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Reunited (Ahkmenrah x Reader)

A/N: This is the last chapter to my Ahkmenrah serie. (A maid for Ahkmenrah, Unexpected, Gone) Make sure to check the other writings if you haven’t read them yet. Enjoy!

Three years. It had been three years since Ahkmenrah had last seen, kissed and held his lover. Those three years without you were the most painful and agonizing years that he had experienced. There had been no second that he was not thinking about you. His mind was constantly consumed with thoughts about where you had been and if you where okay. And the baby? Was it doing fine as well? Ahkmenrah wished he would know the answers to his questions. Since your leaving, there had developed a big questioning mark in Ahkmenrah’s head. Why did you go? Why did you leave him behind?

Once the young prince found out about your absence on that day three years ago, he sent a troop of his guardians in order to search for you in the entire city. But unfortunately, they had no luck. Ahkmenrah himself went to your parents’ house, kneeling down in front of them in desperation, a prince on his knees asking them about your whereabouts. But neither your parents had an idea. They were as clueless as Ahkmenrah was. But to be honest, they had been very surprised as they found out that their daughter was secretly dating the royal man in front of them. They didn’t even expect that Ahkmenrah developed some interest in you. Your mother was crying the whole time, worry consumed the poor woman because you left without saying goodbye and without telling them where you were heading.

Ahkmenrah promised them to find you and bring you back home where you belonged. You belonged to him, staying by his side. That was what you were supposed to do. Not leaving him in deep oblivion and a broken heart.

The guardians were looking for you for weeks. There was no corner, no alley and no street they were missing. They even interrogated the people in the city, asking them if they had seen or heard anything. Ahkmenrah was so determined to find you, cost it what it wants. He wanted you back. He was pressured to do things that he was no fan of. He threatened his men not to come back to the palace if they had not found you. He had no power to see his guardians coming back with empty hands. However, the more time it took for the search, the more hopeless Ahkmenrah became. Sending letters to other cities were his last hope but even those had not brought any luck.

The young prince always locked himself in his chamber, refusing to come out. It had been his only safe heaven because in there he still felt your presence. So many memories had been made between those for walls. Secret meetings at midnight, sweet and passionate love making sessions and pillow talking afterwards until the sun would rise and you were obligated to go were something you two were doing on regular basis. Ahkmenrah showed you both sides of emotional and physical love. He loved and he cared. He never failed to show these. And he was wondering how you could just throw all of this away. The worse thing was also that you tore him away from his child. He had no chance to hold his child in his arms and admire the creature that you two have created with love. He would probably never get the opportunity because his child was now a grown three year old. Three years. He missed three years of its life.

He was not sure how he should react. One the one side he was mad, beyond mad. He could have set up the entire city in flames. His body was filled with so much rage. But on the other side he understood. You were probably too afraid and saw this as the only way to escape a punishment.

But Ahkmenrah would have done everything to protect you. Hell, he would have sacrificed himself for your well-being. He just needed this chance and you didn’t give it to him. You gave him no possibility of talking things through.


Ahkmenrah stood on his balcony, his eyes observing the life full city in front of him. Again he was thinking about you and wondered if you had come back without his knowing. Something in him told him that you were there, somewhere on the streets of Thebes. He just was not sure if he should listen to this voice. He had given up hoping a long time ago.

A knock on the glass door threw him out of his thoughtful state. As Ahkmenrah turned around, his eyes meet the gentle ones of his mother, Queen Shepseheret. The queen you had worked for. The beautiful woman joined her young son, taking a place beside him. Laying her head gently on his shoulders, she wrapped one arm around his waist. A gesture of comfort that the young prince needed. She always knew when Ahkmenrah was distracted with you again and she had provided him so much comfort in the last three years.

“How are you, my son?” She asked even though she knew the answer. She could feel the immense pain that he went through. A mother’s instinct, that was what it was.

Ahkmenrah only shrugged his shoulders. His mother sighed.

“My dear son, Ahkmenrah, it pains my heart to see you in sorrow. You’ve been hurt enough for three years, don’t you think? I miss seeing your precious smile.”

“There is nothing to smile for anymore, mother.” He mumbled.

“Of course there is! There are so many things that are worth to smile about, my son. But you don’t see them. I know you loved her dearly Ahkmenrah, but it’s been three years now. If she had loved you so much, she would have come back long time ago, don’t you think?”

“What are talking about?” Ahkmenrah growled. He was shocked and surprised that his mother would accuse you of not loving him.

“I know (Y/N) is a good girl, my dear. I liked her so much. She was always a hard worker, kind and polite. And under other conditions I would have wanted you to marry her someday. But Ahkmenrah, there are things that are probably not meant to be. Have you ever thought about that? Maybe this is a new chance for you to become happy? Maybe you and (Y/N) are not perfect together.”

