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is it possible to have like, low empathy and hyperempathy but at different times and with different things? example: i have a hard time empathizing with other people but will start crying at the thought of someone leaving an inanimate object somewhere

yeah thats common in ppl with like….. all sorts of mental illnesses

and in autistic ppl sometimes too

Tord: I run a workshop around these parts! I mostly get paid for repairing things, such as vehicles, robotics, house appliances, or anything mechanical, you name it!

Tord: Mmm, all sorts of kinds. As of now I’ve made stuff like remote controlled toys, steam-powered robots, prosthetics….and maybe a portable sofa, once.

As for guns- I like ‘em, and I own a few but I do not make them. No further comment.

Tord: Depends. Small projects tend to take about a week, while robots with built-in AI take several weeks or months. Maybe less if I don’t sleep. 

Tord: I’ve considered working on huge projects before though, probably something cool like….a giant robot. But that would take me literally years or decades…

Just kidding. I do not have the time, nor funds to build such a thing.

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how the fuck is hamilton racist lmao







here are some posts that could explain the issues better than i ever could

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((Why did you keep tagging stuff enano gigante?))

//IT’S AN INTERNAL JOKE BETWEEN ME AND MY FRIEND, we jumped on that bandwagon of giving Richjke an artsy name like P1nkberry or Cinnabun or w/e and we just gave it that, it literally just translates to Small Giant pfff

Between me and @corals-art-and-stuff gotta tag my friend give her the proper credit ily Evy

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Is it bad to headcannon characters that are minors as being a certain sexuality like asexual or gay?

asexual yes, gay no

let me explain

i’m only referring to young minors here (from elementary to middle school) but the issue with headcanoning characters who are minor as asexual is that asexuality is entirely based around sex. when you headcanon minors as asexual you’re implicitly thinking about their feelings about sex and whether or not they experience sexual attraction. that’s creepy. that’s wrong. don’t do that. 

on the other hand, headcanoning minors as gay is fine! being gay is not all about sex. kids can be gay. kids can have crushes on their friends and hold hands with them. it’s not about sex and therefore thinking a character might be gay is fine. it’s good. it’s encouraged 

so let me reiterate:

asexuality = all about sex! 

being gay = not all about sex! 

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Prompt- Jamie looking at Claire in the surgery at Leoch when she is 'checking his bandages' after too much Rhenish. Maybe Claire looking back...

Hello Anonymous! Thank you for this prompt! This was a great scene…all the meaningful looks…a (more than) slightly tipsy Claire…

We present Jamie & Claire in the surgery at Castle Leoch. We hope you like it.

Keep those prompts coming! We are having a ball with them! ~ Mod Brandee

Tom: Yep, when I said “later”, I definitely meant “today”. I still have some time left, but I suppose I’ll head out now and grab a quick meal before visiting his workshop. There’s a place that I always frequent at with the others, and it shouldn’t be that packed yet.

And “good ideas”, you think so? While I’m also as excited as you all are, I’m still rather nervous…

Tom: To build something of mine. I’ve made plans to help improve some businesses and I’ve given ideas to alter their products so they’d sell better, but I’ve never gotten someone to create from scratch, especially if it’s coming from me. 

I mean I do have one big invention in mind but I’ve got several others too. Smaller projects, maybe he needs some ideas himself to work on so I’m bringing along some other suggestions too.

Tom: … Maybe with his work, considering that he’s the only known inventor in town so far, but thanks for the concern. 

Tom: Well, I’m off.


They’re finally done. I could cry. 

For the past two weeks I’ve been making mantic discs from a fallen holly tree. It’s been pretty tough work, but I’m so happy with the results!

I wanted my own runes, but I didn’t want to use Norse ones. I also didn’t want to call them “runes” since these letters aren’t in the ancient Germanic alphabet. So I decided to do one with the Greek alphabet.

So I got discs from a holly branch, sanded them down three times, traced on the letters, burned them, applied mod podge, and then finally today I was able to apply a sealant. 

Each disc is two-sided, with the lower-case on one side and capitalization on the other side (this is demonstrated in the top two pictures). I figured I could use this as a divination advantage as well - lower-case means just a little, upper-case means a lot!

“But the Greek letters don’t mean anything.” I know. I provided my own solution for this! I went through the wikipedia pages regarding what Greek letters are currently used for in math and science and tried to simplify those into basic ideas, similar to tarot card descriptions. (Also similarly to tarot, there is some overlap, and sometimes meaning seem contradictory - as with all divination, use your intuition.)

In case any other Hellenics would like to use the meanings I derived for their own uses, here they are!

