Sometimes relationships just end, and sometimes they don’t always end on your own terms. You just have to learn how to accept it and deal with it on your own. Dwelling on the situation and blaming yourself won’t change the outcome, so you just have to be strong, and be forgiving of yourself.

-I’m trying to find my own closure since you’re not giving me any.


WOMEN: You’re not dressing in a way that Grant finds sexy! In fact, he thinks you look frumpy! What are you all doing, getting dressed in the morning without checking with Grant?



literary character aesthetic: Cecilia Tallis

“I know I sound bitter, but my darling, I don’t want to be. I’m honestly happy with my new life and my new friends. I feel I can breathe now. Most of all, I have you to live for. Realistically, there had to be a choice—you or them. How could it be both? I’ve never had a moment’s doubt. I love you. I believe in you completely. You are my dearest one, my reason for life. Cee.”  

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You want to know how I know you ain't ugly? You're nice. You're kind. You've got a wicked sense of humor, and you care. An ugly person is someone who is mean, rude, apathetic, and nasty. You ain't any of those things = you're beautiful.

this is so CHEESY and as someone who very much appreciates cheesiness im in tearS what the heck you guys……… you guys stop being all so sweet you re making my poor heart weaker ;;

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Hi ! I see you like messages with dinosaur sooo... Question time ! :D if all the Karasuno guys love dinosaurs, which can be the favorite of each of them ? Karasuno or other, if you prefere of course ! I think it can be pretty fun, cause you seems to know many thinks about dinosaurs. (sorry for my... weird english ?)

Okay, I literally sat on this all day. I’m sorry it took me so long to answer.

This kind of turned out as which Dinosaur I identified them as the most rather than… their favorites omg im sorry.

Also, please don’t apologise for your English, omg. Especially if it isn’t your first language, omg. I’m honestly super impressed by people who can communicate in languages that aren’t their native one.

Okay, Karasuno:

Sawamura Daichi: Triceratops -  A little obvious. Triceratops had a large frill on its head that is commonly thought to be used for defence, and horns that were thought to be used to ward off enemies. However it was more likely that this horns were used for show as the density of the bone is too high to have withstood impact. Daichi reminds of a Triceratops due to his thicker figure and his strong defence for his team. They were also pack animals.

Sugawara Koushi: Oviraptor - Oviraptor is one of the first fossils we’ve found that has shown us that dinosaurs may have been brooding creatures. Or at least, adapted the nature to insure survival of their offspring. It was large, and had feathering that was majorily for making itself appear larger than it was. This creature reminded me of Sugawara due to the fact that it was a bird-like large and could have thrown its weight around, but most likely didn’t unless it was threatened. Or so we believe.

Azumane Asahi: Carnotaurus - Carnotaurus was a dinosaur who was an incredible hunter with sharp horns prodtruding from its eyebrow-bones. This creature also had a very thick skull that was probably used for bashing against its enemies. It was probably an incredible runner and with a build up of speed would probably ram its head against its other creatures with great force. Although our crow-ace is weak-hearted he is very strong, and I think he would line up well with a Carnotaurus. I considered more of an omnivore, but for some reason, Asahi and a Carnotaurus just seemed like a good fit.

Nishinoya Yuu: Ornithomimus - I actually don’t know a whole lot about this species of Dinosaur, but it appears that it was a smaller lightweight carnivore that would have been able to steal and cause problems for larger dinosaurs. I believe that this corrilates well to how Noya acts on the court.

Tanaka Ryuunosuke: Velociraptor - The velociraptor, is very well known and is capable of bringing down much larger prey than itself. However it was not nearly as large as it was made out to be in the Jurassic Park series. These creatures would reach about 2m long, but only about .5m tall. However, due to their pack status and the large hooklike claw on their back legs, these dinosaurs were very impressive predators. Their intimidation factor from long narrow faces and claws, makes me think of Tanaka, except he is like a pack of them. All jammed into one person.

Ennoshita Chikara: Troodon - Troodon is among some of my favorite dinosaurs, and had the largest brain cavity - to body size ration, and is often considered to be the smartest of all non-aviary dinosaurs. They were small and fast, but had canine like teeth that were adept at tearing into flesh. Ennoshita reminds me of this dinosaur mostly for his intelligence, and perseverance, something a dinosaur such as this would have needed to evolve a brain capacity such as this.

Kinoshita Hisashi: Gallimimus - A large omniverous dinosaur. I do not know much about this dinosaur, or Kinoshita. ;v;

Narita Kazuhito: Stegosaurus - A large herbivorous dinosaur. I do not know much about this dinosaur, or Narita. ;v;

Kageyama Tobio: Help me. I don’t know.

