letters to daisy

As a little girl, Lily had never particularly liked her name for three very important reasons.
For one, the idea of everyone in the family being named after flowers, while seemingly a good one from the outside, got a little boring when she had to write out Christmas letters to Aunt Daisy, cousin Daisy, and second cousin once removed Daisy; or when someone yelled Rose at a party and four women answered.
Secondly, Lily didn’t even particularly like lilies. Her favorite flowers were sunflowers, thank you very much, and when boys tried to flirt with her by giving her lilies she usually just got annoyed.
Lastly, and most importantly, lilies were a funeral flower, and Lily Evans was anything but a funeral. Lily Evans was, as a matter of fact, brimming over with life.
In her third year Lily sat next to Sirius Black in Charms, as he had to be separated from his mates due to misbehavior and Flitwick thought she would be a good influence, and during class she learned three very important things about him.
Firstly, he wasn’t as bad as Severus made him out to be, and neither were his friends, as long as they were away from Severus. Often times she could depend on them to make her laugh after a long day, and also hanging about Sirius and his mates enabled her to team up with Peter Pettigrew at cards and trick James Potter out of his “vastly over the top riches”, as Remus Lupin liked to call them.
Secondly, he was immensely posh, and also a pureblood, both of which Lily had known before but never really realized the consequences of, and also was most assuredly not, and so the two of them spent particularly boring classes swapping stories about their upbringings, which culminated in Lily giving Sirius several toy cars for his birthday, which he Charmed to drive through the air and deliver messages to and fro in the Gryffindor common room and dorms.
Lastly, and most importantly, his family also named children according to a theme, in his case stars, and so he partially understood the absurdity of it all. The two took to calling each other by different names every time they saw each other, to the rest of the school’s bemusement, Lily’s favorite for Sirius being Adhara, as it meant virgin and so made Sirius mad, and Sirius’ being mushroom, for no particular reason other than when he called Lily it she would clench her jaw every time without fail and he thought it was hilarious.
In her fifth year Lily did patrols with Remus Lupin, as they were the two fifth year Gryffindor prefects, and also friends, and so she learned three very important things about him.
Firstly, he wasn’t as prim as Sirius made him out to be, and the two spent many happy hours cursing anything that was troubling them while on their patrols, including but not limited to extra long essays, strange chocolate shortages (because Peter kept stealing it) and Sirius’ tendency to wear Lily’s socks, because the two were the same foot size and he insisted her socks were the best for flying in.
Secondly, he was absolute disaster, for all he appeared to be neat and clean, and as Lily was near disaster levels as well, they both had to accept James fussing over them as much as he was allowed, especially the time they came back from patrols with a total of one broken nose, three black eyes, six bruised ribs and two senses of extreme cockiness because they had actually won the fight, no matter their injuries.
Lastly, and most importantly, he was a werewolf, but that wasn’t the really important part. The really important part was that his mates had become illegal Animagus in order to help him, which not only helped their nicknames to actually make some fucking sense, it was also very fucking amazing and gave Lily a new respect for the four boys and their oddly codependent friendship.
In her seventh year Lily dated James, as always had rather liked him, and his head had deflated quite a bit, and in the process she learned three very important things about him.
Firstly, he liked to give her lavish bouquets, but fortunately was a very good listener and so remembered the time she had complained about boys giving her lilys all the time. Instead, James gave her roses on Valentine’s Day, poinsettias and mistletoe on Christmas, violets and buttercups when she was feeling down, and sunflowers for her birthday.
Secondly, he was horrible at understanding the value of money and how to save, as he really was disgustingly rich and didn’t have to. Lily ended up with quite a few beautiful necklaces she didn’t know what to do with until she finally cracked and told James that if he had to buy her something, it may as well be something she needed, and that he could go shopping for clothes with her the next time they went into the village.
Lastly, and most importantly, he loved her quite a lot. Enough, actually, to propose to her, and also to agree to name all their daughters after flowers, because even though Lily hated her name, she intended to pass on the tradition, and James didn’t really care what the kids were named as long as he had enough to put together a full Quidditch team.
In her last year Lily raised her son, as she loved him with all her heart and was in hiding to protect him, and learned three very important things about herself.
Firstly, she was restless in the house they were hiding in, and actually couldn’t stand being inactive. She started brewing potions for the Order with all her spare time, and would send them to Dumbledore every time someone visited.
Secondly, she really did enjoy being a mother, and dreamed of seeing her Harry going off to school to get up to his own mischief, and although she still thought an entire Quidditch team was a rather tall order for children, she would quite like a few more.
Lastly, and most importantly, her name may have been an omen from the start. Because Lily Evans was full of life, but she died too soon, all for the love of her son and her fieriness in standing up for what she believed in.

