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Have been quite busy lately, finding peace from writing and instrumental music
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🌿 [14 / 12 / 16] • Week One 🌿

This week has been going really well! I bought a leuchtturm to use as a bullet journal and it’s helped me a lot to know what to do and get it done. Now I just have to get through the rest of the week and keep trying to be productive.

~ Reese 🍵

[20170101 09:23]

Welcome to my studyblr! This is my first original post on this blog and I’m really excited for the new year :) These are some of my notes from my neuroscience class last semester and I’m kind of sad that it’s over because brains are cool dude (I’m a prospective neuroscience major so more brains in the future~). 

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1.24.17+10:53am // spread 13: star ocean queen // haven’t posted in forever, but here’s the spread i made for this week (with some sunlight streaking through the blinds haha). i got pretty stressed about my inconsistent handwriting, so i amped up the freestyle this time. i really like how it turned out! hope everyone is having a great week :D

Lettering tips

I did a thing! :D It’s been ages since I made some sort of a lettering tips/tutorial (it was just an answered ask and it was pretty bad tbh), so I thought I‘d make a new one. Nothing too complicated, just filling more pages in my bullet journal :).

Now, these are tips that I sort of discovered myself and am using now, which doesn’t mean that you have to! I did not include the “double the downstroke” which we all sort of know, rather I concentrated more on the letter heights, which was a big problem for me when I started with lettering. Well, hope you find it at  least a bit helpful :D