letters to the children of troy

the words that make an origin story

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Community Appreciation Week 2017
Day 1: favorite character (Troy Barnes)

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Troy knows that he’s not the smartest. It never really bothers him, because his teacher knows that he tries and she never yells at him. He’s only six years old, his mom says, and learning will come with time. Figuring out the difference between the little letter ‘b’ and the little letter ‘d’ just requires practice. Adding and subtracting the numbers his teacher gives him might take him a few moments longer than the rest of the kids, but she’s never said anything about the way he counts on his fingers. Practice, practice, practice – that’s all he needs. The schooling environment is harder for some children, the adults say to each other when they think he isn’t listening, but everything evens out in the end and Troy will be just fine with practice.

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  • Achilles: I may not live to see our glory
  • Aphrodite: Hephy? There's a letter for you
  • Hephaestus: It's from Achilles. I'll read it later
  • Achilles: But I will gladly join the fight
  • Aphrodite: No. It's from his Mother
  • Hephaestus: His mother?
  • Achilles: And when our children tell our story
  • Hephaestus: Will you read it?
  • Achilles: They'll tell the story of tonight
  • Aphrodite: {Reading the letter} On Tuesday the 27th, my son was killed in a battle against Troyan troops retreating from Troy. As you know, Achilles dreamed of emancipating and recruiting 3000 men for the first all-black military regiment
  • His dream of freedom for these men dies with him."
  • Achilles: Tomorrow there'll be more of us...
  • Aphrodite: Hephy. Are you alright?
  • Hephaestus: ....I-I have so much work to do.....