Greek Alphabet Divinatory Meanings
Α α (alpha): powerful force, attack, source
Β β (beta): supporter, logic, balance
Γ γ (gamma): foundation, heart, guide
Δ δ (delta): threshold, error, change
Ε ε (epsilon): mistake, sign, permission
Ζ ζ (zeta): obstacle, delay, movement
Η η (eta): illusion, clarity, efficiency
Θ θ (theta): recovery, damage, time
Ι ι (iota): a map, space, size
Κ κ (kappa): attraction, communication, charm
Λ λ (lambda): steadfast, flexibility, adaptability
Μ μ (mu): infinity, measurement, chance
Ν ν (nu): error, autonomy, recurrences
Ξ ξ (xi): unity, collaboration, surprises
Ο ο (omicron): limits, patterns, abilities
Π π (pi): gain, reality, wits
Ρ ρ (rho): resistance, fault, ideology
Σ σ/ς (sigma): end, a crossing, split
Τ τ (tau): consistency, openness, drear
Υ υ (upsilon): freedom, energy, vice
Φ φ (phi): reciprocity, beauty, worth
Χ χ (chi): transformation, stability, consequence
Ψ ψ (psi): potential, flow, purpose
Ω ω (omega): domination, zealousness, pressure

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Do you have any tips on writing an intro letter to your advisor adressing the fact that you're nonbinary and have prefered pronouns?

Dear Title of Advisor and Advisor’s Name Here,

My name is Insert Preferred Name Here. However, you may know me as Insert Birth Name Here in your records. I am a nonbinary person which means my gender is neither male nor female. I use Insert Preferred Pronouns Here

Here’s an example of how to use my pronouns: Write examples using your name and pronouns.

I look forward to meeting with you this year. 

Thank you for your time,

-Your Name Here
Relevant Contact Information Here (eg. email, phone number, student ID, etc.)

It’s important to be direct, respectful and clearly explain your gender identity and pronouns (and how to use them). Use the template above if you so chose. Good luck!


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For the ask "I want excellent writing and really deep and interesting characterization" here are a couple really outstandingly fics that aren't as well known. The Diaries of Bucky Barnes by afterlifeoftheparty (i've recced it before but this fic is truly extraordinary) ; You gotta know by MMXIII; Heirloom by HunterPeverell ; How They Make You a Weapon - the comic by monicawoe ; the new and improved Eat Rotten Fruit by birdbrains; letters we never sent by newsbypostcard; Wasp Harvest by Overlithe

Thank you for writing in!

The Diaries of Bucky Barnes by afterlifeoftheparty

“This young soldier was writing about war, but not only that. No, the most remarkable extracts from his diaries are the ones about emotions; those passages in which he writes about loss and pain and loyalty and love.”

When Bucky Barnes’ diaries are leaked in the 70s, reactions vary from one thing to another, even decades later.

You gotta know by MMXIII

After a long day Bucky’s frustrated about the way things are.

Heirloom by HunterPeverell

5 times Steve Rogers lost himself to Captain America and 1 time Steve Rogers showed everyone who he truly was.

How They Make You a Weapon - the comic by monicawoe

How They Make You a Weapon - the comic

Eat Rotten Fruit (series, WIP) by birdbrains

Steve is putting a crimp in Bucky’s plan to pretend everything is normal post-WS, and he tests Steve’s patience by turning it all into a joke. But Steve can take a joke.

letters we never sent by newsbypostcard

In 1944, Steve finds a stack of letters Bucky wrote to him during the war and never sent. In 2014, Bucky finds the same from Steve (and then steals them out of the Smithsonian).

In 2016, they run out of time again.

It turns out that neither one of them can quite break the habit.

Wasp Harvest by Overlithe

We are going to do great things together.’ 1947: Bucky Barnes wakes up to a metal arm and Arnim Zola’s voice. 1979: Alexander Pierce, newly-minted member of Hydra, takes over a now-useless asset tucked away in a vault. 2014: The master has a mission for the soldier. This is everything that happens in between.

Or: Bucky Barnes, disassembled. The Winter Soldier, assembled. Horror/thriller. MCU with a few shout-outs to the comics. Gen, but you can read some Bucky/Steve and a tiny little bit of Bucky/Nat into it if you’d like.

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HOLY SHIT GUYS HOLY SHIT OKAY SO IM FOLLOWING THIS WLW BLOG AND THEY GET AN ASK FROM AN ANON ASKING IF THEYRE AN EXCLUSIONIST AND I SHIT YOU NOT THE ANON LEGIT SAYS "They're Literally all nasty allos who need to get hiv" LIKE??? What the fuck?? (Also yes, I would like to see pics of your cats)

aces continue to be serophobic, unsurprising

all of these jin appreciation and defense squad posts make me so so so so happy, along with the beautiful callout post by mellonjin asdklfjasdlf bIGHIT YOU BETTER FIX YOUR ACT OR US ARMYS ARE COMING FOR YOUR ASS

plus the replies to anon hate, mWAH, beautiful

we got #WeWantSeokjin trending and more light onto this problem and asldkfjasldf BLESS ARMY at least the ones who deserve the name

Tord: Eh, my personal record was about…5? But again, it depends on how complex the projects are and how less I sleep, heh.

Tord: There were times where I’ve gotten frustrated, yes. But I wouldn’t go as far as to destroy said project, it honestly would’ve just made things worse for me.

Tord: Right now, nope. I’m putting more focus into my actual job at the moment. I’m glad a handful of you would take interest, though.

And a visitor…? I’d get several customers requesting for repairs every day, so now I’m curious as to who you’re talking about..