You’re it baby, I want you, I am always thinking of you. I know you know and sometimes you’d probably want me to keep busy with frivolities instead of sitting sadly or wistfully in thoughts of you. Sometimes I don’t like the idea of you thinking of me so much because it is frustrating and a tease – but then I think of you, constantly, in between breaths, with EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART.
—  Amy Winehouse, from a letter to Blake Fielder-Civil

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I’m a poet. I’m a writer. I’m not a public speaker. I know people prefer to be told things face to face but if I write you a letter, what I say in those I mean with all my heart so please don’t take it lightly or less than if I said it in person. I’m a poet. I’m a writer. My medium is writing, It’s my comfort zone and I take the time to process and write out what I feel to you. I’m weak, I’m not a public speaker, I won’t go shouting to the world about my feelings but if you’re special to me, I’ll for sure let you know one way or another and I promise you it’s 100% me.
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After escaping from Gollum, Bilbo takes the ring off early. The goblins see him, and this time he doesn't put the ring on fast enough to evade them. Thinking he was one of the dwarves' companions, the goblins don't kill him, instead the give him over to Azog's orcs. Thorin and the company determine that their Burglar saw his chance and took it, but this time he doesn't appear miraculously. They still end up on the cliff, and in the trees, spirits a little more broken than they were(1/2)

[2/2] But this time when Azog appears through the trees, he’s dragging Bilbo with him. Azog taunts Thorin, and after seeing a reaction, knows the halfling has value. As Thorin charges the pale orc, Bilbo is stabbed and dropped unmoving. The eagles arrive in time to save them all, but don’t pick up Bilbo thinking him dead. From the air, Thorin sees Bilbo trying to crawl away from the orcs, but can do nothing to help.

but what if bilbo’s already dead, and the eagle takes him anyway

and thorin wakes on the carrock again, wounded again, wrong again, and whispers, the halfling

all gandalf can do is shake his head

and thorin struggles to his feet, and sees bilbo, maimed on the rocks, and the dwarves draw back to let him through

and he takes bilbo’s head in his arms and he’s heartbroken, because his one has died (and he didn’t even know, didn’t even realise what he meant to thorin) and he swallows and says that they should bury him

and they do, in a meadow of wildflowers

Para sa mga kabataan            

H'wag aksayahin ang oras sa paghahanap kay ‘the one’. Mas madami pang mahahalagang bagay na dapat iniintindi. Know your prorities guys. Magfocus muna kayo sa life goals. Ang lovelife madali na yan kapag nakatapos ka na ng pag aaral at naging successful ka na. Sa tamang panahon makikilala mo sya, in God’s perfect time.


My name is Moyo, (please forgive the size of my nose and the yogurts in my hand). I’m 16 years old (17 in december) and I live in South East England. I’m really not good at stuff like this … I’m really into movies, I’d like to think i’m a movie buff. I’m also into photography, novels, I read a lot of fan fiction, I'm obsessed with anime and manga. I skate, so skateboard, roller skate, Rollerblade, but that’s about as active as i get. Music is my life. I listen to all genres of music, so i can never ever really mention favorites. I really enjoy pretty much everything that’s good for my soul. 

I’m pretty shy and social interaction really isn’t a strong point of mine, it would do me a lot of good to have a pen pal, someone I can talk to and relate to and share my thoughts with. I’m open to talking with anyone, but it would be great if you’re about 15-18, around my age. I’d really just like to make a friend. I’d really like to send snail mail, but emails are always welcome. 

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smaug tells bilbo that the arkenstone will drive thorin mad, and having a sword pointed at him just makes him more sure. he avoids thorin, wary, even fearing proximity to the arkenstone. bilbo never gets the mithril shirt, never has the acorn moment, isnt there for his voice to break thorins dragon sickness. thorin remains in the golden hall of kings while his nephews and burglar fall. azog escapes. dwalin returns all three bodies to thorin and watches him wake from the madness and crumble.

what if it’s not even dwalin, but azog who breaks into erebor and throws the bodies of his company at his feet

thorin, staring off, as azog beheads him– at dain’s head on a stick, and fili and kili’s, and the word AZOG tattooed on their foreheads (just like his grandfather) (always like his grandfather) and bilbo, sweet bilbo, broken and his eyes are blank and he’s dead