Gorm Loch Mor by Alexander Nail
Via Flickr:
Though the view to the west of A'Mhaighdean is spectacular it is most certainly matched by the view to the south and southwest. From the summit you have a towering view over Gorm Loch Mor with Sgurr Dubh and Beinn Lair above. The mountains of Torridon lie in the distance with Slioch off to the left. The side light on the ridge below Beinn Lair and Sgurr Dubh was particularly suitable in bringing out the rock forms. On a day of excellent visibility like this it is hard to describe the sense of scale you experience. Although in my photography I always aim to capture the essence of a scene, the spectacular nature of the view renders it almost uncaptureable, this image is no replacement for the experience of being there on such a day. A slight curiosity of the image is that the waters of Gorm Loch Mor below appear inky black in comparison to those of Lochan Fada to the left. If anyone has an explanation I would be interested! Full portfolio at my website: Alex Nail Photography Follow me: www.facebook.com/Alex.Nail.Photography and twitter.com/alexnail