“Stop it! Please stop saying those horrible words!” Ahkmenrah demanded with a croaked voice. “No matter what you’re saying mother, deep down I know we are meant to be. We have to be together. We have a child, isn’t that enough proof for you? I cannot imagine a life without her anymore. I just want her.” He stopped to take a deep breath. His chest ached terribly.

“One day she will come back to me and I’m going to marry her. I may be able to forgive what she did to me because my love for her is much stronger than anything else. Yes, I feel betrayed, she left away but… but people make mistakes. I’m sure she’s aware of what she had done. I know we’re connected to each other. Our souls are connected mother. I can feel it. She’s my soul mate and I’m not going to stop loving her until she tells me so…”

By know, the tears that were brimming his eyes ran down his soft cheeks. His mother raised her hands to put his face between them.

“Ahkmenrah…” She sniffled, overwhelmed by her own tears. “Don’t cry, my beautiful child.”

“It hurts, mother, it just hurts terribly. I’m so empty without her.” Only his lover could mend his broken heart.

And Ahkmenrah prayed to Ra, that she would appear soon.


“mwt (mother), mwt!” A little girl tugged at her mother’s arm, pointing at a certain direction. “Doll!” The girl tried to lead her mother to the stand were self made dolls were sold however the young woman stopped her.

“Not yet, my love.”She spoke gently.”Another time, is that alright for you?”

The little girl pouted with her arms crossed in front of her chest but still nodded defeated. Another child’s cry took her attention, and as she turned around she was greeted by her tiny boy who had his arms opened for her so she could take him into her arms. Right behind him the best friend of the young woman came running, her expression stressed and exhausted.

“Femi!” The best friend grumbled. “I told you not to run away like that. What if you went missing in this whole mess?”

The little boy just buried his face in the crook of his mother’s neck, indicating that he was tired.

“Monifa, could you just take care of Feme, please?” The young mother of two children, twins to be precisely, asked her best friend, gesturing to the little girl beside her. They walked through the market of Thebes, visiting different stands and looking what they could buy. They had already bought lots of food, especially for the little children. From the long journey they had back to Thebes, the children became hungry and the food they had packed before the trip began for them, had been eaten mostly by the little ones.

“It’s weird to be back.” Monifa said to the young woman.

“It is.” The other woman responded.

“It feels like an eternity since we’ve been last here and to be honest I have not missed it as much as I expected.”

The young woman laughed at her best friend’s remark. Admittedly, there had been two reasons why she returned at all. The first reason was her parents. She had missed them so dearly while she was away and at the same time she felt guilty of not telling them anything. She couldn’t wait to have them in her arms again, to hug them and to be embraced by their warmth. She needed to introduce her children to them. The second reason was the young man she still loved with her whole heart. She knew she broke him when she went away and she had no idea yet how to make it up to him. How would she react when she saw him again? What would she say? She had not thought about it to be honest.

“mwt…” The little boy in her arms whined. “Tired, mwt!”

“I know, my dear. Just hold on a little bit, alright? We’ll go home to aunt Monifa soon and then you can sleep as long as you want, okay?”

“Do you have anything you need?” Monifa inquired. “We can head back to mine if you’re finished. Seeing these delicious things you bought made me hungry and I’ll die if I don’t get something in my stomach.”

“Don’t exaggerate it.” The young mother smirked. “I’ll just go and get some grapes for the children.” She placed the little boy in Monifa’s arms, entrusting her children to her.

At the same time at the same place, prince Ahkmenrah trudged along the market, being surrounded by two guardians. It was his mother’s birthday and he went to the market to buy her a nice gift. He knew she didn’t want anything expensive, just a simple cheap thing would also please her. He was at many stands but still had not found a perfect present. He became slightly frustrated because in a few hours, a celebration would take place and Ahkmenrah couldn’t appear without anything.

He saw a stand with lots of jewelries and went straight towards it. The seller bowed down politely once he saw the young prince and after an exchange of few words, Ahkmenrah bought a beautiful necklace and bracelet for his mother.

“I hope she will like it.” Ahkmenrah sighed. All he wanted to do was turning to the palace and to get ready. It would be a long night since many other royal families would attend the celebration.

He turned around and suddenly the air got stuck in his lungs. The jewelry he held in his hands slipped between his fingers right to the ground. He must have been hallucinating, it was the only explanation for it. He opened and closed his eyes, just to make sure that he was not dreaming. And he didn’t.

She was beautiful than ever. A few meters away from him, there she stood, his lover, his life, his heart. You. You wore a pretty gown that highlighted your beauty even more. His heart pumped hard against his chest and Ahkmenrah threw his hand on his mouth to cover the sobs that escaped his throat.

