Typostrate Weekend Inspiration 54

Good work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t good. If you know that especially as a customer, we suppose the output will be a good, motivational and inspirational one. But most of the time that’s not reality. It’s more bustling, annoying and stressing often. We try to inspire you every day with new ideas from around the world. These ideas are part of a creative mind, positive motivation and love for design. Even if you have less time, other things make the big negative mountain even higher and stress on your daily list, we believe, you can do your thing with love. Have a nice weekend!

Creativity is in everyone; it just manifests itself differently with each person. ” Ron Miriello

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a girl in the making.

she is a heart shaped doodle on the foggy glass of a bus window. a forgotten letter from your lover, a “please open me”. not good news, but not bad news either.

she is a corner on your favourite street, the one spot that you always overlook. she is your starting point, your in-between, your destination. you break her just so you can have pieces of her to carry with you.

she is the rain at 4 p.m, an annoying thing that you tire of, but she is comforting nonetheless. she is the first sweet you pick out of your candy pile, she is the feeling you get when you jump in a puddle, childish joy.

icing a messy cake with your friends, your grandmas stuffy kitchen, the path that is taken most often, but trusted. she is all pink bows, thigh highs and small laughs. you will never have the words to describe her.

shes sticking out her hands, you take her for granted.


zaki name series


An Intelligent Lover’s Love Letter

This is a love letter from a boy to a girl….
However, the girl’s father does not like him and want them to stop their
relationship…… and so.. The boy wrote this letter to the girl..
he knows that the girl’s father will definitely read this letter..

1. The great love that I have for you
2. is gone, and I find my dislike for you
3. grows every day. When I see you,
4. I do not even like your face;
5. the one thing that I want to do is to
6. look at other girls. I never wanted to
7. marry you. Our last conversation
8. was very boring and has not
9. made me look forward to seeing you again.
10. You think only of yourself.
11. If we were married, I know that I would find
12. life very difficult, and I would have no
13. pleasure in living with you. I have a heart
14. to give, but it is not something that
15. I want to give to you. No one is more
16. foolish and selfish than you, and you are not
17. able to care for me and help me.
18. I sincerely want you to understand that
19. I speak the truth. You will do me a favor
20. if you think this is the end. Do not try
21. to answer this. Your letters are full of
22. things that do not interest me. You have no
23. true love for me. Good-bye! Believe me,
24. I do not care for you. Please do not think that
25. I am still your boyfriend.”

So bad!!

However, before handing over the letter to the girl, the boy told the
girl to “READ BETWEEN THE LINES “, meaning-only to read
1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25 (Odd lines) .Go,read it once again,
but the Odd Number lines..

To the one who loves him next:

He is terrified of spiders. You’re going to be the one to kill them, to get so much as near them; he’ll consider completely avoiding your home if he hears spiders are often hiding in the cracks and crevices of your walls. (And don’t laugh when he jumps at the mention of a black widow. Whatever you do, don’t laugh.)

And, he’s not the type of person who can fuck you gracefully. He will fall in love with your body, he will treat it like a damn temple, no matter how fat or small you are because he can appreciate fatty curves and he can appreciate a lack thereof– but sex is a whole other thing entirely. Be patient, tell him what you like. Teach him.

He doesn’t like drugs. He hates them. Weed is the exception- but when he’s high, he will be the most distant, unfamiliar boy you have ever met. He doesn’t know why it happens, he just knows it does. Be patient. Wait for the high to fade. His emotions will return.

But other than that, please: no drugs. Your cigarettes burning in between your lips are not attractive to him. Your romanticisation of death-by-cancer-sticks is not funny or beautiful to him. Please, rid yourself of the nicotine for him. Please don’t pick cigarettes over him. It’s not worth it. You don’t owe it to him, but you owe it to yourself to try to see things through with someone to lovely.

His mind is like a box and it’s filled with categories; in those categories are the few things he can focus on at a time, the things in his ‘pride’, for he is a lion with a ‘pride’ to maintain. And sometimes, you’re not going to be in his 'pride’. Sometimes, you’re going to take the backburner to school, or to work, or to the gym, or to his stupid protein shakes– but that doesn’t mean he loves you any less. He loves you so much. And he will catch up to you and apologise for the distance. It will hurt at first, but then, you will get used to it. Take that distance and do something beautiful with it, something to bring to the conversation when he rolls back over to you.

And he needs to know you love him, too. Reassure him, keep his spirits high, remind him that he is important because there are times when he forgets that he matters to anyone. There are times when he gets so insecure that he thinks he’s treating you poorly. Don’t let him believe that– and when he slipping up, do point it out, but work with him on it. He will slip up. He’s human. But blatantly pointing out his flaws will cause self hatred to manifest within him, and he doesn’t need anymore of that. Work with him.

