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And so their legacy grew….



November Preview!! October went by so fast and I can’t believe it’s already November. Literally so JUNG-SHOOK

I’m going with that pastel purple gem theme this month. Here is me attempting to be good at drawing gems… Hopefully it gets better throughout the month. Edited Inspo: Jessica Wonderland album cover and AmandaRachLee


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I often think back to the way you used to trace your fingers across the scales that lined my brow.
You told me they were like a crown, that I was a prince among men.

If that were ever true, then my dearest, I have become a king among beasts.

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Love Letters

Here’s a short preview of the fic I’ll be donating to @loveinpanem’s “A Candle for the Caribbean” collection.

Please consider donating to this beautiful cause. Remember, every little bit we do helps. 


Everlark. Canon-compliant (mostly), Post Mockingjay, Pre-Epilogue.

Rated: G

Summary: Katniss Everdeen learns about her past as she gets ready to face her future.

Love Letters

Dear Miss Tate,

I hope this letter finds you well.

I know we’ve only known each other for a couple of months, but it wouldn’t be right for me to go on without telling you what’s in my heart.

Forgive me if I don’t use sweet words and flowery adjectives to describe this madness that’s taken over my mind, but I respect you far too much to waste your time with tricks and flattery.

As you read this, you’ll probably think I’m too forward. You’re right. I shouldn’t be writing any of this, –and I definitely shouldn’t be giving it to you– but the truth is that you’ve sparked a fire within me; a beautiful, powerful, maddening fire that overwhelms me and consumes my every thought.

I’ve tried fighting it, but it pushes right back, defeating me at every turn. I’m at its mercy, helpless against it and, as much as I’d want to, I can’t keep it hidden any longer.

I know that you recently aged-out of the selection process. I must confess that few things have made me happier than watching the relief reflected on your sweet face after your last reaping just a couple of weeks ago.

I realize that, unlike me, –a poor miner’s son who’s destined to be no more than a miner himself– you have prospects ahead of you.

In all likelihood, you already have a suitor of your family’s choosing who’s waiting to make you his wife; or maybe even a cherished sweetheart who knows your heart’s secrets and desires.

If that is the case, please, ignore my letter. Feel free to dispose of it and never think back on it again. Be with your betrothed, and be happy.

But, if your heart isn’t attached, I urge you to hear my words.

You are in my mind, Lillian. You are in my heart, in my soul. You are the warmth in my days and the magic in my nights. You are hope, and faith, and longing; my heart’s one true desire.

You captured my imagination from the first moment we met, and there’s nothing I can do to set it free.

You hold the key to my happiness. I hope with all my heart that you’ll allow me to be yours.

Dashiell Everdeen.

‘Four letters with meaning’ Fic Preview

(None of this may be final)

“I know I’m not good at magic. But reading has nothing to do with magic. Patience has nothing to do with magic. And being still isn’t either. But I struggle with all that too! I can’t explain away those! I don’t have an excuse for those. Those things are all just me. …Aren’t they?”

- Akko

Some previews for my first-ever fanfic (of any kind). It focuses on Akko and her traits, since she is a character that really speaks to me.

It also has a healthy amount of Akko and Diana fluff, but I try to keep it on a similar level as the show :)

I’d estimate it to be finished later this week ^_^ Stay tuned!


A few screencaps of new merch from the live letter. I came in late to the stream and missed a couple of things. I wish I’d gotten better caps of the mug since the text can’t be read clearly. Haurchefant is on the other side of it.  There was also a House Fortemps memorial book.

The moogle might or might not be part of the new stuff, or could just be a prop, but there it is anyway.

Also: Fat Cats are on sale in the SE store, $29.99.

There’s a YouTube show called “Are You a Robot?” and this is not an endorsement for the show, I’ve never watched it, but it’s there written in huge letters on the preview. It keeps ending up in my recommended shows to watch and it’s giving me an existential crisis.


This shouldn’t be something I question but here we are!

How do I figure it out? Is there a quiz I can take?

Maybe I am but I’m programmed to think that I’m not??

How do I get passed that logic loop?

I don’t like this question.

Please stop.


160731 Like Seventeen: Shining Diamond Concert (Vernon Preview) 
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