letters in ny

yall im still living on the fact that one of the great comet ensamble gave me a letter because they noticed my quill tattoo


Untitled by into space!

What if I told you that ‘dzs’ is a letter?
A letter consisting of 3 letters

'Dz’, 'cs’, 'ny’ ,'ly’ ,'ny’ ,'sz’ ,'zs’ ,'ty’ are all letters

Hungarian has letters that consist of multiple letters

I guess I should shut up


“Dear Edna, I would have written in the letter that I sent the card to Joe as you said but I had just sealed the letter before I got your letter. I tried to imitate your handwriting so there’s nothing to worry about. Enjoy yourself in the city. Until the next letter. Love and regards, Daddy”
Fallsburgh, NY
Postmarked 1940

1. - Runaway Dreams; New York City Gleams.


The New York Autumn wind blew furiously against my already cold cheeks, deepening the crimson colour that had grace my face the moment I stepped out of the airport doors. I was cold, hungry, lonely and most of all frightened. I had been to New York a few times before but never had I ever thought to move across the country alone. The nerves of not only being in NY alone but of my audition that was merely hours away, were eating my insides alive.

My woolen mitten desperately waved in the air trying its hardest to grab the attention of a cab driver, without being trampled by the other dozens of people also trying to find a ride out of the overcrowded airport. Taking pity on me, a bystander who managed to flag one down looked over at me and gestured to the awaiting cab. Instantly my cheeks flared up with an even deeper shade of red and after mumbling my appreciation I shoved my three suitcases in the backboot before sliding into the back seat and resting my duffle on my lap.

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The New York Post isn’t a joke. It’s a straight up vicious shit-stirrer. Here’s their cover page this morning. Note the top story is George Clooney kissing his girlfriend. When combined with the lower-page story about not resisting police, they’ve carefully crafted a not-so-subtle racist message that what is happening in Ferguson is completely insignificant.

I’m never surprised when the Post posts its classless humor couched in news gatekeeping. It’s rarely worth the breath it takes to complain, but we should call news outlets out for their racism whether it’s a legitimate news source whitewashing a story or the Post grossly distorting top news through destructive racist agitprop.

Douglas Adams’ works make me feel like the rest of the universe, large and ominous as it is, is just as scared and confused as we are here on Earth. I couldn’t pass up the change to get this tattooed on me in large, friendly letters. Done in Rochester, NY.