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Resources for 125+ languages

I’ve found this list with resources for over 125 languages on pastebin (https://pastebin.com/UjkfE3qk - I can’t use hyperlinks in this post for some reason). I reposted it under the cut in case it ever gets lost but it includes the following languages:

Afrikaans, Ainu, Akkadian, Albanian, Ancient Sanskrit, Arabic (MSA as well as six dialects), Aramaic, Armenian, Assyrian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Bengali, Berber, Breton, Cajun, French, Cantonese, Catalan, Cherokee, Classical Armenian, Classical Greek, Classical Latin, Coptic, Cornish, Crimean Gothic, Croatian, Czech, Dari, Dutch, Egyptian, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Faeroese, Farsi, Finnish, French, Frisian, Furlan, Genovese, Georgian, German, Gothic, Greek (Modern), Greenlandic, Guarani, Hakka, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hittite, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Inuktitut, Irish , Italian, Japanese, Jèrriais, Koine Greek, Khmer, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Maltese, Manchu, Mandarin Chinese, Manx, Maori, Mari, Mayan (Classical), Mayan (Tzotzil), Mayan (Yucatec), Mixtec, Nahuatl, Norwegian, Okinawan, Old Church Slavonic, Old English, Old Iranian, Old Irish, Old Norse, Old Prussian, Old Tupi, Persian, Middle Polish, Portuguese, Proto-Indo-European, Quechua, Romanian, Rromani, Russian, Sami, Sanskrit, Scottish Gaelic, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Shanghainese, Sicilian, Slovene, Sm'algyax, Spanish, Sumerian, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik, Tengwar, Thai, Tocharian, Tok Pisin, Toki Pona, Tongan, Turkish, Vietnamese, Volapük, Welsh, Wu, Xibe, Yoruba, Yup'ik and Zulu

Some of the links are broken and there are more resources for some languages than for others but I still think it’s really worth checking out, especially for those of you interested in lesser known languages.

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Casetes d'escrivents al costat del Palau de la Virreina, c.1908.
AFB. Frederic Ballell. Source

These “little houses” were where scribes worked. People who didn’t know how to read and write went there to get their letters read out loud or written down.
In the picture, “casetes d’escrivents” near the Virreina Palace, Barcelona, c.1908

ID #39239

Name: Noemi
Age: 19
Country: Italy

hello, little flowers!
it’s my first time doing something like this and i’m really excited. what should i say? i never ever had a pen pal and it would be / great / to find someone completely different from me!
people describe me as a really weird, kinda outgoing and helpful person.
i don’t really have preferences, you can be from wherever, it’s always nice to know more about different countries and cultures!
so, please, contact me if you are ready to exchange tons of letters, stickers and cute things.

Preferences: from 17 to 21. any gender, LGBTQ+ friendly


looking for penpals!!!🌼
Hello friends!!
I’m Julia and I’m 18 years old girl living in Poland.
I’m looking for penpals from all over the world!! Literally whatever country you’re from is just great!!
I’m an aspiring filmmaker and actress. My main interests are art, cinematography, music, fashion, photography and basically everything that is connected to creating smth!!
I speak English and a little bit of Norwegian (ayy SKAM fans where u @) so that would be cool if we could exchange letters/emails in one of those languages.
Feel free to slide into the DMs :~)
Also your reblog would mean so much to me because that way this post can reach more people💜
hope you’re having a beautiful day!!
Xo Julia

ID #51276

Name: Anouk
Age: 19
Country: The Netherlands

Hello wonderful people! I am a creative, curious, bubbly girl from Europe! People generally say I am always busy with something and they aren’t wrong. I guess you could say the word no isn’t written in my dictionary. Focusing on just one thing is incredibly hard since I simple like too much :s My life is basically an organized chaos.

 I am currently in the second year of the study industrial engineering and management, but besides that I do a lot of projects that have nothing to do with my study such as theatre, volunteer work with refugees and statusholders, following extra lectures and joining brain storm sessions about the innovation of the educational system. Besides school I have two part time jobs: a very exciting job at the supermarket and at my own school for promotion things.

In the free time I have left I like to write in my journals: from stories about daily life to poetry. My journals are the place for my overload of thoughts and basically tell my life story. I like to watch series such as NCIS, Elementary, Dr Bull, Bones & Castles. Besides that I like reading. Reading for me is entering another world and forgetting everything that is happening around you. Music is a thing I can’t live without: it gives me the words I can’t find myself. This means that I always have my earphones with me and that it’s seriously a disaster when I don’t have them. 

