Beat Tape

Dallas’ newest producer on the scene DRNRDX has unleashed his debut beat tape, Letter 24. Featuring sonic sounds and altered dimensions, musically Letter 24 is on a different wavelength. It’s chilled, it’s spacey… it’s exotic. In a time when electro pop and southern trap fill our airwaves, DRNRDX is a breath of fresh air. When rapper’s projects have become tantamount to their previous efforts, placement of DRNRDX production will be a welcomed shift. After already securing singles with some of Dallas’ bigger artists, Letter 24 will only further the momentum. Listen to Letter 24 below and let DRNRDX know your favorite beat!


  • Sega Leancast
  • Aceman/The Redman
  • August 13th
  • Illusional Sky 2
  • Ichigo 

02/13/14 12:31PM

You’re cute, but annoying. You’re sweet, but obnoxious. You’re hot, but irritating. You’re addicting, but I also want to strangle you sometimes. Then you do this thing where two seconds later, I just want to smother you with kisses. Who are you? Who do you think you are? You make me wanna pull my hair out, but you also make me wanna touch myself. You’re a ding dong, but I fucking love you. I do. You make me extremely happy, but you’re also a real pain in the ass. You’re such a poo. Kisses.