letters to newtown


Letters to Newtown – the Tumblr launched by a partnership between Mother Jones and Storyboard – was featured on Anderson Cooper 360 last week.

Dear Family,

I really would like to be by your side to give you a hug. What happened is an immense tragedy. I know that your sons and daughters reached for the stars and had dreams just as high. I don’t have any answers for the “Whys?” that pop in your minds. Why my son or daughter? Why me? What did I do to deserve this? The only thing I know is that there’s a God in heaven that loves us and that above all is good. Those angels are in heaven skipping and playing, smiling, laughing, beautiful as ever. Surely they keep mischief-making without malice and giving the angels headaches :) My prayers are for you and your families. May God give you the peace that only he knows how to give.

May God bless you with love,


Translation by Ian Gordon.