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USA Hockey takes another wrong turn in talks with women's team
Fielding replacement players during labor disputes has shown to be a futile negotiating tactic. But that's another lesson lost on USA Hockey in its bungled talks with its women's national team.

After threatening for nearly a month to send a backup team to the world championships if the U.S. women’s team held fast on its decision to boycott the tournament in Michigan next week because of unmet demands for a new contract and more equitable treatment, USA Hockey scrambled over the past three days to muster a substitute team.

And the response the federation received by its self-imposed Friday 5 p.m. deadline was exactly what the national team players warned it would be: lousy and embarrassing.

So far, no player contacted via the form-letter email USA Hockey sent out Wednesday has publicly stepped forward to say, yes, that she would defy the players’ boycott and be available to play.

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To help you survive the last 23 days until season two, I present you my all times favourite malec fanfictions

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That Last Post

I wasn’t even going to touch the subject until I saw the “Montreal will love you forever, you will always be 13 to us” for Mike Cammalleri on that blog.

You’re a fan of a team where because he wasn’t on the level of the likes of Jean Beliveau, Maurice Richard, Guy Lafleur, Doug Harvey, Ken Dryden, Patrick Roy, Larry Robinson, (I could stop there and impress you but there’s still TEN more retired numbers I haven’t touched), Saku Koivu will never be seen as the only #11 that matters in an official sense. Scott Gomez is wearing his number less than two years later, doing absolutely nothing with it while raking in more money than Koivu was ever given by the team he defined his career with.

Not saying Koivu is a hall of famer, he’s not. But that’s a guy that meant a billion times more to the Habs history than Mike Cammalleri.

Cammalleri is a second line producer, who was on your team for two and a half years. That is not a timeless player on any franchise. He’s a decent player, but when we’re talking about the Montreal Canadiens? He’s not the guy you write a chapter of a team history book about, rather the one you check the glossary for after because you swear you haven’t seen a single mention.

All I’m saying is, learn the history if you’re going to speak it. This has been an actual letter, though to a hockey “fan”, not a player.


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