes up first, he’ll kiss you until you wake up


june 2014 | december 2015 | june 2016 | yesterday
this is gonna be a long post.

i’ve always been fairly average when it comes to my weight…in 2014, i really let myself go. i got comfortable with hating myself. i didn’t have the motivation to change. in 2015, i made many steps to choose me. it wasn’t about anyone else, it was me. i never chose myself and at first it felt selfish…but self love is my biggest driving force. if you don’t care about yourself, nurture yourself, love yourself, you won’t get far in anything. you are the most important person in your life. take care of your body, mind and soul and watch how you get rewarded in every aspect of your life.

i said id get my body back and i went back and i got BETTER. can’t stop, won’t stop y'all. yesterday was leg day and i got 195 for 4 and when i first started, i could barely do 20 for 10…and i’m 50 pounds down. it all takes time and i will always be patient. i’ll get there 💪🏽 thank you to everyone who motivates me daily and of course, special s/o to God for always having my back through my toughest days. i really love who i’m becoming.