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volevo condividere con voi la mia gioia.
torno a casa e mio padre mi consegna una lettera bianca. non c'è il nome del mittente.
la apro e trovo questa meravigliosa sorpresa. leggo la firma. Chiara, una ragazza che ho conosciuto qui su Tumblr, tempo fa. abitiamo abbastanza lontane e ci siamo sempre e solo scritte. quel tesoro mi ha mandato questa lettera.
non ti ringrazierò mai abbastanza, mia dolce Chiara.
sono questi piccoli gesti che fanno capire quali sono le persone, le vere persone, in questo mondo. sono questi dolci gesti che ti fanno apprezzare la vita e ti rendono immensamente felice. e anche Chiara, con questo regalo, sta contribuendo alla mia felicità.
con questi piccoli gesti, il mondo può essere un posto migliore. ti fanno sentire amata, più che mai. e, nonostante la distanza, lei mi ha stretta più forte rispetto a molte altre persone accanto a me fisicamente.
ti adoro piccolina.

Helloooo .

Hey guys, I’m Megan, 17 from Canada. I speak English and pretty decent in French. I enjoy playing sports (hockey mainly), listening to music 24/7 (alternative, rock, and a bit of pop/punk; All Time Low, Imagine Dragons, Arkells, Fall Out Boy. ect) , going to concerts, traveling, photography, and watching Netflix.

I’m a looking for a penpal really from anywhere  as long as you want to skype, send cute little letters and talk you passed (preferably someone around 16-18)! Though it would be awesome if we got to know each other well enough that we could meet one day! That being said, if you’re from somewhere like Australia and the UK/Ireland area cause I’ve always wanted to travel there. 

So ya, if your interested send me message on tumblr and we can go from there! My blog is


Megan xx

Hello, my name is Alicia and I am 24! I currently live in Ohio, I was born here but I’ve been living in Texas for the past 15 years. I’ve been writing letters all of my life but in the past 2 years reached out for penpals online. I love writing letters and receiving them as well. I’m very artistic so I like to add that into my letters. I collect old american and foreign coins (mostly wheat pennies) and I also collect anything tattoo related (artwork, business cards, patches, etc.) I’m very into historical events and buildings. My favorite historical figures are Abraham Lincoln and JFK. My favorite historic event would most likely be Chernobyl. I love writing to ANYONE from ANYWHERE. I look forward to getting to be penpals with you. 

My tumblr is:

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"Mommy, why is daddy lying over there covered in ketchup?" The girl tugged on her mother's sleeve, pointing at a pitiful heap on the ground, crushed glasses not too far away from the body.

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Mikkel was about to ask what she meant before paling at the sight. She quickly turns the child around and nudges her towards the neighbor’s house for now. “G-Go be with the neighbor’s for a moment, say your Mommy sent you because she needed to do something very important,” she explains hastily before running over to Pascal, kneeling next to him and looking over his injuries, shaking her head. “Oh God, oh God… Who did this to you, mon prince?” She asks him softly, doing what she can to tend to the wounds, but also knew she’d need to get Monika immediately…

Hello world,

So, i’m Nikki and i’m 16 years old, I live in the Netherlands and i’m the best in procrastinating. I love love love art and reading books, but also youtube and bands like Nirvana, One Direction, The Beatles and 5SOS. In my free time I like to take pictures and check instagram or netflix :) When i’m older I really want to travel the world.  I speak English, Dutch and a bit german.

I’m looking for a cool pen pal who will share the same interest with me, around my age. It doesn’t matter where you are from. So, if you are interested please send me a message. I prefer snailmail :)

My tumblr is

and my instagram is @masternikki_

E-mail address bil.nikki @

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me !! :–)

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Where do u get BEAUTIFUL notebooks from

LEUCHTTURM1917 have beauteous notebooks, inside and out. They are German(I think) and mostly available in Europe so I’ve never purchased any, but they’re definitely on my want list for university!

I mainly buy a lot of Korean characters stationery, like rilakkuma, mollang, hello kitty, etc, from a local shop named Everyday. Try!

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"Uh... Mikkel? I kind of got drunk last night and woke up on Melanie's floor. I don't remember what happened though. If I did do something bad, do you think you can forgive me?"

Mikkel blinks and about drops the knife she was playing with when she heard his words. Well, at least it was closed when she dropped it. She blinks a bit before making a bit of a face, shifting her weight some. “…Well, I appreciate that you told me. As for forgiving you… I can forgive you for getting drunk with her, but considering I’m not sure what you may or may not have done with her, I don’t know? I’m sure I can… can’t say I’m completely comfortable with this, but…” She went on to say, shrugging slightly.

Yesterday the greatest question was decided which ever was debated in America; and a greater perhaps never was, nor will be, decided among men. A resolution was passed without one dissenting colony, ‘that these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States.’
—  John Adams

Name: Maura Age: 15 Location: Georgia

Languages: English and German. I am in German IV so I know enough to have a conversation. I also just started teaching myself Spanish!

About Me: I play bass and doodle and just love doing anything artsy and creative. I love all kinds of music and movies, but I love love scary books. I’m known for being short(5 feet), smart and outgoing. I love public speaking, oh! I work at McDonald’s and I love that because I get to talk to people all day. That’s all I can think to say, but taking a gander through my blog you’ll probably be able to learn more!

Ideal Pen Pal: Someone who can speak English and German so I can write letters to them in both languages, but it is completely fine if you only speak English. We can just email or kik, but what interests me most about pen pals is hand written letters and cute little packages! I just want someone to talk to about anything,age, sexuality or gender doesn’t matter!

If you’re interested: or kik: @maurtian

Side note: It was so hard to choose a pic so I made a dinky collage and I have a million selfies here if you’re curious lmao.