In some ways, yes, you’re going to be a teacher to him. He’s a little lost, and still a little sad. Accept it. Love him for it.

He’s clumsy. He’s so clumsy. He’ll trip over flat pavement in front of you and you’ll find yourself tripping into love at the same time with laughter to follow.

He is so forgiving, and so pure. He has been to hell and back, but the story is unknown– not even his closest friends know the story. He will open up eventually, but it will take time, and some days,it may feel useless to have hope that he’ll ever talk to you about his past. But he will. Don’t push too hard, but do remind him he can trust you.

He’ll tell you there’s something you can do to make him hate you forever, something you can do that will stop him from ever looking at you or speaking to you again. That is a lie. He will come around. And if it does come to that, in the time that he does ignore you, you will feel like the greatest piece of crap to have ever been born. 

He’s tough to love. If you cannot love him with all his intricacies and flaws and details, if you cannot learn to love him while he repairs himself for you, then let him go. Don’t pain yourself and most importantly, do not pain him. Do not push him into a deep abyss. He only returned from that a year ago. He doesn’t deserve pain anymore. He only deserves the brightest of the suns rays in his life.

Just promise me you’ll show him love. He deserves that much.

—  a letter for the new lover [inspired by x] ; (a.m.)
To My Forever & Always...


I can’t even begin to tell you how much love I feel for you. For me, it is difficult to measure something that is immeasurable, and I can only say that you are the most precious thing that life has given to me. Without you by my side, the support you give me, the love you shower me with, I would feel lost and confused. I am so sure that no one else can mean as much as you mean to me. I wake up every morning, extremely thankful, with a huge smile on my face, because I know that I have you by my side. You have given me comfort and security, the kind that I have been searching for all my life. When I think back to the few nights we have together, when you hold me, I feel safe, calm, and immensely loved. Above all, I know that I am right where I truly belong and that feeling is something unparalleled. I love you, I always have and always will. I have never met anyone like you, and you truly are one of a kind. The care and compassion that you exhibit is something that is rare in this world and nothing makes me more proud than the fact that you are mine. I love the way you take care of everything, be it the smallest of things, and you do it all so effortlessly, that it makes me look at you in wonder and amazement. You are everything that I could have asked for and desired in a partner and much more.

I Will Always Love You JSP rebelliouskauses, With All My Heart, Forever and Always!

Book Recommendation Compilation

Here are all the books recommended a few nights ago. Hoping one or more can slam dunk the funk out of me and maybe you may find a new book to enjoy as well!

I will pick a few of these up at the library this weekend and give it a go. I have been stuck on The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer for quite some time now and am realizing I should move on. It got such rave reviews but I’m finding it very meh. 

Dear Future Lover,

I’m not ready for you, yet.

This is the first time in my life when I don’t want anything from anyone but myself. I can give myself everything I need. Can hold myself at night. Keep myself company. Please myself in whatever ways I desire.

My alone is delicious. It is full and free and so. damn. good.

So. I’m not ready for you yet. I don’t want to make space for you yet.

Give me time.

I will only let you in if your love tastes as good as mine. If you make it like I do, or can show me something new.

That’s the thing about encountering the things you fear…even if they‘re as bad as you thought they would be, if you make it through, it never scares you quite so much after that.

I don’t think I fear anything enough to accept less love than I deserve. Less comfort. Less anything. Less everything.

Dear Future Lover,

Be ready for me.

“And your eyes, deep green forest leaves, pierce the heart inside of me. This heart I thought no one else would enter, has you residing front and center. Your passions and dreams and love for people, makes your beauty much harder to equal.”

“I know deep down in my heart, and I never want you to ever doubt this, that I loved you.”

i will regret leaving him for the rest of my life.

Dear future lover, 

I hope that you hold the stars tightly in your hands and the moon close to your side because I’ll forever be looking at them with such intensity that you would laugh at me, but one day you’ll appreciate all of my glances. I hope that you would fill my silent moments with laughter and quiet promises that you might not be able to keep, but that’s okay, as long as you don’t forget them, I’ll forgive you. I hope that you’re able to smile because one day, I’ll realize that to me, you are the sun and I am the earth, because one day I’ll realize how important you are to me. I’ll finally realize that you are so important to me, love, that I won’t know how to function without you anymore. And love, I hope you hold my hand tight like the stars in your hand because sometimes I’ll be scared that you aren’t by me. When we are together one day, I hope to see your smile and the beautiful moon in your eyes. I hope to find the constellations on your palms and trace the lines to your fingertips.


Your future lover


Letters For You #1

I know that you will hold a part of the galaxy in your hands and I know that you will show me stars and planets that I never knew about. Until then, keep them hidden because one day you’ll be happy you did.