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fans are comparing youngmin’s handwriting from his message to boa with the message left on his subway ad and they’ve concluded that it’s not fake; it’s really from him! (cr: @wintery0ung)

message on subway ad: “thank you so much for having the lacking me go up to here! i’m sorry… thank you… and… i love you ♡ from im youngmin”

message to boa: "i am brand new music’s red hair alpaca! when i was younger, i saw representative-nim’s dance video and my dream grew from there and i am very thankful to be able to have met representative-nim in my life & for her to say my name and know that i changed my hair color. i will keep working hard so that you will be able to remember me through a cool image. thank you so much, sincerely!“

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*Gives the 3 packs of Capri Suns and the new jacket*

ID #51276

Name: Anouk
Age: 19
Country: The Netherlands

Hello wonderful people! I am a creative, curious, bubbly girl from Europe! People generally say I am always busy with something and they aren’t wrong. I guess you could say the word no isn’t written in my dictionary. Focusing on just one thing is incredibly hard since I simple like too much :s My life is basically an organized chaos.

 I am currently in the second year of the study industrial engineering and management, but besides that I do a lot of projects that have nothing to do with my study such as theatre, volunteer work with refugees and statusholders, following extra lectures and joining brain storm sessions about the innovation of the educational system. Besides school I have two part time jobs: a very exciting job at the supermarket and at my own school for promotion things.

In the free time I have left I like to write in my journals: from stories about daily life to poetry. My journals are the place for my overload of thoughts and basically tell my life story. I like to watch series such as NCIS, Elementary, Dr Bull, Bones & Castles. Besides that I like reading. Reading for me is entering another world and forgetting everything that is happening around you. Music is a thing I can’t live without: it gives me the words I can’t find myself. This means that I always have my earphones with me and that it’s seriously a disaster when I don’t have them. 

 I am a huge culture and language lover. I am fascinated by all the different cultures that live together on this world and I wish to discover this by traveling. My native language is Dutch and I am quite fluent in English. My German and French are okay and I am learning Portuguese. I am literally open to every language. I see a language of a piece of art: each language is unique and has its own story.

I am looking for a penpal to talk about anything and I generally write a lot so long letters/messages are very welcome. I try to give my letters a special touch by adding little gifts, dried flowers, postcards and fun lists. If you didn’t fall asleep yet reading this terribly long post (I am a bit sarcastic from time to time too) shoot me a message :)

Preferences: Let’s say around the age age of 16-21 and if you want to write letters preferably from Europe since snailmail hasn’t always worked out for me outside Europe, but we can always try. In september I am perhaps going to study in Denmark for a half year, so if you are from Denmark, definitely shoot me a message then ^^

  • Jin: Oh, man. I got another of those chain letter e-mails from Taehyung.
  • Jungkook: Well, you better forward it, or you'll have all kinds of bad luck, just like Jimin did.
  • Jin: Jimin didn't have any bad luck.
  • Jungkook: What are you talking about?
  • Jin: I did all that stuff.
  • Jungkook: What? Wait. His bike falling apart?
  • Jin: I loosened some bolts.
  • Jungkook: His laptop smoking?
  • Jin: Shorted out the battery.
  • Jungkook: The pink shorts?
  • Jin: One red sock in his washing machine.
  • Jungkook: Okay, what about the spider on his face?
  • Jin: That was just lucky.

Jeonghan: Oh, man. I got another of those chain letter e-mails from Soonyoung.

Jisoo: Well, you better forward it, or you’ll have all kinds of bad luck, just like Seungcheol did.

Jeonghan: Seungcheol didn’t have any bad luck.

Jisoo: What are you talking about?

Jeonghan: I did all that stuff.

Jisoo: What? Wait. His bike falling apart?

Jeonghan: I loosened some bolts.

Jisoo: His laptop smoking?

Jeonghan: Shorted out the battery.

Jisoo: The pink shorts?

Jeonghan: One red sock in his washing machine.

Jisoo: Okay, what about the spider on his face?

Jeonghan: That was just lucky.

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oh shit it's yang running hope and shoving the amnesulet in his sisters face-- " you don't have a twin forget everything forget me!! "

BEFORE         SHE’S          EVEN         given the chance to Fooportate out of there, it happened. All those memories of, well EVERYTHING. Her, her brother, her friends, who she was. All of it  ————–GONE. A part of her really thought that she could have stopped him, maybe convince him to just DESTROY the cursed thing. That’s all her intention was; to help him

It was like a flash from a camera, eyes blink rabidly, paws rubbing them at an attempt to receive her VISION. Finally, after everything was clear, she was staring at a boy. He looked to be the same age as her and was hold what seemed to be an amulet. WEIRD. 

A look of confusion was met on her features, eyes scanning the unfamiliar room around her. And then, it hit her. Attention averted back to the boy, still looking CONFUSED as ever. One would even go as far as to say she looked like a LOST PUPPY.