“Your highness?” A guardian asked. “Are you alright?”

Ahkmenrah nodded and made his way towards you, ignoring the calls behind him. He would die if he couldn’t hold you in his arms again. A few more steps and he were right next to you. Just a few more steps.

You just gave the vendor in front of you a few coins and took the grapes from his hand as you felt another warm hand on your shoulder. Wondering who could it might be you turned around to face the person and you were shocked to see a familiar face that you had not seen in three years. His face was tearstained from crying and his eyes were red but still he looked handsome as ever.

“(Y/N),” He asked, his voice clearly trembling, “is that you? Is that really you?”

You were out of words. Totally lost of words. Not in a million years had you expected to meet him, right here, at the center of Thebes.

“Ahkmenrah?” You whispered questioningly.

“It is you!” He exclaimed, wrapping his arms around your body and pressing you hard against his chest. He clung onto you as if his life was dependent on this simple hug. “It’s you…It’s you…” He whispered all over again. Finally he could breathe again. Finally he had his love back.

He pulled slightly away, cupping you cheeks with his fingers and stroking them gently. He observed your features and all he could think about was how beautiful you were. You hadn’t changed much, you were still the young woman he had deep feelings for. His captured his lips with yours, kissing you hungrily in front all of these people.

“I missed you so much, lotus.” He breathed, resting his forehead against yours.

“I missed you, too, your highness.” You responded, laying your hands on top of his.

“Why have you left me, (Y/N)? Why did you go away?”

You were about to answer as Monifa joined you with a shocked expression on her face. She carried Femi in her arms while Feme held her hand tightly.

Once Ahkmenrah saw the little children, he fell down on his knees with more sobs escaping his mouth. You felt terrible for the state that he was in because you were too selfish. You examined your surroundings and caught people staring at the scene with bewilderment.

“Ahkmenrah…” You bent down to comfort him. “Please calm down.”

“Y-you g-gave me t-two children?” He sobbed. He eyed the two little creatures precisely. One boy and a little girl. Both made of love. Ahkmenrah couldn’t be happier in this moment.  “They a-are so b-beautiful.”

“mwt? Why is this man crying?” Femi asked his mother innocently, out of explanation why Ahkmenrah was clinging onto his mother. You gestured Monifa to come closer with the children and took each of them on the hand. Ahkmenrah was still crying but fascination was evident on his face.

“Do you remember the stories I’ve told you about a prince?”

“Yes, he was brave and strong and you said you love him.” Feme said.

“That’s right.” You smiled at them. “This is him. This is the prince I’ve been talking about. Your father. He’s your father, my loves. Do you want to say hello to him?”

They nodded their hands instantly, their face copied the same fascination from their father’s face. Ahkmenrah examined them exactly. Feme, the little girl, looked so much like you while his son Femi was the exact copy of himself. Both of them had mixture of your eye colors and their skin was tanned like their fathers.

Ahkmenrah engulfed his arms around his two children, tightly holding them. He wouldn’t give them away anymore. He wouldn’t leave them alone. He took in their sweet scent, kissing their heads all over again.

“My children…” He whispered.” We will never be parted from this day on. I promise.”

He stared up at you. “We have lots of things to talk about.” He said.

You nodded with your head. “I know.”

  But right now he didn’t want to think about it. All he wanted to do was to enjoy the moment of reuniting with his family.


2/2/16 | 11:45 I enrolled in uni courses today and I’m stressing massively over whether I’ve done it correctly or not and whether I need to go to the enrollment advice session tomorrow even though I’ve already enrolled. I was not mentally prepared for the amount of stress I’m currently experiencing. 

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I must say, above all things—especially to young people writing: for the love of God don’t condescend! Don’t assume the attitude of saying, ‘See how clever I am, and what fun everybody else is!’ Take any shape but that.
—  Charles Dickens gives this advice “to young people writing” in a letter dated June 1, 1857, addressed to Frank Stone, the particular friend and proxy of another, anonymous young author who had sent Dickens her manuscript to through Stone on a previous occasion. 