Hey babes! Here’s some new writing (finally lol) and also the reason I was on the star name wiki earlier this week! I’m not sure about the format of this tbh but I felt like I needed to get something out cause I’ve been bored with myself frankly. AP tests and finals are coming up quick so don’t expect anything new too soon but I do have a couple things in the works and I’m hoping to get one of my classic bullet point posts done before I go on vacation in June. Ty for reading!


•I really love daisies so much. They are my favorite flower ever!•
•Today finally I can be able to sen my letter after few weeks. Hopefully penfriens is okay with that..
I wanted to do a concept letter, which it is pastel/natural letter concept. I use craft paper for my envelopes and letter and natural yarn for the gift. Also I’ve put some sugar and my recent fav tea.•
I want to do concept letters more! Can you give me some inspirations? ☁☁

One Autumn Day

Anon Request: Can you do a Chris Evans one-shot where the reader os Sebastian Stan’s 12 minute younger sister who is also an actor/actress and on autumn day, they fall in love with each other in the most clichés way ever and later on, they get engaged and get married about maybe two months later and they’re happy thank you!
Summary: Y/N Stan never would’ve thought she’d fall in love. Yet alone with her brother’s best friend. Working with her brother is never easy but it’s always fun. Becoming an actress has always been Y/N’s dream. So, when she finally lands a big-time movie with her brother and his friends she’s ecstatic! She’s only focused on one thing, getting the job done. But along the way; she starts to fall for her brother’s best friend and she fall’s hard.
AN: I have nothing against Brie Larson! I just needed a superhero and Ms. Marvel was the first one to come to mind! I gave the reader a little harsh past with kidnapping and assault when she was young.
Warnings: Kidnapping, Assault

