letters art

Please enjoy this Victor fanart I drew for my fanfic, while I force myself to write Chapter 3 of “Love Letters”

Also please feel free to catch up Chapters 1-2, since HOPEFULLY i will get it uploaded by tonight.
Read it here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10988220

ID #12056

Name: Mo
Age: 19
Country: USA

My name is Mo, I’m female a university student in the United States. I love learning, art, music, and meeting new people. I have always wanted a pen pal and I would love to connect with someone either from the USA or from abroad. I’m very friendly and can get along with just about anyone.

Preferences: I would prefer to be contacted by a male or female over the age of 18.

ID #98927

Name: Rasna
Age: 18
Country: Canada

I think having a pen pal would be an amazing experience and I would love to become friends with someone. I enjoy music (many different types), art, history, and I guess in general just being a chill person. I’m a really big stoner though in case that makes someone uncombable. I would like to send mail as well as you can reach me on Snapchat, Instagram, or iMessage.

Preferences: 16-19

#REALTALK… how has sense8 never won an editing award? in fact, it’s never even been Nominated for an editing award… like?? a series featuring Eight leads from Eight different cities across the globe (all filmed ON LOCATION, with multiple global film crews!!) who literally weave in + out of each other’s environments, seamlessly taking over each other’s bodies + minds, all while trying to act without suspicion in their own real world surroundings… joseph jett sally, joe hobeck, fiona colbeck and their entire editing teams make this pseudo-time-travel, out-of-body plot device feel tangible and easy to follow, without ever making the audience feel lost or confused on which character to focus on… and none of this has ever been given any recognition within the industry. i am….. disgusted.

current wishes:

1. wish I brought a stylus on this trip
2. wish i had more time to make a better drawing
3. wish the wifi was working last night so i could’ve gotten this up earlier
4. wish i could express how grateful i am to be one of the 15 million whose lives were changed by @therealjacksepticeye

whether it was by keeping me company, teaching me something new, or reminding me to be selfless, loving, hard working, and positive, jack has done so many things for me and for millions of other people, and i thank you so, so much