pixieneverland asked:

I'm going with the obvious one. Thorin Oakenshield

1: sexuality headcanon: gay. gay gay gay gay gay GAY.
2: otp: drumroll… BAGGINSHIELD
3: brotp: thorin & dwalin
4: notp: thorin/gandalf (do. not. ask.)
5: first headcanon that pops into my head:
6: favorite line(s) from this character: “if this is to end in fire, then we will all burn together” “plant your trees, watch them grow. if more of us valued home over hoarded gold it would be a merrier world.” 
7: one way in which I relate to this character: he is an awkward dork who is awkward around his crush and cannot flirt 
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: bag end. tHORIN U HAVE JUST MET THE BURGLAR HOLD OFF THE FLIRTING. also u are terrible at it. 
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? cinnamon roll

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I keep your letters in the drawer beside my bed. This space is otherwise reserved for medications and prescriptions that I need fast or early access to. The purpose of this drawer is to help me when I’m in pain, to help me catch my breath, and prevent further troubles; which is precisely why I keep your letters here. Sometimes pills and inhalers can do nothing to steady my breathing, sometimes I need you.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #59 (book-scented-candles)

cestpasfaux24601 asked:

Fili ?

1: sexuality headcanon: ASEXUAL
2: otp: see 1
3: brotp: fili and kili
4: notp: fili/kili
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: he looks a lot like frerin!
6: favorite line from this character: “i belong with my brother”
7: one way in which I relate to this character: people forget about me a lot too
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: “if there is a key, there must be a door”
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? cinnamon roll

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Two months earlier


It’s been a while since I have written you a letter. This used to be my thing when I can’t tell you the words that I want to tell right in front of you. But months passed by, and I feel like I don’t need letters anymore since I can tell anything to you. It’s been a while since I did this. I miss writing this on paper. I used to grab a few pieces of yellow paper to my seat mate because you would suddenly cloud up my mind without any notice. 

I’m not sure what made me write this but I think it’s for the same obvious reason that I am thinking of you right now. Sometimes, you make me speechless because words are not enough to describe what I really feel. I feel too much when you’re so near and I feel even more whenever you’re away. You make me feel. You make me feel less cynical. You disengage me from fantasy and reality and put me in a landscape where I can see both and know its differences. You don’t know how much you have changed me in a good way. I was heartless, I was numb, I was harsh, I was cold. But that’s not who I am now. Somehow, my wall of ice is slowly thawing after I solidified it with my emotions and put up a vicious façade so that no one would dare to crack. I guess somewhere along the anchorage of my ship, you made it through and I let you. 

I guess I’d still say the same old things that I have told you from the days that I got the chance to know you and I think I am still am on the road of knowing you even more. I like the you that you want to show the people but I love the you when you put your defenses down and the you that you are trying to hide from everyone. I have always wanted you to be the best. Focus on your goals. You are more than this. You are more than what society thinks of you. At the end of the finish line, only you can help yourself and I am just one of the onlookers trying to cheer you up and push you further so you won’t give up to something that I know you can do. You know that you always have my hand and I’m always willing to reach for you whenever you feel like life’s is smashing you hard. You’re better than this, yeah? I just hope that you won’t shut me out when things are hard. I’m not letting you face this alone anymore. I can’t afford to see you hurt. 

You are the anchor to my sinking ship and the life raft in my vast and limitless ocean when the waters are engulfing me down. I won’t let the person that I consider as my anchor and life raft, at the same time, to drown on his own. I’ll be there not just when things are easy – I’ll be there even if things are rough.

Family Business
To my sisters,

A century is such a long time and a century it has been since i’ve heard word of anyone of the Rosepsears names associated with me that has not sprouted from my own lips. I can’t say that it does not make me anxious to hear that you were looking for me. While I am fearful, I am also hopeful and excited. I have not known the state of our family, especially after the Azeroth shattering as it had. After such a time that it has been, I had thought that there was little chance that anyone would care to come for me, especially with what I had done when I had left.

I apologize for that, as I have every day since.

I do not know if this search you have started is for good intentions or if it is just the time that you have finally given to clean up a mess made so long ago. I have high hopes that it is the former, and I will continue to hold those high hopes until we do meet face to face.

There is much I wish to say to you both, and had I the time, I would write down every last word that should have been sent to you over these many years and send it with this letter. Written words, though, would not suffice for all that should be said. The sincerity of my tone should be heard, not read.

There are public gardens to the southern end of Silvermoon, i’m sure you both would know of it. A small pavilion lies inside, and it is there, in a weeks time, I intend to be. Should your interest in finding me hold true, I will be there in the early evening.

I hope that we may meet then.

Taliorinth Rosespear

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thorinbaqqins asked:

Thranduil? :)

1: sexuality headcanon: heterosexual
2: otp: thranduil/his wife
3: brotp: thranduil & bard
4: notp: thranduil/harry potter. (there are weird fics in the hobbit fandom OKAY)
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: half of his face was burned of in the war of the wrath… he also killed 27 dragons. yes. exactly 27. instead of the gems being his wife’s, they’re what is left of the nauglamir, the last remainder of doriath
6: favorite line from this character: do not speak to me of dragon fire! i have seen the great serpents of the north!
7: one way in which I relate to this character: everyone also hates me but i am nice at heart (i think)
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: the “because it was real” line. THE CHEESE. IM SORRY BUT ITS CHEESY. 
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? problematic fave but he is still my fave

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I swear, I could never love anything more than the way you hide your face when you laugh or how you always find a new song and make it “ours”. I would do absolutely anything to see the smile that makes my heart flutter each time. I think the sky stole stars from your eyes and wore them hoping to be half as beautiful as you. You are my aurora borealis, my northern lights, something so calm and simple yet so breathtaking. If ever my heart wanders from my chest, I hope you will keep it safe within your ribcage, because it belongs to you. After all these years, swimming against the tide, crushed by waves, lost at sea, we’ve always seemed to find our way back to the shore. When I think of my future, my dreams and my plans, you secretly live in them. I hope that’s where you’ll stay until each one is fulfilled. As we grow older, I find myself only adoring you more than I thought possible. You can perch on me, little bird. Let me be your home.

If that’s not love, then love doesn’t really exist.

filisbraidstache asked:


1: sexuality headcanon: heterosexual
2: otp: kiliel
3: brotp: fili/kili
4: notp: fiki
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: HE WAS PROBABLY MADE FUN OF A LOT BECAUSE HE HAS NO BEARD.. . also tauriel is his one
6: favorite line from this character: “amrâlimê.”
7: one way in which I relate to this character: kili is goofy most of the time but when he’s serious about something he’s serious
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: “if there’s a key, there must be a door.” there’s another way in.”
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? cinnamon roll

!send me a character and i’ll answer these!


Well… I guess it was inevitable with this whole SHARING, trying to form better connections, really get to know you guys etc… thing, but I got my first HATE MAIL. Lucky for me, it doesn’t bother me much.
Let me just say, for the record, I don’t care how you’re “supposed” to do things in this crazy business of music. There’s no “right way”. There’s no, “if you do it THIS way, you are 100% guaranteed to be wealthy and successful”. If there was, we’d all be doing it that way. Plus, how BORING would that be?! I’m doing it MY WAY… and I am making it happen with a crazy awesome group of people who are supporting me along the way. In fact, we are making it happen TOGETHER. So, while I can appreciate the honesty in your message telling me to “get over myself”… and telling me just how WRONG you think I’m going about all of this… I’m just going to keep believing in myself and doing what I’m doing. I got this.