was in the car with my brother and his best friend. We were on our way to the set-in Atlanta where we would be filming the new Marvel movie, Infinity War part one. I would be playing Ms. Marvel and then once filming for Infinity Wars is over, I’ll do my own movie as Ms. Marvel. We arrived on set and as soon as we got out of the car, one of my security men came rushing over.
“I’ve got her. Yes, sir.”
Derek turned to face me and I could tell he was panicking.
“What is it Derek?”
He didn’t say anything but grabbed my forearm and dragged me away. My hair flew around me and my shoes were clicking against the pavement. I could hear footsteps following me. I turned my head and saw my brother and Chris following us and my brother telling Derek to stop except Derek didn’t stop. He kept speeding walking towards the trailers until my trailer came into view. We ran up the steps to my trailer before the door was slammed shut in my brother’s face. I looked around and saw that everyone in my security detail in my trailer. Derek locked the door and I looked at Daryl who was the head of my security.
“What’s going on Daryl?”
“There’s no easy way to put this.”
“Then just say it.”
“Earlier today he was freed from prison. Not long after, we received this.”
Daryl handed me an envelope that was already opened. I opened it and the contents came out when I dumped it. There was a folded letter and a dried-up daisy. I unfolded the letter and read it.
My dearest Daisy, did you really think you could get rid of me? Can you believe they let me out early for good behavior? Word is, your all big and famous and now. You must’ve forgotten about me after all this time. But I haven’t forgotten you. I miss the way you looked in pigtails and that cute little blue dress with yellow daisies on it. I can’t wait to see you again. -A
I looked up at Daryl and the others who were all looking at me sympathetically.
“What do we do?”
“You’ll be surrounded at all times. Derek and Ryan will stand guard at your doors. At night, we’ll each take shifts every two hours.”
“This stays between us. I’ll tell the managers and the producers to let them know to be on the lookout. Tell Jake at the gate, to be on the lookout as well. No one tells my brother about this or my publicist. If I find out anyone tells them, I’ll get you. Am I clear?”
“We are.”
“So what’s the plan for today?”
“You do everything that was already planned for today. You’ll need to talk to the producers and managers before you do anything else.”
“Well ok then. Let’s do this and act like everything is fine.”
Everyone nodded and I put the contents back into the envelope and handed it to Daryl.
“Don’t let anyone see this mainly my brother.”
I walked out first with my team go around to different places and Daryl and Carol following behind me. I walked around the set looking for the Russo brothers. I eventually found them looking over a few previous scenes. They looked up when they saw me and smiled but they forwarded their brows when they saw the head of my security and his right hand.
“Hey, can I talk to you guys privately?”
“Of course. Is everything alright?”
“Yeah I just need to let you guys know something.”
“Alright we can go to our office.”
We followed them to their office and I saw Derek and Ryan following us but they weren’t close. When we arrived at their office, they stood outside the doors and I sat down across from the Russo brothers.
“Is everything alright?”
“Yeah, I haven’t told a lot of people because I don’t really remember it completely. When I was little in Romania, I was taken on my way back home from a friend’s house. They didn’t find me for six months. When they did find me, I was in a room and they had caught my captor. He was sent to prison for sixteen years with no chance of early release for good behavior. Daryl just received word that he was released from prison earlier today for good behavior. We received a letter from him and so now we’re on high alert.”
“Does Sebastian know?”
“No, other than my security team you two are the only ones who knows along with Jake at the gate. We’d like to keep it that way.”
“Alright, is there anything we need to do?”
Daryl walked up and placed a file on the table in front of them.
“This is what he looks like. If we see anything that looks even relatively close to this, we have to get Y/N somewhere safe until we can identify that the man isn’t him.”
“Alright. We can keep this between us, meantime what would you like us to do today? We can shoot scenes without you for today.”
“No, we’re going to act like nothing’s wrong so I’m still going to shoot scenes today.”
“Alright well your first scene starts in two minutes. Hair and makeup is waiting for you.”
“Alright, thank you.”
“Any time Y/N.”
We walked out of the room and Derek and Ryan disappeared but Daryl and Carol followed me. I didn’t see my brother anywhere or any of his friends which was a good thing. I arrived to hair and makeup where someone took me away to change into my costume. Once I had changed, they did my hair and my makeup. When they had finished, I went over to set and we started to shoot a few easy scenes.

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I feel less guilty about Posting these mockups now because I’m actually working on a way to get them printed so keep your eyes peeled. I’m working on setting up a Red Bubble so yeah I’ll re-post with links when that is ready.

I have a fondness for
the hawkweed and the chicory,
Queen Anne’s lace and clovers and
forget-me-nots, emphatically.

I love the lichen and the leaves,
pine needles golden under feet,
sunlight streaming between trees–
those spotlights, especially.

I’m drawn to milkweed with its monarchs
and wellsprings of crystal water
where the meadow meets the forest–
a quiet spot, particularly.

I think birch bark is meant for letters,
daisies know who shows us love,
and dandelions bright and white,
hear our wishes, potentially.

love letter

to the daisy of my dreams;
your effervescent ways have blinded me
and now i cannot see anything but you.

i wish i could compare,
but a rose is just a rose, and you’re far less prickly than I.

words i wish i could say fill up on my tongue
they burble yet never come out

dear daisy,
maybe a syzygy will come our way.
for now,
i am myself.

for now,
that’s too much.

for now,
that’s not enough.

