I’ve been meaning to post pics of this whole table for a billion years. Sorry for the delay!

This is my curiosity table! It’s an old printing press drawer that someone made into a little coffee table. My mom bought it for my dad back in the 1970s and he used to keep a lot of his Civil War relics in it.

A few years ago he gave it to me and I stuffed it full of all sorts of little curiosities. It houses bones, skulls, teeth, fossils, shells, feathers, claws, fur samples, insects, and more!

iknownothingswrong replied to your photo “My mom bought this fantastic table for my dad back in the 70s. He gave…”

oh. my. god. you’ve probably gotten this question a lot so I’m sorry. any info on this table? any sort of indication on who made it or when or anything? I need to find it. shit.

No worries, iknownothingswrong! There’s not a mark to be found on it and I’ve always kinda figured that it was a homemade piece. The top is an old printer type tray or letterpress drawer so it’s basically just that, a separate frame around it which holds down a piece of glass (or if you are cheap like me, plexiglass) to cover it and keep dust out of all those little cubbies, and then a pair of legs. 

My mom bought it at a junk store back in the 1970s and that’s all I really know about it. Never seen another like it! But I’m sure it’d be easy to make your own if you knew what you were doing. 

Here’s a better shot that I took a while back of the whole thing.