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Some of you had already watched “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” and some still waiting for, but, after all, I just wish you to have fun, enjoy the movie A LOT and enjoy every moment. Johnny made his best (as always); Not only him, but all the cast. And it’s our time to support them, ‘cause, thanks to them, we’ll be able to see our dear Captain Jack Sparrow and a new movie after all these whole SIX YEARS again! 

Please, DO NOT POST SPOILERS! Not everyone will be able to watch it on the first days. And, as always, if you want talk about the movie and Captain Jack Sparrow, I’ll be here.

Let’s have fun!
~ Drink up me hearties yo-ho!!

Xoxo, xr ♥ 
Ps.: There’s post-credit scenes


  • first two letters of your first name
  • middle two letters of your last name
  • Then, make a “-’, continue.
  • first letter of your nickname
  • last two letter of your nickname

Mine is Rarn-r$n. What is yours, bro’s and mates?

slytherin-and-drarry-trash  asked:

Hm. . . . So, this "theory" is completely, utterly wrong, but what if there's two A.Ds? Like, I see everyone saying A.D are initials for first and last name, but what if it's the first letter for two names? Again, it's most likely wrong, but I think it'd be pretty cool. . . .

I wouldn’t say that’s wrong, at all. Marco brought up a great point (which I can’t believe I never realised until he said it) - someone was trying to make it look like Archer is alive while someone else is trying to tell the police Archer is dead (by sending the finger). I don’t think that’s the same person. Two totally opposite things to do. It’s entirely possible that this was the work of 2 people, A and D, who had a disagreement over how to handle Archer’s situation and so now they’re working against each other. That’s a very real possibility.


First the kazoo…now jingle bells…what next Jjong???

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as yet unnamed [ 6/23 ]

{ dazai osamu x reader }

a boy from yesterday and a girl from tomorrow. it is a story for today, but neither belong.

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四 ; the fourth letter.

I think the first time I really enjoyed myself, ever since I woke up one day in the mafia infirmary, was the night you and Chuuya took me to a party. Not one of those fancy ones the boss would make us go to - you, actually, I didn’t start going to those until you decided I should - but one of those thrown by high school kids. It was mild, but I’m not sure what I expected. Those kids might have thought they were living on the dangerous side, but their definition is nothing near how dangerous we lived.

But, I had fun. The drinks were a bit watered down for my taste, though I had experience. Chuuya might beg to differ and you probably switched his drink out for cherry soda so he could stay on his feet longer. I’m surprised none of the kids paid us much attention. We must have blended in better than I expected.

That was the first time I truly experienced life. Sure, I’ve had my moments of escape, but this was different. I had people with me, people I considered friends. It was new, and it’s forever in my memory: the way Chuuya’s hat fell off his head about an hour in and the way you picked it up to wear, the way you caught my gaze and made such a big deal out of winking that I almost choked on a laugh. I avoided getting wasted that night, dragging the two of you out before midnight, telling myself that I had work to do the next day.

It was a lie.

I told myself that I wouldn’t stay any longer with you and Chuuya, after you insisted on racing down the streets like the cops were chasing us. After you took your time choosing a car and broke into it just to speed to the harbor and ditch it. You were so careless, reckless even, when you chose to let loose a bit. I knew that if I spent another second with you, I might end up even further in a pit of trouble.

But I stayed, didn’t I?

Until Chuuya downed that can of beer I had swiped from the party and stuffed in my bag, until he started to cuss you out, loudly, until you practically picked him up like he was a sack and announced that we had to find somewhere to leave him.

“Should we leave him in the street?” you had asked. My eyebrows had gone up, neither surprised or disappointed. Even two hours with the two of you could already give me a glance of your relationship. The fact that you had been even a little bit civil towards each other that night was a miracle in itself.

“Let’s go to my place,” I suggested. “It’s closest.”

I didn’t know where you lived. I didn’t want to know. As for my flat, well, I figured you must already know. You had your ways of getting information.

The walk to my apartment building was sobering. The realization of what had taken place only half an hour before sank in, and I found my steps faltering even before my door came into view. I hadn’t known you well, then. Our relationship before only consisted of nods hello, brief conversations, nothing more. That night, it had been a huge leap, and I didn’t know how things would be the next day.

You must have seen the doubt flickering through my eyes, because your lips curled up into that smirk of yours and you said, “Are you having second thoughts? Did you decide that it’s not worth letting a monster into your home?”

I rolled my eyes and replied, “You’re a monster, alright. Who steals a car and doesn’t have the decency to ride it all the way to Tokyo?”

You were careless, so very careless, so very arrogant and so very wrong.

And you made me careless. You changed me, and I had hoped I changed you.

But if I thought we were stupid and careless then, the us years later couldn’t compare.

teeny interest check

so, since something kind of special happened recently and i’ve got a lot of excess stationery lying around and apparently i’m a beast with handwriting in a fountain pen, i thought i’d put out an interest check: would anyone be interested in a letter-and-sketch follower giveaway drive?

i’m a letter writing nerdfuck to the point of wax seal stamps and fancy paper and i usually sketch something special in my letters when i send them or add some kinds of doodlybits and knickknacks. i think i could do about 5 letters for first grabs if anyone’s interested? (and 18 and over for obvious legal reasons)

lmk ok you guys rock

And so their legacy grew….

Please help Lana CC Finds blog to survive!

Lana CC Finds blog exists for almost 3 years, during this time we collected and organized nearly all of the Custom Content for Sims 4, Sims 3 and even sims 2. This blog has already over 100 000 posts, it required a lot of time, effort and a huge amount of hard work.

For all this time I’ve never complained, never tried to start any conflicts, never threw any accusations.
Over the past 2 months, there have been certain situations, that brought the need to write this letter.

  • 1) At first

Tumblr Community Management (tumblr) sent me this message as to why my blog was terminated “In the future please refrain from from posting links or content from sites that violate our policies on Spam & Deceptive links”

Now…the question… was I the only person who did such reblogs?

No, there’s hundreds of blogs who make reblogs of such posts and yet it was only Lana CC Finds who got terminated.

The answer is simple - someone complained about my blog on purpose.

  • 2)  Further there were several posts of certain simblrs trying to discredit the blog Lana CC Finds.
  • 3) Then similar attacks acquired on  http://simsecret.livejournal.com/ Here’s one of them…
  • 4) And now one more attack. What do these words mean? Is this not a threat?

I understand that the goals of CC Fids blogs are also different, some want to get personal fame and popularity, to help distribute their own CC (personally created work).

Others simply collect the CC for their favorite game, help little-known authors find their followers, support creators by spreading their work via reblogs. And simply create a place where it is possible to come (I do it as well, I go so in my own blog and use tags to search for CC) and find everything that is created by various creators for all the sims games in ONE place - Lana CC Finds

Please help to save and protect Lana CC Finds blog from such attacks and bullying!


Luke’s gum falling out of his mouth like the 3 year old he is