Hinata Shouyou: Archaeopteryx - Archaeopteryx was one of the more obviously feathered dinosaurs, with visible feathers found with their fossils. I picked this species of dinosaur for Hinata because we believe it was capable of gliding. (Of course there are several other feathered dinosaurs that we belive were able to glide, but this is one of the better known examples.) Its smaller frame would have probably made it a very speedy runner, who was able to leap and glide, much as Hinata does on the court. (Fun fact: Archaeopteryx was about as big as a raven. ovo)

Tsukishima Kei: Diplodocus - Diplodocus is on of the most commonly known sauropod, other than Brontosaurus, which many scientists do not believe actually existed. Diplodocus is not the largest sauropod we’ve ever discovered, but in that sense it reminds me of Tsukishima. It is extreamly large, and is a herbivore, but very few carnivores were actually willing to mess with one of these. They could easily use their tails to crack the jaw, or any other bone, of many large carnivores. (Even a T-Rex, which incidentally is what I corrilated Ushijima with, what is this parallel??)

Yamaguchi Tadashi: Iguanodon - Iguanodon was a transitional dinosaur, which would occasionally stand on two legs to reach for food, but also rest on four legs. It was also an herbivore, but was more common prey than the Diplodocus. However, this dinosaur was not helpless, as few are, and had a large ‘thumb’ spike that it could use to spear its enemies. I think Yama would associate with an Iguanodon well as it is a creature that could appear rather vulnerable, and then break a few necks if needed.

This took me two hours, im sure little me would be so proud we’re finally using all the stock pile of dinosaur knowledge from elementary school. 

And I miss you. It’s silly because you aren’t mine to miss but I miss your stupid jokes and bright smile. And I miss you grabbing my hand when we’re out and kissing my hair at the end of the night. So I go to bed most nights thinking of you and I wonder, I wonder if somewhere thousands of miles away, you’re missing me too.
—  Letters to you (6-30-2015)

Dearest Baobei 이동해, 李东海, ドンヘ, Lee Donghae :3

Wow, this is actually the fourth year I am writing you a letter. Time sure had passed.. XD Again I have to elaborate though that I’m not always good with words but let me try again :3

Between last year and up until now, there are a lot of things that had happened to you. Your SS5 tour with Super Junior finished previously this year, then you had starred in a short movie The Youth and casted in drama God’s Quiz 4 (return of actor hae!). With SJM you promoted SWING album. And you have promoted in D&E unit with Hyukjae and even did your first tour in Japan with him. You welcomed back your dearest Teuk hyung back in your arms :’) Then together with SJ you boys have released 7jib “MAMACITA” and commenced the SS6 plus achieved your 100th concert ♥ You’re now even preparing for your second D&E album with Hyukjae and you have upcoming SS6 tour ahead of you. Every single thing you did last year, by yourself or with the boys, was amazing and special in their own ways.

You have grown more with every activities you do; more handsome, more popular, but you are still the kind and humble Donghae that speaks softly and always considerate for the others :3 When things get rough, you always find the bright side of them and that inspires you to do harder, to achieve higher. That’s your qualities that I always admire from you.

I would like to express my biggest gratitude for you. You may not believe it, heck you may not even know it (for I’m just that tiny blue dot among the sapphire blue ocean); but really, you have done a lot of things to me. You are the ups when I’m in the down. Your smile lifts me up, and you make me want to smile with you. Your continuous achievements motivate me to do better with what I’m doing right now; I want to be a better person because of you. Thank you for everything you’ve done to me ;;

My simple wish for you is for you to always be happy with whatever you are doing, wherever you are and with whomever you be with. I trust that you will not fail in chasing your biggest dreams. With your family around you and friends that support you, you will reach that highest star. I pray for your success and will always watch you though from far. I will not stop loving you even when soon, the time for you to serve your country is coming. I will continue to support you until the time you are back.

Hope you have the sweetest birthday ever! Happy birthday♥


Dear Park Jung Soo,

Thank you for take care ur dongsaeng..now they all grown up well.ELF and other members very thankful because your faith , sweat , voice , hard work , etc . make SJ like this. Maybe our love not comparable with what u do for us.But , we will try to love SJ until forever. 

Even u will leave us for  2 years , we still can take care ourselves .Dont worry . ELF will wait you and we never stop loving you :) Keep Smile and take care urself . Park Jung Soo Hwaiting ! 

                                                                 your angles ,ELF       

I have the purest intentions and the deepest love when it comes to you.

-Can you say the same for all of your past, present, and future lovers?


I saw you with her
and the sadness
washed over me
once more.
Please don’t misunderstand,
for i was overjoyed
to see you smiling
and laughing together,
to see you genuinely happy.

But you had just spent months
convincing me that
all those people who broke me
weren’t worth my time,
that it was okay to walk away
from the ones who had hurt you.

She stabbed you
through the heart,
so you ripped it
right out of your chest
and handed
it back
to her.

—  e.m.b, please follow your own advice.