“Never give up on what makes you smile.” - Heath Ledger (1979-2008)

You mean so much to us all and it’s sad to say that it’s been 9 years, today. Your strength and dedication showed us how much love you had for what you did. It inspires many of us everyday. You will always be in our hearts, Heath. We love you.


🌿 [14 / 12 / 16] • Week One 🌿

This week has been going really well! I bought a leuchtturm to use as a bullet journal and it’s helped me a lot to know what to do and get it done. Now I just have to get through the rest of the week and keep trying to be productive.

~ Reese 🍵

Lettering tips

I did a thing! :D It’s been ages since I made some sort of a lettering tips/tutorial (it was just an answered ask and it was pretty bad tbh), so I thought I‘d make a new one. Nothing too complicated, just filling more pages in my bullet journal :).

Now, these are tips that I sort of discovered myself and am using now, which doesn’t mean that you have to! I did not include the “double the downstroke” which we all sort of know, rather I concentrated more on the letter heights, which was a big problem for me when I started with lettering. Well, hope you find it at  least a bit helpful :D

[20170101 09:23]

Welcome to my studyblr! This is my first original post on this blog and I’m really excited for the new year :) These are some of my notes from my neuroscience class last semester and I’m kind of sad that it’s over because brains are cool dude (I’m a prospective neuroscience major so more brains in the future~). 

Taken from my instagram @izzybooks