A Hunting We Will Go

Anon asked:  Daisy proposal &  Fic for the proposal


@gay-cacti @imaginesassemble @whatwoulddaisyjohnsondo @lxren-seaweedbrain

Warning: Cute shit, idk how to do marriages and proposals man.

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anonymous asked:

MacCready's reaction to romantic sole survivor wanting to meet his son

Here you go Nonnie. Probably not what you were after, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. <3

Sole had told MacCready on a number of occasions that they wanted to meet Duncan. Each time Robert had assumed that they were just saying it; what sort of employer wants to meet the child of their employee.

The first time they had said it was when Robert had told them that in order to cure Duncan from his disease they needed to go through Med-Tek to retrieve the cure.

“We’ll get Duncan his cure, and when he’s well enough, we’ll bring him up here to the Commonwealth”

Robert assumed that they were just saying it to keep his hopes up; after all, they had to fight their way through a ton on ferals to get to the cure.

The Second time was after Sole and Robert handed over the cure to Daisy to send down to the Capitol.

“Soon, Duncan will be well enough to come up on one of these caravans, and the load the caravan carries will be even more precious”

Robert had seen it as reinsurances; the cure was on it’s way to Duncan, there was nothing more that Robert could do. He just had to wait with baited breath.

Three weeks after the cure had left Goodneighbour was when Robert realised that he loved Sole; he thought he’d never love again after Lucy, especially not the Vault Dweller that stumbled their way into the Third Rail on that one particular night.

It hit him all at once; he loved everything about them. Their eyes, their hair, the way they curled up next to him whenever they shared a bed a night.

He thought of not telling them at first; but he soon realised that they needed to know, even if they didn’t feel the same way about him.

Luckily however, they did.

They took the relationship slow (just not the sexual side), and Sole kept on making comments about wanting to meet little Duncan.

Robert was a protective father; he’d travel the Glowing Sea minus any form of radiation protection if it were to save Duncan. So a little piece of him- deep down inside- didn’t know if he wanted Sole to meet Duncan.

‘What if anything happened to Duncan because of Sole?’ It was a question that Robert asked himself all the time. Sole was the General of the Minutemen, a Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel, an agent for the Railroad, and was currently trying to find a way into the Institute. Sole was bound to make some enemies along the way, and Robert did NOT want Duncan to get in the way of that. He’d promised that to Lucy.

But Robert loved Sole. And Sole loved Robert.

Robert watched as Sole’s eyes light up whenever Robert talked of his son. Duncan was Robert’s life.

Robert watched as Sole quietly asked if they could add a letter in with the letters that Robert sent each week. Sole’s eyes had lit up when Robert agreed immediately.

The week after the letter had been sent, a letter had been returned. One was from the family member caring for Duncan. The other was from Duncan.

Duncan was cured.

Duncan had sent a letter (written by his caregiver, he was only a toddler, and he had very poor penmanship as per his age) telling him how much he loved his daddy and was happy to be better again.

Duncan had also written a letter directly for Sole.

Robert had been tempted to read it before handing it to Sole; his son was better again, he wanted to hear and see everything about Duncan. Instead he handed it over, and watched as Sole’s eyes both lit up and filled with tears over the letter. Duncan had even drawn Sole a picture (Robert was grumpy over that for a week- he didn’t get a drawing).

The letters ended up coming through Daisy, and Sole and Robert were currently in Goodneighbour picking up the post. It had been six months since Duncan had been cured, and he was sending letters weekly. Sole had stayed to talk to Daisy, so he had walked back to his room in Rexford, hoping to get started reading his mail.

An hour later, Sole had walked through the room, grin on face.

“I hope you like travelling on Caravans RJ, as you and I are going to be making our way down to the Capitol to see Duncan”

All the reasons that Robert had been hesitant about letting Sole meet Duncan had dissolved from his mind.

Sole loved Robert and Duncan. Robert loved Sole and Duncan. Duncan loved his daddy and Sole.

That was all that mattered.