       I—I’m sorry but uhm, where am I     ?     A—And more importantly h–how did I get here        ?     And also who are you       ?      A—And…. I’m sorry this is gonna sound silly but WHO AM I    ?      ❞

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( Surfaces in front of the younger darkened. Shadows were cast ahead with no visible source; it was not so much that an unnatural light was stretching silhouettes, but that these blobs were taking shape. "So you became a monster?" The voice challenged, and though it had no mouth to sneer, his inflection mocked the boy. He demonized him in a question and gave the dark its cue to converge on his position. Corpses, some familiar, some new, crawled out of the abyss. "Is that what you are?" )

               any qualms he had harbored about the experience being a BENIGN quirk of his own inner thoughts have vanished entirely ( he doesn’t bother to question the reality of what’s before him ; one at least tends to passively ACCEPT most bizarre oddities as an otherworldly fact of life after confronting the spirit of a vengeful nature goddess ). a step is taken preemptively back from the sudden mass of darkening shadows, fingers fanning out to press against the desk behind him as a source of stabilizing balance as a paralyzing weight twists HOPELESSLY in his stomach. is this it                  ? has She given up on them at last, has She seen his actions and found him just as wanting? a last messenger sent to scorn him before they perish? ( one more chance, just give me one more chance ! i know i can make this right ! )

              ( ‘ so you became a monster? ’ ) yoming’s mocking words are now ECHOED by some entity before him as they curl & twist painfully through his mind to scrape against the soft tissue there, undermining the shaky convictions he had constructed out of CANNIBALIZED scraps of his own idealism to justify his actions ( it was the only thing he could have done ! he couldn’t let their fragile newfound freedom be compromised by the very individuals who sought to spread fear & hate as their new doctrine to innocents ! )‘ is that what you are? ’ 

                        ❛   No, I’m not !( what is it that i am yet to become? / ‘ a ruthless dictator. ’ ) 

              if it’s a nightmare, it’s a horrifyingly familiar one ; the STENCH of the dead, of shit & urine, decaying flesh pried out from under fingernails, the cold & rigid grasp around his ankles dragging him down, down into the very bowels and pits of hell where bodies rain down around him like careless PUPPETS that have served their empty use, now discarded to rot. there is death under his fingers and blood filling his senses and it is a primal instinct that rackets his breathing into a faster pace, and then he sees HER face frozen in a wordless gasp of fear as it shifts and then it’s no longer just safu, but nezumi, his mother, the guard, all rotating in a endless loop of blame and their voices all culminate together in a great & terrible cacophony and he can’t BREATHE there is no air left in his collapsing lungs as they decay as well within his frame                 

                       ❛   I’m not, I did what I had to                 ( he chokes on the words that have been force-fed to him in the aftermath, desperate in their desire for him to believe ) “I did what I had to in order to save others ! ”  ( but you knew it was wrong, you killed another human being willingly, you could not SAVE Her/them                 )

Happy Birthday e!

The letter e as the base for natural logarithms was born 25 Nov 1731 in a letter from Euler to Goldbach. e was discovered (but not named) in 1683 by Jacob Bernoulli, as the limit of (1+1/n)^n as n tends to infinity. Prior to its discovery, the nameless constant e had been lurking around the embryo of the logarithm for many years.

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Mom can you do a timeline for Hoshi? Pleeasee (you're probably gonna end up like doing all of them eventually tbh) ❤️

  • How would he ask you out: He’d probably try to drop a few hints, but they’d be confusing because he’d be like “I like you………..as a jOKE ahHAha im hilarious” and you’d be like ??? what is the truth, but finally with all jokes aside he’d sort of tell you he liked you in this cute kind of flustered way and he’d be like “you don’t have to like me back but-” and you’d be like shut up I totally like you. 
  • First date: It would be Hoshi taking you to the practice room to learn one of the dances you might want to learn that or just the two of you fooling around with funny dance moves while he’s actually supposed to be practicing. After, he’d let you wear one of his hoodies and you’d two go undercover to the near convince store to get some late night snacks.
  • First kiss: It would be spur of the moment, and might even happen when you two aren’t even an official thing! He’d be chasing you around or tickling you and you two would end up being very v e r y close and he’d just go for it. 
  • Skinship!: Most of Hoshi’s skinship would be really teasing and meant to either surprise you or make you very flustered. He’d really like coming out of nowhere and just pulling you into a big hug or even just leaning over your shoulder from behind to kiss your cheek and then run off with a laugh. His skinship is sort of playful, but when he’s tired or spacing out he has the tendency to fall over onto your lap. 
  • Making out: Just like his skinship, Hoshi teases. Gets real close and then pulls away. When he begins kissing you, his hands toying with the hem of your shirt keep distracting you. With him you’re never really sure one what he’s planning to do. One minute he’ll be kissing down your jawline and the next he’s picking you up over his shoulder and running around with a loud laugh. 
  • First fight: He’d be overworking himself and undereating and you’d get super worried and he wouldn’t answer your texts and it would cause a big blow up between you two that would take a couple days to get over.
  • Telling the other members: He’d like hint at it and everyone would be like “wait……are you seriously in a relationship?” and he’d shrug his shoulders up and down like “hmmm am i?” 
  • Going public!: It would be sort of hard for Hoshi to be ok with being public because he’s a people pleaser and he’s not sure how the fans will handle it…but if it needs to be done, he wouldn’t back down and would admit to being in a relationship. 
  • Propose: He’d get everyone in on it and like the whole day you’d keep getting letters from each member and it would just have on letter from the phrase:  marry me please and you’d get the last letter ‘e’ from Hoshi himself and when you put it together it would spell out the questions and he’d have the ring and everyone would be watching like holy shit he did and Hoshi would just be like “well…..what’s your answer?” 

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