 I am a huge culture and language lover. I am fascinated by all the different cultures that live together on this world and I wish to discover this by traveling. My native language is Dutch and I am quite fluent in English. My German and French are okay and I am learning Portuguese. I am literally open to every language. I see a language of a piece of art: each language is unique and has its own story.

I am looking for a penpal to talk about anything and I generally write a lot so long letters/messages are very welcome. I try to give my letters a special touch by adding little gifts, dried flowers, postcards and fun lists. If you didn’t fall asleep yet reading this terribly long post (I am a bit sarcastic from time to time too) shoot me a message :)

Preferences: Let’s say around the age age of 16-21 and if you want to write letters preferably from Europe since snailmail hasn’t always worked out for me outside Europe, but we can always try. In september I am perhaps going to study in Denmark for a half year, so if you are from Denmark, definitely shoot me a message then ^^

Hey I am Liz! I am a 25 year old queer girl. I am American Canadian and residing in Canada. I am a teacher, model, and nomad. I love to travel, be outside in nature, cuddle up to animals, and spend my time with adorable kids.

I am a nerd and dork. I love to read, write poems and short stories, perform slam poetry, read comics, watch anime, and Netflix and I have a serious relationship going. I love music, it is playing constantly. I also love soccer, dance, working out, yoga, hiking, camping, kayaking, the list goes on. :p

I am looking for pen pals, due to a mix of things. Firstly my mental health. I have anxiety, and prone to depression due to PTSD, and genetics. Lately it has been triggered, and I do have lovely friends but they are partnered up or married, and it’s not easy being the single one in all of them.

Secondly, I have health issues that leave me with lots of time sometimes, and to have someone to connect and write to would be really lovely. 

Third, I would love to connect with people, and maybe find ways to travel and meet lovely humans all over!

Hello buddies!
My name is Sarah,i come from Italy and i m 16.
I speak english,a little bit of spanish and italian (what the hell am i saying,of course i can speak italian lol sorry).
i’d really adore being a Tumblr Buddy of you,in my being humble i can assure i am quite a trash and meme person and occasionaly funny.
i read a lot,mostly novels and fantasy stuff;i also follow a lot of tv shows (GoT,Shameless,Poldark,Sherlock,Doctor Who and more).
i love comics and Marvel films but also i really appreciate DC and every form of art in general so we could discuss almost about everything.
i listen to indie,rock and alternative music like imagine dragons,arctic monkeys,the neighbourhood,bastille,21Pilots,King of Leon,ecc…
Tumblr: @lonekiddo or @trashsucker (ur choice)
Other interests: dance,psychology,astrology,I like deep talks and foreign languages in general (i m trying to study svedish).
What I would like in a Tumblr Buddy: from 15 to 20 years old,someone who is really open minded.
Preferred method of contact: Tumblr. thank you very much,see ya☯️💫👽

Outgoing mail: 
Package to Zoe in England + letters to Doris in Austria, Jennifer F. in Japan, Naomi in Montenegro, Jennifer M. in Germany and Verena also in Germany.
Off to the post office to get some stamps! :D

Happy snail mailing, everyone! ♥

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the redeeming part of this though is that that person destroys and mixes them to make her own colours for photoshoots and that at least makes my poor ass feel a little better,

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Imagine Bucky wrote Steve letters from Europe but Steve never got them because he got swept up in the whole Cap thing. Imagine Steve when he gets a call from the Smithsonian after the Battle of New York asking if he'd like to go through the collection of his things. Imagine Steve finding the letters he never got, still sealed, taking them home and reading them with shaking hands and wet eyes. Imagine Steve curled up in bed with them pressed to his chest afraid to sleep for fear he will dream...

…made it over here OK… English beer worse than piss but… good atmosphere and the boys are… all sending SWALK to their sweethearts and you’re the best I got so…

…shipping out, can’t tell you where but the big cheese says… [redacted] looks just like St Catherine’s but with more bullet holes… miss you… SWALK

…don’t know if the mail is getting thru, if you wrote back it hasn’t arrived… SWALK you little bastard…

…shot him in the… there was nothing left, Moloney looked thru his pockets and the kid has a picture of his mother… don’t know if I can… let me know you’re OK…

…please let me know… really scared, Stevie… was right next to me and went down like a ton of bricks shot right thru the… blood on my… so scared please God let me hear from you before I… Thank Christ you’re not here…

…don’t think I’ll make it thru the next… I love you, I’ve always loved you… wasn’t joking when I said


“Jesus, Buck.” Steve drops the last letter as his face crumples, the paper dated days before Azzano landing innocently on the floor beside the bed. 