4 Songs & A Fight | Inspired by Siobhan Sadler | Playmoss | Spotify

Mother - Maria Doyle Kennedy / No Horses - Garbage / Capitol Letter - Patti Smith / Cities in Dust - Siouxsie and the Banshees / My Monster - Blondie / Stuck (OB 309 version) - MDK / Hymn To Her - Pretenders / People Have The Power - Patti Smith / Pride - MDK / 4 Songs & a Fight - The Sounds / I Am Here - Savages / Fuckability - MDK

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you keep appearing in my mind
like it’s normal to be caught up in memory,
to feel the vividness of summer heat
in the beginning of springtime.

i keep seeing you everywhere:
city gates and cobblestones
ringing with an age i will never reach
brick and concrete buildings remind me of you.

sometimes i see pictures of oil lamps,
shards of pottery,
roman glass and roman coins
sometimes in class we talk about gethsemane
mount of olives
and suddenly, all i can see is you—
no, wait—
suddenly, all i can FEEL is you.

holy holy holy city
sometimes i wonder if a part of me didn’t burn when i was in you.
i went away more lost; more found.
i remember touching the western wall and thinking—
if there were anywhere a higher power would be,
it’d be here.

sometimes i wonder if i’ll ever have words enough
to write this poem.
indescribable, holy.
i will never know the Sacred better than when i was with you.
that Mystery scares me
more than words can tell.

—  love letters to cities: jerusalem, Drea O.

О письме

Как так бывает, что связь между людьми стирает сотни километров расстояния. Я заглядываю в почтовый ящик в надежде на письмо или открытку. Победа. Открытка в конверте, адрес написан уже привычным почерком, ровным рядом с витиеватыми завитушками под «у» и «д». Я выхожу на улицу с письмом в руках, без перчаток, в пятнадцатиградусный мороз. Я хочу открыть и прочитать его сразу же, негнущимися пальцами я отрываю кусочки бумаги с приклеенной линии конверта, медленно подбираясь к открытке. Все тот же почерк. Я читаю первые строки, уже давно перестав мерзнуть и вообще ощущать, что я иду. Останавливаюсь, решая дочитать позже.  Перехожу дорогу на красный, забывая о правилах, сегодня их можно и нарушить. В метро заканчиваю читать, с каждой строчкой, тряска поезда превращается в качающие движения волн, словно вагон это большая лодка, буквы превращаются в соленые брызги воды, а шум стука колес сменяется криком армии чаек, что поднимаются с пирсов, когда кто-то тревожит их покой или наоборот хочет накормить целой булкой хлеба. Я смотрю за окно, на мельтешащие камни туннелей, на искрящие провода и иногда мерцающий свет параллельных туннелей - сквозь я вижу море, я уже не в поезде, не в городе, не в себе. Двери со скрипом открываются и я прихожу в себя от нависшей тишины остановки - совсем пусто, я выхожу из своего “морского” вагона. Впереди несколько минут ходьбы по снегу, прячущему под собой черный лед. Холодный ветер в лицо. Сливающиеся потоком фары машин на автостраде и, конечно же, мой автобус проносится мимо меня, хотя какое мне дело до этого, ведь сегодня особенный день. 

Vermeer painting is a surprise guest for Minneapolis Institute of Arts’ centennial celebration

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has promised weekly surprises throughout its 2015 centennial celebration, and it delivered a big one Friday, unveiling “Woman in Blue Reading a Letter,” one of only 34 surviving works by 17th century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.

The oil painting — an enigmatic gem about 18 inches high and 15 inches wide — will be on view through May 3 in the museum’s Cargill Gallery, just off the main lobby. There is no charge for admission.

On loan from Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, the picture is a prime example of Vermeer’s intimate studies of women in contemplative moments.

The painting is the first of three promised masterpieces on loan that the MIA will unveil at unannounced times throughout its centennial year.


Famous cities from around the world represented by their attractions and or culture to form the letters used to spell out their names. With some motion thrown in.

I had a lot of fun creating this project and getting to do all the little details in each letter.

anonymous asked:

If you watch the map carefully, one of the place can be Malasia

Yeah I meant to look back at that map

Let’s look together!

This is the map they used (how conveniently accessible online):

Bottom right corner you can tell it’s possibly malaysia.. but there is the possibility of Makassar, Indonesia; Bandung, Indonesia; maybe even Yogyakarta, Indonesia if they feel like it.

Other letter cities include

  •  Beijing, Chongqing, and Shanghai (Shanghai doesn’t fit the letter scheme though) for the China location;
  • in Colombia (that corner is dead-set in Colombia in South America), it could be Medellin or Bogota
  • that high ass corner is literally in the middle of nowhere—Queen’s Islands, some bullshit idk it’s up in Canada @ Canadian followers get at me because I don’t know what’s out there (SM could just call it Canada maybe?); 
  • and then Russia we got multiple—the mark near the center of the logo is dead-ass Moscow DING DING DING GUESS WHERE THE M IS GONNA BE and then the far out right corner is around Siberia, which doesn’t match the letter scheme. However, we can find cities out that far using our handy-dandy resource known as Wikipedia and Google.
  • And guess what? There is a city called Yakutsk in Russia out in that area which satisfies the Y question (Y all know it isn’t Yangguk, South Korea; leave Baekhyun’s grandmother alone.)

Okay so anony you’ve helped me basically figure out the rest of EXO’s comeback thanks so much!