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Miya Folick knows that you have dirty underwear because, shit, we all have it. No one is perfect. It feels connected us to more of the universe when we start to remember what lovely flawed human beings we all are. We puke from time to time. We lie from time to time. We make lots and lots of mistakes. These are her ruminations she feels when she’s writing music. Let’s be honest, no one is perfect. Listen to her songs with that reminder.

Dear Mark, 

…I had some people over and one of them drank too much and was sleep-puking from the couch onto the floor. I watched as another friend, without hesitation, brought her a cold towel and a bowl. I watched her pick up the sick friend’s head and gently, but forcefully, pull it off the couch and over the bowl. She said all the things I would have liked her to be saying to me if I were in that situation…

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West Philly’s Hallowed Bells Allison Stout never intended to be a technology-based artist. She wrote to me recently about her creative path, the growth of a project, and how her a relationship with collaborator Darian Scatton dives into their obsessions of dots and loops. The sound they began producing together reached into old, forgotten electric relics. From here, they started to press all the buttons to where their hearts were inspired.

Hi Mark,

…“What should we do today?” and he answered, “Record some music.” That might have been it.  We started out with me playing Rhodes piano and Darian playing a little 1980’s Casiotone keyboard and his K-Station synth that he’d had for years.  But before long, we became restless for new sounds and soon found ourselves slipping deeper and deeper into the world of electronic instruments..

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Get to know YVYNYL

Last year, Tumblr polled 50+ music bloggers to find out their favorite albums, songs, videos and blogs on Tumblr. The blog they loved most was Mark Schoneveld’s YVYNYLWe had a chat with Mark so you can get to know the brain behind the blog. 

When did you start your blog? What inspired you to do it?

YVYNYL: I started YVYNYL the day that Tumblr launched to the public. I already had another personal blog elsewhere so I decided immediately to use the Tumblr platform for blogging about music. In fact, I’ve been told that I have one of the oldest user accounts on the site.

Most exciting changes your blog has undergone since you registered for Tumblr in April 2007?

YVYNYL: My “Letters to YVYNYL” project is my most challenging time commitment, but by far the most rewarding. I love hearing what drives artists forward, and what makes them tick.

Who is this year’s Artist to Watch?

YVYNYL: Cemeteries, Postaal, Cross Record, Shana Falana, Redspenser are some young artists I’ve recently posted about on Tumblr, not surprisingly, ones with totally different sounds. I don’t really post on Tumblr like a game to win. It takes all types of artists to make the world go ‘round, an calculating winners and losers isn’t my favorite pastime. If I post about someone it’s because I was touched by their story, or understood their place in the infinite pantheon of music, or simply got their vibe.

Favorite new artists from home base Philadelphia?

YVYNYL: I’ve been a fan of Philly’s Hop Along, surf pop The Yetis, and indie rockers Cousin Brian. Watch Marian Hill (Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol) blow up. This is their year.

Who’s an artist, pre-2000s, that you think would have been awesome at Tumblr and why?

YVYNYL: I can’t help but immediately think of Sonic Youth because they had it all: a sound, style, and grace, but with a growl that would put you to your knees. Kim has like a million followers on Instagram because she just came out with an (excellent) book, but if the band came back together, they’d be slaying the Tumblr scene with historical images, sounds and stories of their rock star lives without a doubt.

Favorite song right now?

YVYNYL:  “Sparks” - Beach House


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San Diego’s Joel van Norte is one of those guys who claims to be musician by hobby only. Despite his excellent infectious surf singles he shared with me recently, he tells me that he’s not a professional musician but a marine biologist. I asked him to send me a bit more about what that means, and it turns out to be a lot more than fishing. Read on while you listen to his newest tracks:

Ok Mark, 

…they are about the opposite of deep-sea fish, as they are restricted to waters above 10m, that’s about the same depth that an average Hawaiian can freedive. So, out of that vast ocean, they prefer just the upper fringe…

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Family and Country

My friend John “Bueno” McCartney has been playing music with his fiance for years. He and I work in the same office pretty regularly, so during our lunch time, naturally, we talk about music. One day, he began sharing what it was like to have two separate music projects within one couple, how working with a lover changes everything, and what he and Kristin Bigness do to make it stay fruitful. So of course, I asked him to write his thoughts out in a letter:

Dear Mark, 

…even this letter was pretty difficult to write, as when I started it, I was in a pretty dark place and my first revision immediately got us into a fight…

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