No wonder he’d been so uneasy those first reunited days, like he wasn’t sure of himself around Steve anymore. He hadn’t known Steve never got the letters, that his confessions of love and fear hadn’t been read, that his best friend had no idea he’d admitted to being in love with him for years and wasn’t rejecting him when he didn’t…

“Jesus.” Steve lets his head fall into his hands and squeezes his eyes shut until his head aches. He feels like he might just about lose his mind, dead voices ringing through his ears, and if there were ever a time to do it this would be it.

Bucky never knew he loved him back. 

What if one day Bucky receives a letter from Steve being all “Europe is great, but Count Stark might possibly be a vampire lol”, so Bucky packs his bags and crosses the sea to get his trouble magnet of a friend home, BUT OPS he got lost in the woods and that’s how he met giant spider woman Natasha. It’s cool Buck, maybe she’s not hungry.

Hi. I would like to find a penpal buddy, somebody with whom I could exchange with handwritten letters. Talk about anything (movies, music, art, tv, cultures, food, mental health/illness (!!!), since i myself suffer from anxiety/panic attacks, I would love to talk about and exchange personal stories, experiences, talk about stupid funny shit and just be random. Without being made fun of and without judgment (!!!).

First name: Kristine

Age: 21

Location: Riga, Latvia

Languages I speak: English, Latvian, also a bit of Russian and Spanish.

Email/Tumblr: kkriksii@gmail.com / kkriksii.tumblr.com

Books I like: TFIOS, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Harry Potter, Beautiful Creatures.

Films I like: TFIOS, Freedom Writers, The Spectacular Now, Avengers, Age of Adeline, If I Stay, etc.

TV Shows I like: pretty little liars, the vampire diaries, orange is the new black, 2 broke girls, orphan black, new girl, supernatural, awkward, etc. 

Music I like: OneRepublic, Coldplay, Tom Odell, Vance Joy, Sam Smith, Arctic Monkeys, Ella Eyre, Birdy, John Newman, etc.

Other stuff: I don’t consider myself to be a super interesting person, I am loner, I don’t have any friends, and because of my anxiety I have a hard time making friends and opening up, so I think letters would be more fun and just better.

I enjoy reading and binge watching movies and tv shows, I spend a lot of time online, watching youtube videos, reading, stalking beautiful people on instagram, tumblring my life away. :D 

What I would like in a Tumblr Buddy (age, location, language, gender): Close to my age (20-25), from anywhere in the world, English is a must, any gender.

Preferred method of contact: (Snail mail, email, Tumblr): I would like to exchange with letters. Bring back the art of writing letters. :D

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What is the history of England ?

In the beginning, there were the British Isles. These were the home of the Celtic people, who liked to draw fancy knots and build large stone circles. They were immediately killed off by the Romans for these dangerous and blasphemous acts. The Romans then built a giant wall to keep the most brutal survivors from invading their settlements. These dangerous and bizarre northerners would in time become known as the Scottish.

In 1066, a man named Norman invaded and killed off all the remaining Romans and Celts because they did not speak French. The survivors were taught French, and began to fight each other over who was more French. These wars included the Hundred Years War, which lasted 116 years; the War of the Roses, in which no actual roses fought; and the English Civil War, in which the people literally fought about whether their government should be run by people calling themselves “The Rump.”

England during this time also had well over 30 different Kings and Queens, who all together had well under 5 different names. There was also Oliver Cromwell, who banned Christmas because it wasn’t Christian enough for him. These centuries also saw the creation of the Magna Carta, which was by far the biggest Carta.

Shakespeare happened.

England then began to colonize the world. For 300 years, the English invaded literally every single other country they could find. They only missed like five. They invaded so many that their empire sprawled across the globe and they could claim that “The Sun Never Set On The British Empire,” which was inaccurate because the sun set every night on each portion, meaning the sun was in fact always setting on the British Empire.

In time, the empire grew obsolete and England joined together with its feisty brother Ireland (or at least his shoulder), its peaceful sister Wales, and its crazy uncle Scotland that nobody liked to visit or talk about. Together they became known as the UK, which in turn joined the EU, ushering in a new era of two letter abbreviations that reigned over Europe, past England’s brutal defeat of Germany, England’s other brutal defeat of Germany, and the withdrawal of England from the EU, which was for some reason lamented by Germany.

Also Harry Potter happened.

While it’s wonderful that the Winchesters are finally going to be held accountable for all the shit they fucked up, it shouldn’t be by a bunch of old geezers back in England who did nothing to help them and don’t understand the sacrifices they’ve made.

C'mon, if God forgives the Winchesters, so should people who have never even been affected by them.