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An Open Letter to my Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

I pray that your patience with me will be as much as the love you’ll have for me. I’ll be the most challenging person you’ve come in contact with, but I promise you I’ll be worth it. I have so much I need to work on for myself and my only hope is that you’ll be supporting me in any way you think we will benefit as a team. I promise to love you and everything about you, I promise to be your number one supporter and cheerleader. I pray that as I work on myself, you’ll be working on yourself so that we can be the ultimate team God would want us to be. I’ll admit I’m very self conscious and stuck in this “being way too passive” phase. But I’m working on it for me, for us and our future family. My promise to you is that I’ll work hard now, working and getting a degree that’ll lead into a career so that we maybe able to take care of and provide for our future kids. I can’t wait to meet you and start our journey together. But until then, just know I pray about your well being and that we will have the patience and strength to endure each other and all other trials we shall face. I pray that we’ll have that fairy tale love and happily ever after when the time is right, and we’ve become who we are meant to be to meet each other I pray you’ll walk in my life soon, so that we may start our journey together, but for now. I love you,

  • your future wife

Blogger: Taylor must speak up and denounce these accusations I’m making. Her silence equates to an admission of guilt.

Taylor: Has a cease and desist letter sent to blogger denouncing the accusations as absolutely false and defamatory.

Blogger: Well I never…Taylor Swift is violating my free speech by denouncing the defamatory accusations I publicly lobbied against her demanding she denounce them 🙃🤔🤦🏻‍♀️

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ID #69762

Name: Serena
Age: 18
Country: Ireland 

Hey everyone,
so this is my first time looking for a penpal
Looking to make friends with other people and to send letters and little gifts
I’m non-binary and pansexual
I use they/them pronouns
I am hoping to go to college later on this year to study biotechnology
I am also a small youtuber and lifestyle blogger
I love watching YouTube, my favs are MilesChronicles, Harmony Nice, Melanie Murphy, LaurDIY, Lucy Moon, Simply_Kenna and Arden Rose
I love alternative/punk/rock/indie music
my favourite music artists are Halsey, Hozier, Fall Out Boy, The Vamps, Melanie Martinez, Panic! at the disco, Demi Lovato, 5 Seconds of Summer, Arctic Monkeys.
I love Divergent series, Harry Potter and SHERLOCK!!!!
I love reading and writing short stories and poetry.
I speak fluent English and Irish and moderate Spanish.
I want to penpal so I can have another creative outlet and also make friends in the process. 

Preferences: Snail mail if possible but email is ok too!!! Any gender, sexuality, age, nationality!!! Just no homophobes or transphobes!!!

Confessions to the signs (Scorpio personal experience)

Aries: I find it beautiful when you mess around in a care free way, teasing loved ones with a light in your eyes.

Taurus: If we live together whilst an apocalypse is happening i swear i cant stand you, your constant moaning and negativity will get us killed, literally. 

Gemini: Sometimes i cant stand your inconsistency and the amount of times you run away yet you seem to run away. But i know you’ll always be back and i love you dearly. 

Cancer: Your so cute when messing around with me and i swear we can play fight and it makes my day just to be children again. I miss you. 

Leo: You can be super annoying, arrogant, stupid, but i love you cause i know i will never find anyone who cares as much as you.

Virgo: I cant get over you, you don’t say whats on your heart and mind but your eyes say it all. And oh god, i could look into those eyes for ages standing this close.

Libra: I can’t believe you got away with lying to me, i loved you and cared about you and all you did was hurt me more than anyone has. I’ve never questioned my life as much as i did after you hurt me, you deserve a round of applause for your ability to lie to me. But i know you were in over your head and you cared and i forgive you, but ill never forget or be the same again.

Scorpio: You love me they way i need, support and let me support you too. You are the life i need.

Sagittarius: Run away with me, lets be children for a while, forget the world. 

Capricorn: You feel like home, safety, I’ve never felt so comfortable with anyone than when i’m talking to you. I crave to be in your presence because I’ve never met anyone like you before so it confuses the life out of me. But you’re taken and too good for me.

Aquarius: Your face and smile was my favorite thing ever, talking to you about crazy things. We could have been something beautiful but you ran away before we had the chance. 

Pisces: You are a baby i feel i need to protect at all costs and your hugs are the best and you are so emotional over everything it is both cute and annoying.

When I say I love you more, I don’t mean
I love you more than you love me. I mean
I love you more than the bad days ahead of us, I love you more than any fight we will ever have. I love you more than the distance, I love you more than any obstacle that could try and come between us. I love you the most!

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Wonderarse: Roy and his hating on pop songs

“What the hell is this crap?” Arsenal scoffed as he walked into the apartment. Cassie was dancing around the apartment, singing to the music as she vacuumed.

“This is Carly Rae Jepsen,” the blonde informed her boyfriend as she stopped the vacuum. She stepped towards him and gave him a sweet peck on the lips.

“More like Carly Rae Shitsen.”

“Hey! I like this song!” Cassie protested, lightly slapping him on the chest. He jokingly growled, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close for a much deeper kiss.

The vacuum sat abandoned for the rest of the evening.