Excuse the horrid yellow lighting in my sewing room (the colors look much better in person) but I’ve finally got my lettermanstuck jackets done! They’ve actually been done for a few days, but I just now got around to taking pictures of them.

Each jacket took about 10 hours, with most of that time being spent on making the patches, painting the stripes, and hand-sewing in all the lining.

Lettermanstuck jacket designs are by blackoutballad

anonymous asked:

could there be derse/prospit letterman's????

i answered in the FAQ that while these are great ideas, i wouldn’t be able to add these options to the giveaway.

though i did some mock-ups out of curiosity …

these were done based on what’s available. for whatever reason it’s really hard to find yellow/white lettermans ……..

if i had my way, they’d look like this:

More pixel sprite edits!

All of these are based off of/recolored from feastings’ pixelings, of course.

 = Fefetasprite! Fefeta, ilu.

 = Marinabot from Ke$hastuck. Given time I might probably complete the six-woman set. Key word here being “probably”.

 = Letterman!Aradia, based off of blackoutballad’s fanart.

 = Rose in her garb from the mind-war in Scarlet and Bible Black!

 = Trickster!Pocky!Damara based off of a fanart whose artist’s name has long since escaped me. Umm, help?

 = The whole Alpha female troll set of natroze’s tricksters! I’m currently working on the Beta girls…oh, and maybe the boys too! Trickster recoloring is the best activity.

anonymous asked:

can we get the back design of the lettermanstuck? pls... i'm going to make one of them..

as mentioned on the post, the only thing on the back is their surname in regular varsity-style font, though i’m totally fine with people making it any sort of font. even comic sans. that would actually be wildly appropriate for some of them haha

i also left the option open for nicknames, as a number of people tend to get instead. my sis knew a guy on the basketball team who got ‘AK-47’ stitched onto the back of his jacket because those were his initials and 47 was his team number :> be creative!

personally i would put 'lights out’ on rose’s or vriska’s and 'heartstopper’ on dirk’s but dklfjdl