A. A. Turbayne - Monograms and Ciphers, 1912.

A monogram is a combination of two or more letters, in which one letter forms part of another and cannot be separated from the whole. A cipher is merely an interlacing or placing together of two or more letters, being in no way dependent for their parts on other of the letters.

The styles included may be classed under five principal heads - Roman, Gothic, Sans Serif, Cursive or Running, and what we might call Rustic. Here and there throughout the work a design will be found that may suggest a treatment for some particular device. There are three principal forms of treating a device; the Imposed, Extended, and the Continuous forms. By the Imposed form we mean a design where the letters are written or interlaced directly over one another. In the Extended form the letters are interlaced or written side by side, and in the Continuous form the device runs from beginning to end without a break. 

To the person I’m falling for:
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I’m scared. I’m scared because two weeks in and I was already writing you poetry. I’m scared because you’re the first person I wanted to break the rules for— Roanne, no boyfriends until you graduate! I’m scared because for two people who vowed to take things slow, we sure are moving fast. I’m scared because I don’t know what the future holds for us. Don’t get me wrong— the now is wonderful. Because now is where you are. 

I’m scared because I think I like you more than you like me. I’m scared because when talk on the phone, I never want to hang up. I’m scared because I think you’ll get tired of this sad, lonely girl with trust issues who fucks up your chemistry. 

I’m scared because this is so massive, I couldn’t even think straight. All my life I have been tiptoeing around, making little noise. I couldn’t even jump puddles. Now I’m crossing oceans.

I’m scared because we got off on the wrong foot, and this may haunt us for the rest of our run, but I’m willing to take a chance. I’m scared because for the first time in life, I want something so bad that I couldn’t fathom not getting it. Because that would mean heartbreak. And loneliness. And tears for days. 

Yes, I’m falling for you. And it’s terrifying. 

To the guy I loved in College,

We were in College. Back then, I knew it was so early to think you’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Back then, you taught me how a legit and mature relationship works. Back then you gave me the best inspiration while I was studying, and it was you.

My parents always tell me to stay focused on College because this is where I will build my dream, little by little. But I didn’t helped myself noticing someone as smart, decent and fine man like you.
Someone who still open doors for ladies. Someone who would hand you a help carrying your things. Someone I see almost all day at the library. Someone I see walking at the covered walk with his books. Someone who carries my bag and tie my hair infront of his friends. Someone who talks about his passion, dreams and prepared plans in life. Someone who supports you on your school activities. Someone who waits you after class and drive or walk you home. Someone who would still kiss you on the forehead or hold your hand. Someone who will still thinks you’re great even if he knows what you really are from the past. Someone who disregards your indifferences and still love you anyway. Someone, literally, you would forsee of being with for your life.

Unfortunately, we got too attached that we wanted to achieve excellency on the fields we chose. We wanted to keep our goals better so we kept on working hard to stay on the list. It was great tho.

But we forgot that we have a relationship to work on, too. We forgot to make plans for “us”. We forgot to grow our love for each other. We stopped winning each other when we knew we are already there for each other. We totally lost the spark. We lost us. Because we were too busy finding what’s best for our career. Specially, you.

You are almost achieved now with the goal you kept on telling me when we were together. I know you are already happy what you’ve been through and I wish you more strength in the upcoming years of your life. We may not worked out before but maybe that’s the purpose of it. We had to part ways because we have to work on our goals.

We were busy making plans for the future. We forgot to include “us”.

Most days—
every single word I write
is part of an unsent love letter
I’m too afraid
to put your name on.

“Unsent Letters”

38/365 • © K.V.

Writing From The Ashes series

Sometimes you choose whom you want to be with when you’re too young, and you change, and they don’t change with you.
—  Cassandra Clare, City of Heavenly Fire

9 & 10 February 1916 - Letter to Edith from The Somewhere

Fred writes the beginning of this letter to Edith from the “harness hut” where he is in charge of the piquet, keeping warm by a fire. He writes three pages that night and continues the letter with two more the following day. Fred describes the noise at the front, stating that, “Something is down in the trench land.” He also tells Edith about the loss of one of their N.C.O.s (non-commissioned officers), who was caught while up in the first line.

The next day, on the 10th, Fred adds to his letter, asking Edith how her school term is progressing, and pointing out that if she does as well as the previous term, that she will be “travelling among the stars”. He also mentions his desire, “to be home for a few evenings,” so that he could, “go skating at the [Winnipeg],” and shares a skating story about some of their mutual friends. Skating at the “Winnipeg Rink“ had opened on 1 December 1915 that winter, with “the usual rink band” playing, and the rink had been re-decorated for the season.  

I have written a grand piece of music which will probably impress the public at large [but] I began it simply because it pleased me, and inspired me with fervor, and never thought that it was to be performed… I have hitherto found that the pieces I have composed with least reference to the public are precisely those which gave them the greatest satisfaction.
—  Mendelssohn, writing nearly 200 years ago, on creative integrity and the true measure of artistic satisfaction – even truer today.